Top 10 Ways to Create Your Own Unique Style

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-15 18:00:07

It's hard to be yourself nowadays. Unfortunately, it looks like pop culture forces "uniqueness," but society keeps creating people looking like clones. All the girls buy clothes in the same shops, care a lot about brands, and don't have any custom items. It seems like we focus on the price tag instead of the actual style. If you crave uniqueness, we have top ten useful tips that will make you look like no other girl on the street!

10. Get Familiar with Your Shape and Size

Learn more about your body shape

You have to wear the exact size you're supposed to wear to really look trendy. Some dresses follow your body line, while some should be loose… It's all about what shape fits your body the best. To look amazing, you should know yourself because no other body is like yours! Answer the question - Do you want to feel slimmer or to look like you've put on some weight?

Try on as many types of clothes as you can, and don't be in a rush when shopping. Take your time to figure out the right size for you and not feel insecure about it. Of course, you're not supposed to wear every single thing from the shop. We all have our preferences and what suits us better! 

9. Inspire Yourself with Mood Boards

Here's how to make your own fashion mood board

The Internet is a blessing, as it can help you in almost every situation! Since it can help you understand any phenomenon, of course, it can also help you with your style ideas. Pinterest is the best choice to get inspired by anything.

You can try to find some intriguing mood boards about combining certain colors, fabrics, and clothes in general. Steal Her Style is another very useful website. It gives you the exact combinations and close-ups of celebrity's outfits. Get inspired by others to create your own style!

8. Wear Signature Accessories

Of course, you should know how to wear accessories like a pro, too

A coat that you wear every day is already your signature style. However, what if you put a tiny, sparkly brooch on it? It becomes so "yours" that people won't ever mix your coat with anyone else's! The same thing happens with your "signature" bags, for example, because they have a certain color and fabric, and they're something you always combine with your outfit.

In that way, you can choose what accessories you like the most and wear them repeatedly. People can remember your style by your scarves, belts, and anything that spices up an outfit. Any boring combination can look exciting with the right and stylish accessories. Just be sure not to have too many of them.

7. Get Some Clothes Tailored for You

Find out why tailoring should still be a trend

Of course, the best way to have your unique pieces is to get them tailored. This is done rarely now because it's much faster and easier just to find the right jumper in a shop and buy it.

However, you should treat yourself sometimes with a nice dress someone made for you, to make sure no one else will show up looking identical at your party! Tailors are usually affordable as well, and they can make your clothes custom anytime. For example, you can even decorate your random jumper with buttons, making it 100% yours.

6. Know That Brands Don't Make You Unique

Justine Leconte shares some of her favorite quality brands

Wearing an expensive T-shirt that has "Superdry" written all over it won't make you unique. On the contrary, you'll look just like any other person on the street. That's when your creativity should come in. Try to find smaller boutiques in your area because they usually have some awesome pieces you've never seen on anyone else!

Boutiques that aren't worldwide famous usually have one-size, custom-made pieces, exactly because their clients prefer to have a unique skirt or shirt. With so many different items for your wardrobe, people will keep asking you about your little secret. You decide if you're keeping it to yourself!

5. Make Sure You Know Your Colors

Get to know what colors fit your skin tone

Colors make our world diverse, and it's the best fact ever. When it comes to your own style, colors that you like make it unique. For example, if you like purple and wear that color frequently, chances are that your friends will buy you gifts that are related to that color. Furthermore, they will remember you whenever they see a purple coat or literally anything, not only clothes!

The point of being unique is exactly this – to make people remember you when they see something, to associate things with you. Colors are the most remarkable feature of our style, so keep in mind that you should have at least two or three colors that take the lead in your wardrobe! Also, choosing the right colors is essential if you're skinny.

4. It's All About the Fabrics

This guide can help you a lot with essential fabrics 

Perhaps you learned a lot about the importance of material when you had to get a dress for a prom or any other formal occasion. You can apply the same rule to the daily clothes as well! Satin is for fancy maxi dresses, but what about a silk blouse? Why don't you already try to incorporate it into your daily style if you like silk's softness?

For example, some girls wear jeans every day because it suits them the best, while some choose leather as their signature style. A leather jacket combined with leather pants? It's a match! Is it something that makes you stand out? Absolutely. A quality fabric is remarkable wherever you go, and knowing the materials will take your style to another level.

3. Be Brave to Try It All

Some clothes are too daring, but why not try them as well?

Do you want to be recognized for your own style? Then you should be bold to try it all, literally! Sometimes we aren't even aware of what looks good on us because we never gave it a chance. With clothes, it's the same as with people, since you have to let them in and see how it works. You can't just watch it from a distance and know how it fits your body.

Some pieces probably won't impress you, but hey, at least you tried them! It's completely alright to be experimental and innovative before you find your lane that you're about to follow. To see things clearly, you have to give some stuff a chance. Maybe yellow looks good on you, who knows?

2. Find out What's Both Pretty and Comfortable

Comfortable and stylish go together!

This might be the most crucial tip, but many girls tend to forget it. That's why we'll put it close to the top of the list. Please, don't forget that clothes aren't only about looking beautiful. Its most important purpose is to make you feel comfortable!

In conclusion, if you wear pretty and sparkly high heels but have no idea how to walk in them, you won't look attractive. The only way to look good in heels is to practice wearing them. Jeans can also look very chic, but they can cause health problems if they're too skinny. That's why you should never forget that comfort comes first. And of course, you can look amazing in various comfy clothes!

1. Don't Forget That Style Is a Part of the Attitude

A lady isn't only well dressed, but also behaves as she should

After all, every single tip is useless if you don't work on your own attitude. It has to do a lot with your confidence, as self-assurance can make almost everything look great on you! That's why many women wear expensive clothes but don't look "rich" in their expressions.

On the contrary, a woman with both style and attitude can make a second-hand skirt look fabulous and lavish. And there are no reasons to not feel good in your own skin. Imperfections are something we all have, but they shouldn't haunt you at all. Hey, didn't you come here to find out how to have a unique style? Your scars are your distinctive features. Embrace them and become the girl you always wanted to be!

We hope our top ten list helped you understand what factors play the most important role in your personal expression and style you wear, and in which way it's connected. Creating your image and finding your lane is always a long process, so it's alright if you're still looking for your style. Just keep trying, and it will happen spontaneously!

Is there any other tip you can give about creating a style that is truly yours?

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