Top 10 Perfect Outfits for Your Next Night Out with Friends

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-06-12 07:05:31

Since not everything can be planned in advance, sometimes you’ll realize you’re going out two hours before the party. The best events are those you accidentally stumble upon and decide you’ll go to. When you’re in a hurry like that, you can’t overthink your night-out hairstyle or what you will wear. Therefore, we made a top ten list of cool party outfits to spare you time!

10. Jeans Are Never Wrong

There are almost no incorrect ways to style them!

Some clothes require a lot of effort to look fantastic and even style them properly. Still, with jeans, everything seems so straightforward! They may not be the first idea to come to your mind when you think of a fancy outfit, but many girls pull off jeans for parties!

The main reason jeans are popular at parties is their versatility and how cool they look and timeless, even if they’re casual. If you like heels, you can pair them with jeans, even though sneakers would also look awesome… There are so many choices that you have to like this concept!

9. …Or Any Other Pants

Wide trousers can look exceedingly fancy!

Actually, if you’re not a fan of denim and still consider it too “informal” for a party, go with any other fabric. Pants are so trendy nowadays, and many people pull them off in various ways; even the wide-leg ones are a thing now. If you were about to ditch your skinny jeans because they’re not so comfy, your time has come!

This is even more amusing because you can now get pants with sequins, metallic colors, and flared old-fashioned ones! People like to stand out at themed parties, so pants are the best way to express your creativity if your event has a particular one.

8. Skirts and Shirts

Skirts are sophisticated but still laid-back

It doesn’t just rhyme – it combines your dreams for formal and informal nights. Skirts are long, short, tight, cute, sexy, glittery… they’re everything you need! And if you have 15 of them in your wardrobe, you have a whole world of choices. Fancy shirts are a bonus, and we recommend some with extraordinary sleeves and necklines!

The only complication here is that you’ll have to go safe with color combinations or play with contrasts. Hence, you obviously need to know how to combine stuff. Choosing a dress is way more accessible, but the skirt and shirt combo is much more helpful for all seasons and can look cute and casual!

7. Fancy Turtlenecks

Your winter outfit might be an excellent choice for a party!

Who’d say that a piece you wear to stay comfortable and warm at the same time would actually be very trendy? We’d never think twice for winter parties – turtlenecks have so many pros that you must adore them. They give your body a shape you want to show off at a party!

Moreover, turtlenecks have various custom shapes; some are off-shoulders, cropped at the bottom, or even with one shoulder cropped. All these forms look attractive and make you feel good in your skin. And you’ll still stay warm, so don’t hesitate to pull off a turtleneck when you go out during winter!

6. Choose a Monochromatic Outfit

Get inspired and go shopping to find something great for yourself!

Since we’re focused on the combinations you create when you’re busy and just want to find something that works for a night out, a one-color outfit owns the game! Actually, it’s nowadays so beloved that all the eyes will be on you. You don’t even require too much skill to rock this!

Monochromatic outfits are classy but still very suitable for street style and parties. They show autonomy and boldness; you’ll be seen wherever you go. You’ll even look “rich,” and we’re not talking about money, but your attitude! There’s something significant in wearing party outfits that make you confident because that’s how you should feel on such occasions.

5. …Or Go All Black

Whatever you wear, if it’s all black, it’s already cool!

The undoubtedly best color to wear from head to toe is, without any doubt, black. Nothing gives off a vibe so sophisticated and fancy as this color! It’s an excellent choice if you decide to pull off a leather outfit for your night out since leather slays when it’s black, but it’s not even the only option!

This is the outfit to look for when you need more motivation to seek the best color combinations and experiment with fabrics, necklines, and bottoms. You play it safe the night you wear this, but we’re pretty sure you’ll dance the night away anyway!

4. Cropped Tops

They somehow look good in every way!

Some people even consider this piece of clothing impolite and unsuitable for some occasions, but cropped tops are coming through and becoming a trend number one! Actually, they’re the favorite choice of all the young ladies for parties, and you probably already noticed that the last time you went out!

Of course, there are some decent reasons why cropped tops are such a thing nowadays for night-outs. They’re sexy but not revealing, making you feel good in your skin and confident. Moreover, it’s a perfect choice for hot days and crowds, because you obviously don’t need many layers of clothes on your skin when in a situation like that!

3. Off-Shoulder Tops 

It might look like a huge problem, but there are some hacks

If you’d like to look fancy, laid-back, and ladylike simultaneously, only one top can make you give off that aura. Off-shoulder tops will do the whole work, regardless of what else you’re wearing, since all the eyes will be on your beautiful neckline and shoulders! The whole point is that it never looks vulgar but still shows what should be seen!

At first, you might struggle with how to wear tops like these and how to keep them down properly, but once you master that, you’ll be obsessed. Moreover, these tops are so beloved that you’ll quickly find off-shoulder dresses everywhere. If you’re sticking to a top, we hope you’ll find a good match – a lovely skirt or shorts!

2. Jumpsuits

What’s even easier to style than jumpsuits?

You might think it’s not a considerable choice for parties because it’s not that “formal,” and is popular choice for soccer moms. Jumpsuits are the perfect line between casual and “festive,” and that’s precisely what you need for an occasion like this! You’ll enjoy dancing and feeling free more than ever wearing something this comfortable!

In conclusion, a jumpsuit will spare you from endless walks around the boutiques to find the skirt that fits your shirt because you get everything – all at once. Many of them have a fancy back or neckline, with most being incredibly classy yet cute and comfy. You’ll love these forever once you try them!

1. Party Dresses

Charlotte has some decent ideas for you

To complete this story, we have to mention the “party” dresses, also known as semi-formal cocktail dresses. They’re usually relatively short, sometimes tight or breezy, with various necklines for every taste. They appear in so many forms that you obviously have to find your favorite!

Another great thing about outfits like these is that you won’t have a hard time combining them. You literally get a one-piece set that doesn’t have to be decorated in any particular way. Still, most dresses give you enough space to wear jewelry (just not too much!) and spice up the look in any way you wish!

If you’ve just had a dilemma about your next night out, we hope some of these top ten outfits will do the job for you. It all depends on your taste and the occasion, but most of these are versatile and suitable for various events. After all, the crucial thing is having fun and feeling good in your skin – never forget that!

What is your usual go-to outfit for parties? Do you like to experiment, or do you stick to a usual plan? Let us know your preferences!

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