Top 10 Ways to Understand the Contrast Rule in Fashion

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-12-19 12:32:49

Fashion is a gold mine, but you have to dig deep to find the real gems. To explore as powerful as you can, you ought to get out of your comfort zone. It's all connected, you see! In that way, you should research somewhat risky trends, just like the contrast, which makes every outfit look better. If you're unsure how the contrast rule works and how to combine it, we have the top ten helpful tips for you!

10. You Probably Won't Need a New Shopping 

Meanwhile, you can check ideas on how to shop smarter

If you're on a budget and don't want to go shopping like a maniac, but you'd still like to try a new style... Look closer because the material is most likely already there! In this way, you won't need to spend more money, just some more time to find that opposing combo you already have.

Of course, maybe you'll need to add a few things to renew and spice up your wardrobe. However, we're 100% sure that most of the stuff you'll essentially need is somewhere in front of your eyes. The key is in finding the right way and not upgrading the wardrobe too much!

9. It's Only a Bonus to Your Style

Your style will actually get elevated with this new idea

Actually, the contrast effect won't absolutely change your appearance from head to toe and make you unrecognizable. You will be the same person but looking bolder and better shaped. However, most of the story comes from your already created personal style.

In conclusion, you should work on your style first to add the spicy contrasting energy to it. For example, you should already know your preferable shapes of shirts or pants, and then you just have to add the opposing hue you need. That's easier than it seems, though!

8. You Don't Have to Do the Boldest Looks

Eyeshadows are an excellent example of both subtle and bold shades

If someone told you that you're too shy for contrasting outfits, you just have to think twice and see that not every contrast look has to be a color eruption. Any explosion of two colors is a positive thing, but it's not a must since you can find another way of staying as subtle as you wish.

Moreover, you should know that this is a process you learn along the way, and making mistakes is allowed. If you're still getting used to this all, keep it safe. Actually, contrasting neutral shades are also there to help. You can be more confident later once you gain some experience!

7. Your Makeup Plays the Role

Colors in makeup can be soft but also dark if your skin is pale

Since an outfit is a part of your whole appearance, you have to maintain the contrast as an entire thing, not only by paying attention to the clothes. Your wardrobe should resemble your attitude, style, and your makeup as well since makeup is something you have all over your face, the first thing people notice, especially the dark makeup

Makeup can have its own contrast moment, maybe even more accessible than clothes. All you need to do is play with shades and tones and be brave, more than ever, because what you wear on your face indeed plays the role. If you don't feel like going too far, subtle contrast is also allowed!

6. Your Hair, Too

Your hair color can either suit your skin or be the complete opposite

Just like your makeup defines what your contrast will represent, your hair plays the role – the massive one! If you have long hair, your possibilities are even more expansive, so you can let your hair down and allow it to shine through your top in a contrasting color. 

For example, blonde ladies go flawlessly with black outfits because their hair's lightness comes to a particular level in that way. Find your contrast level and what suits your hair, and get as bold as you can when you combine it with clothes. The possibilities are definitely not limited! 

5. You Can Get Inspiration Everywhere

As you can see, contrast literally makes art alive

The good thing about contrast is that you simply don't have to dig deep anywhere to get inspired and find some ideas. It's funny how you may not notice it first, but this technique is just everywhere around you! Contrast is actually delivered from art itself, so you can find it there.

Turn the pages in a magazine on your table, or look at the billboards on the streets. Do you notice two opposites being combined? Yes, you can do the same with outfits, so try to look at your wardrobe in the same way! We don't even have to mention how many mood boards you can find on Pinterest and Internet aesthetics, so the world is just waiting for you to look closer. 

4. There Are Safe Zones in Contrast, Too

Here, you'll also discover some contrasting combos

If you believe the contrast is too "dangerous" and complicated, think twice because some combinations are definitely so obvious. Yes, we meant black and white, of course! This combination is simply always right, and there's no way that you can't wear this like a pro. In conclusion, that's the best option for everyone who is still practicing!

Black and white, as two contrary colors, are an ideal choice. The same goes with either black or white with almost any other color because they're both neutral. One neutral with another vibrant, darker shade is already a contrast, especially if you want to play if safe.

3. Not All Colors Go Well Together

Street style allows the experiments, but there are rules, too

The contrast allows you to combine the things you see as the absolute opposites, which is the main point. However, some colors don't even stand as opposed to each other, but they are so different that they just don't go well. In conclusion, you'll have to find out first if your color combination looks good or not, even though the colors are different. 

There is something named "fashion math," and that's where this science meets your wardrobe. For example, blue and pink are a priceless combination – you'll see how gorgeous it looks once you try it. With vibrant colors, you have to be way more careful, so read the color wheel! 

2. The Two Rule Is the Best

You can see here that they usually combine two colors

Contrast may seem complicated, but when we sum it all up, it revolves around one rule – keep mixing two tones. This includes two colors, two shades, two types of patterns, two shapes. Don't ever go for more, because it won't look right. 

More than two might sound "rich," but the effect is the exact opposite, so stay in your lane when it comes to that. The only way you can combine more than two is when you have a specific color that doesn't have many different shades and tones, but we'd be careful about that thing as well.

1. Know Where to Draw the Line

Even trends sometimes have no idea when it's time to stop

In other words, you can play as much as you want, but if you're going to be professional at this game, you have to master the art of having "enough" contrast. Too much is never a good thing, whatever you do, so that's not an option in this game as well. When it's too much, you'll quickly detect that something just doesn't work!

Of course, no one will inform you that you look ugly in three different animal patterns in one outfit, but your instinct should tell you where the line is and where to draw it. Nothing is precise and straightforward in this rough rule of combining the opposite sides. However, know when to stop and be cautious!

After all, just follow your gut and the inner compass that tells you if you're comfortable in too much contrast or you'd rather be conventional. You don't have to be rebellious to look cool. Still, the contrast inspires the masses, and we believe that it will keep growing as a trend if any tendency can get more influential than this one! So let our top ten list be your inspiration!

Do you like to express yourself through contrast? Do you think it's the best way of combining clothes, or even makeup?

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