Top 10 Donuts and Flavors You'll Want to Try Immediately

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Donuts were invented in the 19th century, as an American discovered how great the shape of a donut hole looks like. It's the 21st century already, and we have hundreds of flavors and types of them, including those branded by pop culture icons such as BLACKPINK. We're about to show you the top ten most delicious donuts we've ever tried, so check out this list to know what to try next!

10. Chocolate Frosted Donuts

If you don't want to overcomplicate, go for a classic you'll surely like!

There's no way this thread could go without an iconic recipe for chocolate donuts since chocolate is such a classic in the world of sweets! You'll see some more as the list goes, but frosted chocolate donuts are originally dark and chocolate-flavored. So for fans of a simple donut with a regular shape, this one is perfect!

The chocolate moment is such a cherry on top for a donut topping. However, it actually leaves you enough space and options for more! You can put nuts over it to make it crunchy, or even fruit like strawberries, since they blend perfectly with chocolate!

9. Red Velvet Donuts

Red and gorgeous, and even so tasty!

Red velvet is a famous cake texture, so it naturally found its way to the pancakes and donuts recipes. This flavor and unusual color result from a chemical reaction between iron-rich cocoa powder, buttermilk, and vinegar, and it's very delicious! You might not be a fan of this mixture, but give it a try – if you liked the cake, you'd definitely love the donuts!

These donuts usually have an authentic red texture, but you can glaze them with anything. Primarily, vanilla works well when it comes to these! Of course, chocolate is already in the mixture, so vanilla would make a good addition visually and in the actual taste. 

8. Long John Donuts

A funny title, a delicious piece of pastry!

A donut that is not round and doesn't have a hole? A donut named the "long John" because they are long and bar-shaped? It's absolutely iconic and unique, and that's a compliment because, with pastry like this, you can do basically anything! Want to put Nutella on top of it? Sure, that's an option we're seeing all over the Internet!

Long John donuts are fried just like almost all regular donuts are, and the taste isn't entirely different – it's more about the aesthetics here. When it comes to the topping, our recommendation is thickened cream and jam, but there's no mistake with this one, and you'll see that as you're experimenting!

7. Blueberry Donut

If you prefer baked donuts, these are perfect for you!

The following two donuts we'll introduce are... Very fruity! Even though many people imagine donuts with sprinkles and chocolate over them, or Nutella as a filling, fruity donuts are absolutely a thing in many pastries worldwide. A bit of sugar, water, and vanilla will do the right glaze, so the donuts become even sweeter!

Blueberry has to be one of the best choices since it's refreshing, has a dark tone, and blends so lovely in every pancake, donut, or anything else from the pastry area! The mixture for this donut has lots of blueberries, so it pretty much resembles its title – you'll feel them with every bite.

6. Apple Cider Donut

It's one of the darkest donuts, but they're as smooth as the regular ones

Yes, this sounds more like a drink rather than a donut! However, it's a very delicious pastry with many fans, especially in the US! This one is quite contradictory as it has a traditional donut shape combined with an unusual filling, but the taste is priceless. Apple is a refreshing fruit, and this donut definitely shows it.

Actually, this delicacy is not fried – it's baked, and you'll have a whole plate of them in less than an hour. Apple and cinnamon are an ideal mix, so you'll enjoy it in every way. Decorate them with sugar and cinnamon to make this tasty dark brown cider donut even more eye-appealing!

5. Crullers Donuts

Glazed honey donuts sound like paradise

This donut is not as famous as the ones that are coming up on the list. Still, in the US and Canada, crullers are very beloved, though, for their taste and the unique shape! They originate from the Netherlands and France, but now, the Western world eats this one for breakfast all the time, with honey glaze or vanilla!

Some people don't even consider crullers as donuts, as they have several differences. As you know, donuts are usually quite soft, smooth, and fluffy, but if you're a fan of crunchy bites, we highly recommend crullers! Serve them with a cup of coffee and start your day like that – you might prefer it more than any donut you've tried!

4. Jelly Donuts

You can see a bit of jelly even out of the donut!

Jelly makes everything fruity and tasty, so donuts would never go without it. Jelly donuts are one of the most beloved types of donuts besides chocolate/cocoa filling! They are famous worldwide because of their flexibility and many incredible flavors, so that's not a surprise!

Actually, these are so popular in some countries in Europe that they make jelly donuts out of powdered, sugar-glazed, or any other donut type. This is truly a perfect mix! For these, you don't even have to follow a strict recipe or rigorously add strawberry, blueberry, or some other jelly – simply choose your favorite and go for it!

3. Sprinkled Donuts

What you see in the thumbnail is the sprinkled donut!

Let's face it – this one is children's preference because it looks so attractive and tastes terrific. So what? You're never too old for donuts, and especially not for that beautiful, colored one with tiny, crunchy sprinkles in various colors! There is not a single donut so simple and Instagrammable at the same time!

Moreover, it's never about the sprinkles only since they're generally put over a chocolate glaze, even in atypical colors. The designs are various, but there is one thing in common – they're all incredibly delicious, thanks to the colorful sprinkles that take us back to our childhood!

2. Powdered Donuts

Could you break his record, or is this one too sweet for you?

Now, this one is a classic everybody knows, and we all ate this one too much when we were kids. Our clothes also got many stains thanks to this one, since the powder simply won't go where you want it to go! Still, no one ever gave up on a powdered donut since it's too smooth and sweet to be real!

Since powdered donuts already have too much content on them, they're typically only filled with cocoa or marmalade. Yet, they get even more delicious when you reach that part! These tend to be mini, but they obviously can be huge and are usually without a typical donut hole. 

1. Yeast Donuts

Yes, they are as delicious as the title says!

We obviously don't recommend eating yeast donuts every day since that's way too much sugar. Still, when you want to feel that unmatched delight, we know that nothing can replace an original yeast donut! This one screams "less is more," so it doesn't even need any glaze besides sugar!

Of course, everyone likes donuts in their own way, so some people prefer them crunchy. Sugar helps you reach that taste, but yeast donuts are, in general, smooth and very fluffy! Obviously, you'll never stumble upon a dry yeast donut, so it has many benefits. We don't know anyone who got disappointed after trying this one, so go ahead!

In conclusion, donuts don't put any boundaries, so you could dislike all of these donuts types on our top ten list and make your own at home! As long as you're having fun discovering and experimenting, you know the point of playing with sweets, just like you can do it with sweet and savory pancakes!

What's your favorite donut? Do you like them with all the inclusions possible, or do you prefer the simple ones?

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