Top 10 Gorgeous Types of Dresses That Every Lady Should Know

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-11-01 15:55:23

Even though most girls now spend ages in something timeless such as jeans and shorts, we believe that dresses will never go out of style. The real ladies still choose dresses when they have a special occasion or want to let their hair down and wear something casual and comfortable. Dresses are both gorgeous and cozy, so you should get to know these top ten types and decide which one is essential for your next occasion or any regular day! 

10. Peplum Dress

Vintage, professional, but still sexy – get to know the peplum dress!

We'll kick off this journey with a dress that has such a perfect waistline that it will make you look hot even when you don't intend to! It's the best mix of sexy yet sophisticated since it's long enough and still tight at the places where it should be. It's also a rare type that is kind of out of trend, so all the eyes will be on you when you pull off this one!

However, there is one place where these dresses are still a significant thing – the office! You can't find a better dress at work than this one because it's the finest line of formal and professional. Old soul ladies that find inspiration in previous decades have various peplum dresses in their wardrobes!

9. Polo Dress

It's not hard to pull off these dresses, so get some ideas!

Are you a tomboy, but you still sometimes wish to wear a dress like a lady? Welcome to the world of polo dresses, the perfect combination of wearing a dress but staying sporty and casual like a real tomboy! These clothes look like shirts on the top, but they are short, making them perfectly balanced!

A polo dress can look amazing if you're attending a sports event or having a casual walk on a sunny day. They go great with the essential footwear such as sneakers, and we actually don't recommend them with high heels or anything too fancy. These dresses are supposed to free you from all existing boundaries!

8. Empire Dress

Become a princess overnight – just get an empire dress!

Are you a Jane Austen enthusiast? Or do you dream about being a part of the "Bridgerton" cast? Even though you can't really participate, you may turn your life into a vintage movie without any problems if you own an empire dress! You probably have no idea how these look just by their name. Still, when you check out the pictures, you'll see it's the most famous vintage dress type!

Empire dresses don't follow any particular and strict rules, but they always have gorgeous sleeves and a custom neckline. Ladies from these decades knew how to look sophisticated. These dresses are loose, extremely comfortable, and usually have pastel and subtle colors – sounds like a paradise!

7. One-Shoulder

One-shoulder looks even better when the sleeve is long!

Since we've mentioned sophistication, this quality can be achieved easily when a dress has asymmetrical sleeves or a neckline. One-shoulder dresses are the best example since they don't require any particular body type or fabric. They already look fancy and draw attention to your shoulder!

When one of your shoulders stays "bare," you manage to look sexy without trying too hard, and your dress still isn't too revealing. This fantastic shape goes perfectly with glitter, and it's one of the best choices for a New Year's Eve outfit. Whether it's a long or short-sleeve dress, you'll adore that subtle shoulder moment!

6. Off-Shoulder

A girl in off-shoulder yellow dress and heels
Be a prom queen in an off-shoulder dress (Photo by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash)

If a one-shoulder dress draws attention to you effortlessly, you can't even imagine how all the eyes would be on you if you dared to wear an off-shoulder type! This neckline version makes confidence and sophistication seem so easy since you can't resist feeling good in your skin when your shoulders are so exposed yet classy!

Moreover, there isn't a wrong timing for the off-shoulder moment since it fits any concept. Brides adore it alongside business ladies, and obviously, girls looking for a perfect prom dress. With the off-shoulder moment, you can have the floor-length dress or even rock a ball gown!

5. Strapless Dress

Redheaded girl in a strapless dress
Strapless dresses look effortlessly cool (Photo by Paladini Mauro on Unsplash)

Judging by this list, revealing shoulders is so attractive when you're choosing a dress. The version that really lets your shoulders and your back glow is the strapless dress, the one that shows you're risky, confident, and feeling good in your skin. These are so suitable for parties and cocktail evenings!

Honestly, these dresses might have the prettiest neckline ever, but they might be somewhat annoying. No straps might be a paranoid moment for some girls, and the dress can slip off easily. Still, make sure you wear the proper size, and it should be alright. Looking hot sometimes takes effort!

4. Midi Dress

Find out how to make these look flattering on you even if you're short

Are you one of those ladies that always seem to complain about the length of a dress? Is it always too short for you, but you just don't want the floor length because it's bothering you? We have a solution that might help you – try to wear midi dresses, those that are a little above your ankles and a little below your knees!

Even though it might seem challenging to style a midi, it actually gives you enough length and space to show off your gorgeous shoes. Short boots, sneakers, or sandals, if it's summer, will look great with your midi because they'll actually be seen! Of course, a midi can be casual and very formal – it depends on the fabric and many other factors.

3. Sundress

Two girls in sun dresses
Sundresses look amazing under the sun's rays, right? (Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash)

A sundress, often named summer dress, is that gorgeous piece you see on every girl when the weather gets boiling hot and the sun is shining throughout the whole day! There are several reasons why every lady has this one in her wardrobe – they're casual and comfortable, and every girl looks more attractive and approachable like that!

Moreover, all girls wish to look attractive but without too much effort. You don't wear high heels or makeup with dresses like these, and your hair doesn't need anything but a messy bun. Moreover, it's perfectly valid choice for a night out. When you're in a sundress that is so lightweight, you simply don't seem to care about anything since the weather is excellent, and so is life!

2. Mini Dress

A girl in short dressing looking over her shoulder
Get ready to party hard when you're in a dress like this! (Photo by raj jariwala on Unsplash)

Since we touched upon the possible lengths of dresses, we can't skip the mini one! Short dresses are a trend that's growing as time goes by. Of course, ladies didn't wear it in the past centuries, but we're way bolder now and have more freedom to try something like this! Show off those gorgeous legs, because why would you hide them, anyway?

Of course, mini dresses are the first choice for every party and any occasion that requires something formal, but not too long and strict. Mini dresses come in various shapes, fabrics, patterns, and types in general, so we could dedicate a whole list to them only. Feel free to experiment and boost your confidence!

1. Maxi Dress

A glamorous girl in maxi dress
Maxi dresses usually have space for a gorgeous back (Photo by Adriano Gonçalves on Unsplash)

We saved the best for last – it's when your height, weight, body shape, or any other measurement doesn't matter. You'll find a maxi dress that will be the most flattering outfit you've ever tried, for sure! It can be an outfit inspiration for a casual walk, but also for the biggest day of your life – it's like your best friend!

There's a good maxi dress for everyone, and it's a number one choice for any occasion that means a lot to you. Whether it's a wedding dress, or you're the bride's sister, or you're a prom queen, or you celebrate a special anniversary... Maxi dress is there to make you look sophisticated and royal. It's the best fashion product ever designed!

In conclusion, dresses really give you various options to look classy, ladylike, and still very casual – it just depends on the type you choose. Every occasion has its own perfect time to wear a particular dress. Hence, try to get more than five of the top ten list types we recommended, and you'll see how easily you'll create an outfit for any day!

Do you own any of these types of dresses? Is your wardrobe full of them? Let us know your experience with these clothes!

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