Top 10 Advice to Add a Few Pounds With Clothes If You're Too Skinny

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Julia Adams

Julia Adams

Last updated:  2024-04-08 08:19:32

Is it possible to be too skinny? People are trying to lose weight all around the world, whether through changing their diet or joining the gym. But maybe you have the opposite problem, as you'd like more body mass. Yet, we're not here to tell you how to achieve this, as you'll need to consult a doctor or a nutritionist for that.

But what we can do is help advise you how to instantly add a few pounds to your figure if you dress differently and pick the right fabric, so read our top ten picks on the topic. Also, check out our top 10 advice on how to look slimmer in clothes if you've gained weight.

10. Scarves

Scarfs in various colors
A scarf is a great accessory that makes you a few pounds heavier (Image by Susbany/Pixabay)

If you're a skinny girl, you'll definitely want to incorporate a scarf into your outfit. It can be a great accessory that adds femininity and elegance, but it'll also make you look like you have a few pounds more. That's without mentioning the other benefits, like keeping you warm on cold winter days.

But how does a scarf actually help you with looking less skinny? Well, your neck won't appear so long when wearing it, and if it reaches your bust, it will create an illusion of fullness. You could wear some form-fitting black sweater and pair it with a bold-colored scarf, for example, as the contrast will accentuate your upper body.

9. Wear Horizontal Instead of Vertical Stripes

Horizontal striped shirt
Horizontal Striped Shirt reminds us of summer (Pexels)

Please avoid vertical stripes at all costs if you're too skinny, as it will elongate your figure and make you leaner. But if you really love the pattern, wear horizontal ones that will add curves to your body, as it will make you look less thin.

For example, take a blouse with that design and pair it with a colorful mini skirt, since it will make you look shorter and broader. Or you can opt for a horizontal striped dress that features multiple colors (in the right places, of course) that will provide a curvier look to your figure. You can also pair a T-shirt with that pattern with white pants, and both garments will visually add volume to the places you're missing.

8. Wear Bright Colors

A woman wearing red and white clothes
Combining clothes of different color will shorten your figure (Photo by WARLEY VENANCIO/Pexels)

It's great to accentuate your curves with bold-colored clothes, like red, yellow, or orange. Not only that you'll look fuller, but also it will brighten your mood and draw other people towards you. These outfits are great for hot summer and spring days when you feel full of energy, so why not show it out with your clothes.

The best trick to look curvaceous when sporting this style is to pick different colors that will cut you out, like wearing a yellow shirt with a red skirt or shorts. This combination will shorten you, thus making you look more rounded. And if you pair that with some patterned tights, you'll get an ideal outfit and the result you're searching for.

7. High Heels Add Height in Most Cases

A woman posing in front of the train in ankle boots
Ankle boots look great on tall women (Photo by Godisable Jacob/Pexels)

Now, we all love to wear high heels, as we feel more confident and feminine. But it may be surprising for you to hear that your favorite fashion item just might make you look even skinnier. Although that's great for some women, what about our thin ladies who love to rock this garment?

Don't worry, as we'll give you advice on how to wear them and with what to combine them. In case you're really tall, you can pair your high heels with bold colored leggings, for example, red, and add an oversized sweater into the mix. The upper body garment will make you look bulkier, and something tight on your legs will accentuate them. Just make sure you wear ankle boots that'll visually shorten them.

6. Loose Sweaters

A girl wearing oversized sweater
An oversized sweater goes with any combination (Photo by Flora Westbrook/Pexels)

A loose sweater is one of the best ways to add a few pounds with clothes and is also a great and comfy garment for winter. You have many types you can choose from, including cardigans, turtlenecks, pullovers, and tunics.

For instance, pair a warm turtleneck with leggings of a different color, and that contrast will make you shorter and curvy. An elegant version would be to mix a tunic with a bold-colored scarf that will immediately add some weight to your chest area. And if you want a daring outfit, wear red tapered pants that will increase your legs' weight and pair them with an oversized knit sweater and ankle boots.

5. Hide Skinny Legs - Wear Maxi Skirts or Dresses

A woman in maxi skirt on a beach
A maxi skirt will hide your long legs (Photo by Molly Champion/Pexels)

You're probably a big fan of jeans, but if you want to create an illusion of a curvier body, they might not be a perfect solution for you. For example, skinny ones accentuate every inch of your legs and thighs and rarely look good on someone underweight. On the other hand, mom jeans will be too baggy for your body type, as they're going to make you look even skinnier.

Instead, opt for a maxi shirt or a dress, as it will hide your legs, and pair with some flat sandals that are both comfortable and stylish. Pick a dress that has floral or some other print, like in a bust or hips area, to add some curves to your figure. You could also wear mini skirts, especially during wintertime, but only if you combine them with colorful patterned tights that will bulk up your legs.

4. Colored/Patterned Leggings or Tights

Patterned tights
Patterned tights are great if you have skinny legs (Image by Mabel Amber/Pixabay)

It's all in the details, as a trick here and there can really help with your curvier appearance. Have we mentioned how we love leggings? You can sport them on any occasion, whether you're out and about finishing some errands or just chilling at home. Also, they can be pretty elegant, if combined with a dress or a blouse.

Just remember, stay away from the black leggings, and choose some bold color instead. Even better, wear printed ones that will add both curves and fresh touch to your outfit. As for tights, you pretty much want to follow the same guidelines, choosing some that differ in color from your dress or skirt. And if you pair them with some boots that go up to your ankles, you got yourself an ideal combination.

3. The Right Fit

A girl posing in the urban environment
Finding the right size is crucial (Photo by Wolfgang Langer/Pexels)

One of the crucial tips we can give you when trying to appear less skinny is wearing clothes that fit you. To do so, you need to make sure you always try it out in the dressing room, so you can see if a particular garment is a right choice for you. Maybe those pants you like are a size zero, but unless you actually see how they fit on your body, don't buy them.

It's preferable to wear clothes that aren't a size bigger or smaller because it won't look nice. Baggy or too tight things are never a good option, as you can look even skinnier if you don't pick right. So take your time when shopping, trying out as many combinations you can, and explore until you see the image you like in the mirror. That way, you'll create your own style.

2. Prints

Girls with glasses wearing prints
Prints will make you look bulkier and unique (Photo by EVG Culture/Pexels)

When you're too skinny, print is your best friend, as it will instantly add bulkiness to your figure. Whether it's an animal or floral one, it will also serve as your personal fashion statement if you do it properly.

If you miss curves in your upper body but feel totally fine with your legs and derriere, try out this next combo. Pair a floral blouse that will accentuate your chest area with some straight-cut pants or some jeans. This outfit will provide the much-needed balance to your figure, and you can wear it on any occasion. However, if a problem is the opposite, combine printed pants with a black skin-tight shirt, and add sneakers into the mix for an everyday look.

1. Layering

Redheaded girl wearing layers of clothes in nature
Layering visually adds weight (Image by Pexels/Pixabay)

You know how it happens that people comment on how you gained weight during the winter? In your case, it just might be the wardrobe effect, as we wear a lot of layers to keep ourselves warm. So use that time to be comfortable and to look fuller in clothes.

For instance, you can pair your colorful leggings with some biker boots with a shirt and a knitted cardigan, and finish the look with a coat. Or instead of that, sport some jumper dress that follows the body line, with printed tights, and don't wear monochromatic looks.

Finally, remember that the key to looking good is feeling ok with yourself and being confident. We're here just to help you with choosing the best outfits that fit you and show off your personality.

So, did you like our top ten list on how to dress if you're too skinny, and will you apply any of it? Let us know in the comments.

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