Top 10 Tips on How to Look Slimmer in Clothes

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Julia Adams

Julia Adams

Last updated:  2024-02-06 14:54:29

Whether you're having a date night or a job interview, you want to look your best and leave a great impression. But what if recently you've gained a couple of pounds, and it's affecting your confidence? There isn't a secret recipe for losing mass in a day, but we sure can camouflage it with clothes. In case you need help with that, read our top ten tips on which clothes to wear in which combinations and all the other advice relating to looking slimmer in an outfit. Be sure to also check out our top 10 comfortable and fashionable garments for cold winter.

10. Choose the Right Size

Shirts on hangers
You should always try out clothes in a dressing room (Photo by Kai Pilger/Pexels)

Always take your time when buying clothes, especially to try them out in front of the mirror. Often you might be in a hurry, and you'd pick a garment straight from the coat hangers without visiting the dressing room. "What's the big deal?" you may ask, as you already know your size.

Well, wardrobe proportions vary from brand to brand, and what fits you best depends on the type of clothing as well. Garments that are too tight will accentuate every curve on your body, including your tummy that you've been trying to hide. On the other hand, baggy clothes will definitely make you look heavier than you are, so avoid that as well.

9. Accentuate Positive Features

A girl with long legs
If you have long legs, display them (Photo by Jonaorle/Pexels)

Are you working extra hard at the gym and want to show off your toned legs or stomach? Whatever your best body feature may be, you can accentuate it with clothes. Don't be afraid to celebrate it, and it will distract from some other parts you want to hide.

For instance, you can highlight your legs by wearing skirts and heels, like Ariana Grande often does. Also, if you think the stomach is your weak area, try combining a body fit shirt with it, preferably the one in black. As a result, your legs will look defined and lean, with your waist looking smaller.

8. Stockings and Leggings

A girl in leggings
Match your stockings with the color of your shoes (Photo by Noémi Macavei-Katócz/Unsplash)

Our next advice is beneficial for women who have a bit stronger legs than the rest of their body. If you belong in this bracket like Demi Lovato, you're probably pear-shaped, and no exercise can help you change that. So what to do to balance out your figure with clothes?

When planning to wear a dress for a formal occasion, you could match your stockings with your shoes' color. And they better be high heels, as they'll elongate your legs! Also, for a casual look, choose some patterned and bold-colored shirt on top, and pair it with black leggings. This combination will create a perfect balance, as it will add a few pounds to your upper body, as well as make your legs and butt look skinnier.

7. Flared Pants/Jeans

A woman wearing high heels and flared pants
Flared pants/jeans give your figure a balance (Photo by Dellon Thomas/Pexels)

Nowadays, skinny jeans and mom jeans are the two trends that we wear the most, as every girl on the street is sporting them. The first ones are great when you have a model-like figure and want to show it off. But if you are a big fan of these despite a few extra pounds, pick the ones that are black and combine them with high heels in your legs' color. This trick will make you look leaner and toned.

On the other hand, mom jeans will definitely visually add some weight to your figure, as they're not form-fitting. Instead of these two options, we advise you to wear flared jeans or pants, as they give balance and take the attention away from your hips and upper legs. Combine them with a form-fitting blouse or a shirt to make that elongated leg look. Jeans will always be fashionable!

6. The Vertical Stripes

A girl wearing vertical stripes
Wearing vertical stripes makes you look skinnier (Photo by Daria Shevtsova/StockSnap)

One of the oldest tricks to make you look skinnier is to wear clothes with vertical stripes, as they create long lines. On the other hand, horizontal lines will make you look wider, so avoid them if extra pounds are your problem.

For example, rock some high waisted jeans with a vertical stripe blouse tucked into them, and add high-heels to the combo for more visual length. You could also try a maxi dress with that design that will truly make that dramatic skinny effect you're looking for. Additionally, we recommend wearing a high waisted vertical striped maxi skirt that will have the same result.

5. Shapewear/Undergarments

Asian woman wearing shapewear
Shapewear really changes your silhouette (Image by Đình Nhi Nguyễn Võ/Pixabay)

The right undergarment should be your priority when trying to achieve a skinnier look with clothes. This is really important for bras, as wearing the one that fits shapes your silhouette and keeps your breasts lifted. Choosing the wrong-sized one creates cutting lines that mark into your skin, and it doesn't look nice.

Thongs may prevent panty lines, but they offer no lift or support. Keep that in mind, and try out some other styles like briefs or boy shorts that will pull in your critical areas. Also, try out some shapewear that helps form a nice figure, as they hold your excess weight in check. It may be too much for your daily look, but undergarments that slim you can be accommodating on special occasions, like underneath a tight party dress.

4. Blazers

A blonde woman with glasses wearing pink blazer
Indented blazers make an hourglass figure (Photo by Designecologist/Pexels)

If you haven't been a fan of blazers, we recommend wearing them, as they cover unflattering arms. A black or vertical stripe elongates your figure and is great for an everyday look, as it's easy to combine with anything. A blazer slightly longer than your hip line is a great choice, and our advice is to wear it buttoned for a more meaningful effect.

If you usually gain weight around your stomach area, we recommend wearing the one that indents at the waist, as it will provide you with an hourglass figure. For instance, pair a black blazer with your favorite skinny jeans and high heels, and you won't be disappointed with the results.

3. High Cut Jeans

Jeans stacked up
High-cut jeans are our favorites (Photo by Karolina Grabowska/Pexels)

We couldn't be happier that high cut bottoms are popular lately, as they visually elongate your lower body, and we're here for it! And when you pair that with jeans, our favorite daily garment, you get a dream combination. The best type is the slightly high-cut one, and body-fitting, as it gives the best result.

You can pair them with many items, including shirts, blouses, and sweaters. Just remember to tuck them in your jeans to make that high waist visible. Also, choose dark denim instead of a light one, and add high heels in the combination.

2. Heels

A woman in high heels sitting
Wearing heels can be a confidence boost (Photo by nappy/Pexels)

Is there a better way to achieve a slender look than sporting some high heels? They are great because they make us straighten our back, and we immediately feel more confident and feminine. But heels are also the trick most women resort to when trying to achieve a slimmer looking figure, and rightfully so.

Our suggestion is that you combine low-cut shoes with skirts, dresses, or shorts. We have additional advice for you: choose some that match your skin tone, and you'll get the better illusion of thin legs. Also, heels with pointed toes narrow the silhouette of the calves, thus making you look skinnier.

1. All Black

A blonde girl in all-black assemble sitting on the bench in the park in autumn
Try rocking an all-black outfit and spice it up with statement jewelry (Image by Suresh Babu Guddanti/Pixabay)

The monochromatic look is always in, and what better way to sport it than to wear all black. What this outfit does is that it creates one vertical line that visually adds length. Keep in mind that sometimes wearing all black can make you look too dark and gloomy, so break that pattern with statement jewelry and red lipstickcreating your unique style.

We advise you to wear a skin-tight black dress in combination with high heels and some hanging earrings on top of that. Make it sassy and your own, and don't let all that darkness swallow you and make you look dull. To do so, you can also add a colorful bag into your outfit and freshen things up.

And in the end, we remind you that a good posture makes all the difference, as it lifts your chest and your belly looks flatter. Also, a confident attitude is a key to rock any look, no matter your size. We hope you liked our top ten list for looking slimmer in clothes, as we've covered the best of them for you.

What did you think of our top wardrobe tips, and do you already use any of them? Share your comments and questions down below.

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