Top 10 Winter Garments - Comfortable and Fashionable

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Julia Adams

Julia Adams

Last updated:  2023-12-04 08:51:15

When "Winter is coming", as the Starks would say in the hit fantasy series Game of Thrones, we need to prepare. No matter the circumstances, we still need to go out, even though we'd like to sleep off the whole season or go somewhere where it's warm and sunny, like Thailand. Do you fall into the group of people who value comfort when dressing up more than anything? Still, that doesn't have to mean that you can't look cute while doing so. You've come to the right place as we'll help you choose the top ten best winter garments that will help you feel warm and cozy. 

10. Tights

A woman reading book while wearing tights
Tights can change your whole outfit (Photo by cottonbro from Pexels)

You really can't go wrong with tights as they combine well with everything. In case you get cold quickly, you can use the ones made of thermal fabric that are thick enough to keep you warm. For example, pair them with your favorite jeans, and you'll defy the cold weather no matter the temperature.

If you need an appropriate outfit for work, combine them with a skirt or dress. Alternatively, pick some tights in an adventurous color to add a dimension to your look. They can be particularly appealing for skinny girls who want to appear fuller. For example, if you're dressing for a night out, wear tights that are printed, patterned, or textured, and make a fashion statement. Feel free to create your own style!

9. Uggs

Woman wearing Uggs
Uggs can also be fashionable (Image by mantfly from Pixabay)

Now, some of you may consider Uggs to be one of the ugliest trends, but we would disagree with that. They can be quite fashionable and comfortable, which may be their most significant advantage. How about you pair them with some black leggings and a warm jacket?

This combination can be perfect when you're in a hurry and are running all day to finish up some errands. You can even find Uggs that are rain and snow proof, and bring them on your winter vacation with you. You can also combine them with leather jackets, jumper dresses, sweaters, anything you like, and that's the beauty of wearing them.

8. Faux Fur Coats

Young woman wearing faux fur coat
A faux fur coat is cozy (Photo by EVG Culture from Pexels)

Can you picture a cozier outfit than the one that includes a faux fur coat? A faux fur coat is one of the best options for those cold winter days when you'd rather be in front of the fireplace than outside. For years this garment is a staple in every fashion lover's wardrobe, and this season is no exception.

According to your style, we're here to help you figure out how to wear it best. Firstly, you can choose different lengths, including shorter, mid-lengths and longer ones. This pick can help you achieve a classy, funky, or high fashion look, so choose according to your preference. If you want your faux fur coat to be in the center of attention, dress monochromatically underneath it, and wear some in a bold color. Also, a long one will help warm you up if you're in the mood for a party look, like a skirt or dress.

7. Hoodie

A young blonde woman wearing a hoodie while lying on the pitch
Hoodies are really becoming a trend (Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Now, when talking about our previous item, a faux fur coat, you can also combine it with a hoodie. We wore it for years in a casual outfit, but recently it has become quite a fashion statement. Yes, folks, hoodies aren't meant just for strolling around the house or jogging time, as you can match them with anything, including heels.

An exciting look would be to pair some neon color sweatsuit underneath a baggy, black jacket. You'll turn heads as well as feel warm and comfortable, and with little effort. Lately, it has become a trend to wear an oversize hoodie with a skirt or nothing underneath and combine it with some heels for an edgy, sexy outfit. You can take a look at some of Rihanna's combos, as she's one of the best representatives of the style. Of course, since it's winter, we recommend pairing it with some warm tights, preferably in a different color from your hoodie, to make it stand out.

6. Maxi Dress

A woman in a maxi dress in the middle of the road
Maxi dresses aren't meant for summer only (Image by StockSnap from Pixabay)

When thinking about the maxi dress, your mind instantly goes back to those hot summer nights and vacations. But we're here to bust some myths, so continue reading! You can also wear this item in colder months, as it can add some interesting notes to your look.

