Top 10 Timeless Prints and Patterns

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-11-09 07:57:15

Fashion has so many aspects that it feels like a serious science when creating a perfect outfit. People who sew dresses have to keep in mind the perfect fabric, how to shape it, and what pattern should be dominant. Every fabric would look dull without prints, so get to know these top ten patterns to make your look vibrant, effortless and dynamic!

10. Checkerboard

Get some inspiration from them!

Why does everybody on the streets look like they play chess in their free time? Maybe because they really do, but perhaps they’re just following a fresh trend – checkerboard print! This pattern took over many shops, and it’s the best choice for those that love flannel but want a more giant print that is simpler and more mature.

Of course, most of the checkerboard clothes are actually black and white, just like the genuine board, but it’s not the only option. However, you should definitely reconsider buying a maxi checkered dress or at least a shirt because it looks even better when you try it on. 

9. Animal

You’ll find more than enough ideas and examples here!

Believe us or not, but people actually go out in a cow print! Jokes aside, animal prints are various, and they keep taking one step forward and two steps back. In conclusion, they’ve always been popular, but also very hated. If you belong to the group that always found cheetah print exciting, you probably understand the obsession!

Of course, to pull off a look that is like this requires a lot of confidence. And we love seeing self-conscious ladies, so there’s nothing terrible about that! You’ll also have to be patient with these prints because it’s not really easy to combine them, but we’re sure you’ll find a way. From snake to tiger, animal prints give you opportunities!

8. Stripes

Here’s how to walk confidently in these patterns!

Finally, a look that is now accepted way better than animal print is stripes, even though these patterns can also be inspired by animals! Zebra stripes are the perfect example of that. However, that’s obviously not the only option because stripes have been growing as a trend and kept changing the shapes and colors.

The biggest question revolving around this print is how to wear stripes properly – which type is suitable for your body shape. Generally speaking, are vertical stripes making you look taller? Or are the horizontal ones there to look skinny? Some of these facts are true, so try both sides to see which one fits you the best!

7. Patchwork

Harry Styles fans have to stan this concept!

Nowadays, fashion adores unfinished, imperfect pieces – everything’s made to look effortless and loose. This mindset was made for patchwork to rise again as a trend, and we guess it won’t go anywhere! No one is stressing over symmetry anymore. Actually, people hate it and want freedom!

Since patterns are usual for summer days, when we want our clothes to look as vibrant and free-spirit as possible, this one might look surprising. Patchwork is actually perfect for enlightening your winter outfits, and that might be the best thing about it. This pattern makes your cardigans and pullovers look Instagrammable and trendy!

6. Marble

People that love playing with DIY techniques adore this pattern

Have you seen all the swirly designs that are taking over the street style? We’re sure you noticed that people got obsessed over marble print, so it’s high time you got to know it! This pattern was born for artistic ladies, soft souls, and pastel lovers, giving your already existing style a more vibrant look.

Moreover, marble feels like a whole movement in today’s art – we see it around interior design ideas, and people wear phone cases with soft marble everywhere. Luckily, marble finally hit boutiques. Nothing will give you a pleasant, sophisticated look as much as it, so we’d keep a close watch on those oversized shirts with this print!

5. Paisley

Get an insight into the beautiful ornaments

Fashion has always loved to play with patterns that are attractive to interior designers as well – a great example is a paisley. This pattern plays with ornaments, it’s exotic and vibrant, and you see it often on bedspreads and curtains. However, you’ll notice it growing in the field of clothing, and we don’t think this trend will go away!

The good thing about paisley is that it hardly gets dull in any version since you can effortlessly play with its colors and shapes. There’s never the same ornament, and the options are various. Paisley can be spread all over your dress or take over your top only, and it would still look fabulous. In conclusion, it gives opportunities!

4. Tropical

Tropical skirts are a must-have for summer!

Some patterns are suitable for any season, but one of them has to be so iconic that it represents only the best time of the year – summer. It’s the tropical print, the perfect one for your bikini, beach skirt, or shirt. Moreover, these shirts are so popular that they aren’t even dominant among women – men wear them religiously nowadays!

Furthermore, this pattern can be pulled off even in more casual outfits that have nothing to do with beach or summer. Of course, you’ll need some experience for that, but men can style a semi-formal suit with a shirt like this perfectly. It was born for both men and women that aren’t afraid of playing with fashion!

3. Floral

There’s something special to these dresses

They smell like spring, are perfect for hot summer days, and look like they came straight out from a fantasy novel. That’s all you can find in one floral dress! Floral prints are one of the best things that have happened to fashion trends lately, and we really hope they won’t leave. For ages now, they’re all over the place in every shop!

Luckily, floral print gained popularity as the cottagecore aesthetic grew as a trend, and the designers noticed how fashion turned to nature. There isn’t a more beautiful inspiration in the world than flowers – they come in many colors, shapes, sizes, and they make you happy and content. Don’t let floral patterns ever leave us, please! Try Mexican flowers floral dress if you want something different.

2. Polka Dot

It’s not that complicated, and you’ll see it in this video!

You either hate them and believe they’re cliché, or they’re your obsession since childhood days. Nevertheless, you can’t deny polka dots’ power! This pattern is really the one you meet when you’re a baby, and your mom buys you a polka dot dress and combines it with a cute polka dot hat. Some of us wear it even today!

Even though polka dots are so versatile that you can see them on many clothes types, they absolutely slay summer and spring dresses. The exact day when the spring sun begins to shine again, girls put on their one-piece polka dot pattern, and the world seems like a better place. Polka dots are so positive and vibrant that we need more of them in life!

1. Plaid

Call it flannel, plaid… It’s the most significant trend in fashion, ever!

After all the patterns that are either fresh or evergreen, plaid wins in both categories. It’s a pattern that never stays in focus too long, but it never fades away as well. Have you ever walked through a crowded street without spotting at least one plaid shirt somewhere around the corner? This kind of shirt is there to haunt fashion forever!

Although flannel shirts are the most significant trend in this field, plaid dresses are seen around more and more. Luckily, plaid is very versatile in its colors, so the famous red and black combination isn’t even the most dominant one now. Designers play with colors freely, and you’ll be surprised by how many versions of these shirts actually exist! Plus, it can be an excellent choice for an alternative look!

Luckily, all these top ten list patterns are available all the time, so you can play with them any way you wish. We don’t think that polka dots will ever disappear from the boutiques! Even if any of these prints go out of style one day, their significance in fashion will never be forgotten. 

What’s your favorite print? Do you think an outfit looks better without prints? Let us know your preferences!

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