The 3rd gen paved the way, but you have to know the marvelous 4th generation girl groups to stay updated on some awesome Korean music!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 K-Pop Girl Groups of the 4th Generation That Are Already Stealing Hearts Top-10-K-Pop-Girl-Groups-of-the-4th-Generation-That-Are-Already-Stealing-Hearts.jpg

These ten remarkable hits will remind you that they are actually covers, and we believe some of them will totally surprise you!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Iconic Covers You Probably Love More Than the Original Songs Top-10-Iconic-Covers-You-Probably-Love-More-Than-the-Original-Songs.jpg

To make you remember all the unforgettable hits that never stood a chance to win, here are our 10 favorite Eurovision non-winners!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Eurovision Non-Winners of the 21st Century That Totally Deserved the Trophy Top-10-Eurovision-Non-Winners-of-the-21st-Century-That-Totally-Deserved-the-Trophy.jpg

If you'd like to discover the non-English songs worth listening to, check out our top 10 list of the diverse hits that topped the charts!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Non-English One-Hit Wonders That Will Be Iconic Forever Top-10-Non-English-One-Hit-Wonders-That-Will-Be-Iconic-Forever.jpg

To make you remember how women empowerment plays a massive role in today's music, we have a list of 10 songs that showcase girls as real queens!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Women Empowerment Songs That Will Awaken the Feminist in You Top-10-Women-Empowerment-Songs-That-Will-Awaken-the-Feminist-in-You.jpeg

You'll see how much Olivia Rodrigo's story actually resonates with you when you check these 10 relatable lyrics from the album "Sour!"

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Times We Could Totally Relate to Olivia Rodrigo on Her Debut Album "Sour" Top-10-Times-We-Could-Totally-Relate-to-Olivia-Rodrigo-on-Her-Debut-Album-Sour.jpg

Even though Lisa stuns us as a dancer, we made a collection of 10 times when her rap shined and made every BLACKPINK song incredibly catchy!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Times When BLACKPINK Lisa Showcased Her Incredible Rapping Skills Top-10-Times-When-BLACKPINK-Lisa-Showcased-Her-Incredible-Rapping-Skills.jpeg

All of TWICE's albums have an excellent title track, so if you're about to discover K-pop, these 10 smash hits are the absolute essentials!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 TWICE Title Tracks That Won't Ever Get Out of Your Head Top-10-TWICE-Title-Tracks-That-Won't-Ever-Get-Out-of-Your-Head.jpg

If you'd like to relive some incredible moments from Eurovision 2021, we've made a list of top 10 songs that displayed the greatness of this show!

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 Eurovision 2021 Songs You'll Want to Have on Repeat After the Show Top-10-Eurovision-2021-Songs-You'll-Want-to-Have-on-Repeat-After-the-Show.jpg

There are many hits we won't forget, but these 10 were made by musicians that are almost anonymous even today! How strange is that?

By Scarlett Goldstein

Top 10 One-Hit Wonders That We'll Never Forget Top-10-One-Hit-Wonders-That-We'll-Never-Forget-.jpeg

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