For instance, if you pair it with classic items like a leather jacket and heels, it will give your outfit some dimension and elegance. Or, combine this with combat boots for a more rebellious style. In case you need more layers to feel warm, wear a turtleneck underneath, so you don't have to sacrifice your fashion statement because of the weather. You can also pair them with some leggings and essential footwear such as ankle boots, put on some cardigan, and finish the whole look with a coat.

5. Cardigans

A woman in a cardigan sitting on a bench
From hippy to high fashion (Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels)

Cardigans are making a full comeback this season, and rightfully so, as they're comfy and go with any style, from hippy to high fashion. Remember your grandma telling you always to wear clothes that cover your back to avoid getting sick? Well, it's time to listen to her and wear a cardigan this winter.

This can also be the right choice for women who don't feel 100 percent comfortable in skin-tight jeans or leggings, as it will cover most of their figure. But, if you're confident, and want to show your body off, pick some that are cropped, with some patterned design, to give an edge to your outfit. A good cardigan can be an ample office wardrobe and a cozy garment for long walks, as it can be casual as well.

4. Oversized Coats

People wearing oversized coats
The bigger, the better (Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels)

As far as we can tell, the current trend is the more oversized, the better, and that involves coats also. Honestly, nothing appears cozier and warmer than an oversized coat in these cold winter months. Many women wonder if they can pull this trend, as they're used to tight body clothes. So let's review together now, as we'll share with you some advice on the topic.

Firstly, remember to think of your body proportions when shopping for this garment, including your arm length and shoulder width. Other than that, it's just a matter of personal preference whether you'll wear it or not. You can find many different colors, styles, and prints available, and it goes with any outfit or occasion. For example, a classic beige or oversized black coat is a good investment if you plan to wear it for many years to come.

3. Jumper Dress

Jumper dresses will always be fashionable

In case you don't consider maxi dress fitting for winter but still like to feel feminine, you may want to check out some warmer options, like in our next example. This item is warm like a jumper, just longer, and usually made to fit your figure, or it can be in an oversized version.

We would also recommend jumper dresses that are body tight, with some over the knee boots. Many fashionistas also wear it pairing with sneakers, and we must admit we're confused by it. But if you feel like experimenting, please tell us how that went! Probably our favorite combo would be ankle boots and a leather jacket with a bold-colored jumper dress.

2. Boots

A woman in boots
We all wear them (Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels)

No matter what your style is, boots are a must-have winter garment. They're comfortable to wear and practical, as they keep us warm, especially when the temperature goes below 30 degrees. If you don't like to experiment, wear your favorite black leather boots, as they're timeless. You can combine them with plain or colorful leggings, or jeans, and also jumper dresses.

To achieve a chic outfit, you can also style some thigh-high boots with a leather jacket, with some sweater underneath. On some formal occasions, pair ankle boots with an elegant coat and some pants. This look is a comfortable combination that will keep you warm and cozy but is also stylish. Or if you want to go for something casual, and need an outfit for every day, combine combat boots, jeans, and a hoodie, topped with some oversized jacket.

1. Sweater  

Young woman in a turtleneck sweater
Wear a sweater in a bold color for a bolder look (Photo by Konstantin Mishchenko from Pexels)

And now we've come to our number one winter clothing item that we can't imagine a season without. Here we'll share with you some ideas on how to wear it, from comfortable to stylish ones. This garment can be an excellent trick for super skinny girls who'd like to add a few pounds visually. If you want to achieve an opposite illusion, then tuck it in your pants or jeans.

Sweaters are also great to combine with pencil skirts, especially when you need an outfit for work. But our favorite combination is to wear them with skinny jeans, leggings, and some ankle boots. Puffy sweaters in that combo balance out the whole look, and the silhouette, making your legs look lean and fit.

Finally, we hope you liked our picks for comfortable but stylish fashion items for winter, as we listed our favorite ones. As you scroll down it, we're sure you'll find something for you, no matter your fashion test.

Tell us, did you like our top ten list of comfortable and fashionable winter garments, and would you add any? What is your favorite piece of clothing during winter times? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section.

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