Top 10 Celebrities Beverage Endorsements That Made You Try Some Drinks

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-15 06:00:07

Some beverages are so famous that they don't even need promo, yet they still work on it religiously! After all, McDonald's and Burger King are the most dominant fast-food chains and still work with celebrities for their endorsements. The same goes for beverage companies, and we made a list of the top ten a bit random yet interesting promotions celebs did for drinks!

10. Britney Spears x Pepsi

That's a massive promotion, Britney!

It doesn't matter where Britney is now and how much music she's putting out. Her influence in the early 00s was undeniable – the pop princess was the face everyone looked for, and Pepsi will love her until the end. Even if she entirely gave up on music, Pepsi would still keep her by their side. Pepsi is Britney's trademark!

Moreover, Britney's first Pepsi commercial was in 2001, but she did another in 2018 as if no time had passed in between. She also said she's proud of her collaboration with Pepsi, and we bet both sides are grateful. Pepsi is a superstar in soda drinks, but with Britney, it's even more than that!

9. ...And Beyoncé, Too

Pepsi adores both Britney and Bey!

By "Beyoncé, Too," we mean – Pepsi, again! Pepsi is the brand that keeps all the most influential women from the industry by their side. Beyoncé's beauty, charisma, and power are something everyone wants for their promo. Like the pop princess Spears, queen Bey worked with Pepsi for years!

Moreover, Beyoncé is also well-known as one of the biggest superstars of Super Bowl Halftime Show performances, and we shall not forget that Pepsi is its sponsor. Nonetheless, her collab with Pepsi started way earlier than that. The company has followed Bey on her journey to stardom since her solo career started!

8. ...And Another One with Bey!

Did Bey convince you to try watermelon water? Congrats!

Is Beyoncé loyal to Pepsi? We wouldn't say so, and that's OK since her impact is already so massive that everyone wants her! Bey loves beverage commercials for sure – her next project was the promotion of WTRMLN WTR, the watermelon water, which is famous because Bey invested in the company!

Beyoncé believes WTRMLN WTR is "the future of clean, natural hydration," far beyond Pepsi and soda drinks celebrities promote. Beyoncé decided to focus on health, feminism (since the company's leader is a woman), and wellness for the whole world, as she stated about WTRMLN. Have you tried this enjoyable beverage already?

7. (A Lot of) Celebrities x Core Water

Core had massive support from the start

Since we mentioned watermelon water, some celebrities even promoted the "regular" bottled water! The brand that changed the game with water commercials is definitely Core since it gathered tons of celebrities from the music world. Becky G, Diplo, Juicy J, Max Martin, and Katy Perry invested in the project!

For example, Katy Perry says hydration is the key for her, and Core is more than enough for her because of the pH balance and the versatile and beautiful packaging. The body's optimal pH level is between 7.35 and 7.45, and Core water makes sure the pH level is just around the perfect number. Or at least that's what celebrities say about it!

6. Jennifer Aniston... And Water

Even pregnancy didn't stop her!

Who would say the water would need such promotion… Another big celebrity invested time in commercials revolving around this holy drink that saves every day: Jennifer Aniston! Unlike Beyoncé, who did commercials for multiple brands of beverages, the "smart water" stayed Aniston's only friend!

Now, the question is – is smart water better than the regular one? This brand promotes a way of drinking the best water possible, but do you need more than the basic water for proper body hydration? Not really, probably, but Aniston is the company's faithful friend, even though her contract ended in 2019.

5. Matt Damon's Nespresso

What an excellent deal for Matt Damon

We finally have some coffee on the list – espresso coffee from the Nespresso machine! This is one of the most famous coffee types worldwide, with Nespresso machines being spread globally. The company also got support from Matt Damon, and he received an impressive three million from McCann for promoting the beverage!

Moreover, Matt Damon wasn't alone in his Nespresso project since another glorious name joined the company. George Clooney also appears in the commercials, and we bet Damon had no problem working for only 20 seconds and earning enough to buy a luxurious house. Nespresso is also excellent, though!

4. Drake x Sprite

One of the weirdest ways to promote a drink, to be honest

And the award for the weirdest commercial possible goes to Sprite and their collaboration with Drake named "The Spark Campaign!" The rapper teamed up with this worldwide famous brand to make a video in the studio where he drinks from a Sprite bottle, and his body is… Pretty much torn apart!

However, the video should show that Sprite is so mind-blowing that it flows through all his veins and refreshes him all over again. The campaign also promotes creativity in music and originality, so Drake was impressed by the idea. The concept is memeable and funny, but it turned out amazing!

3. Taylor Swift x Diet Coke

A deal that brought her a massive fortune!

As much as everyone wants Beyoncé in their campaign, Taylor Swift is on top of everybody's list, and she's done a lot of commercials in her long career. One of the campaigns that come to your mind first would be her collaboration with Coca-Cola for diet coke, the brand that promotes coke without sugar.

Instead of sugar, this coke contains artificial sweeteners, and Swift drinks a lot of it while writing her songs in the ad. Is it something to drink regularly while studying, writing, or enjoying your day? Not really, since Coca-Cola products definitely won't provide you health. But Swift knew what she was doing since she earned 26 million!

2. Charli D'Amelio's Dunkin Drink

Is it good the way they say it is?

TikTok is the future of business and marketing, so it's expected that the most popular TikTokers earn their millions in advertisements. Charli D'Amelio got her longtime deal with Dunkin strictly for beverages – not one, but two! "The Charli" is basically D'Amelio's favorite thing at Dunkin, and now it's her brand.

"The Charli" is nothing but a cold brew with caramel and milk, and it got so successful that they made an official remix, "The Charli Cold Foam." This time, it has a sweet cold foam as the topping, together with cinnamon sugar. D'Amelio and Dunkin keep stepping up the game, and people love what they made!

1. Ariana Grande’s Cloud Macchiato 

This one is perfect – for real!

Starbucks is so massive that it wants only the biggest superstars by its side. Of course, they wanted Ariana Grande to bring her energy to the company! Just like Charli D'Amelio, she chose cold foam with cinnamon or caramel. Still, her macchiato is even more remarkable since it's a "cloud" macchiato, after all!

If you're asking yourself why "cloud," this natural phenomenon is all over Grande's "Sweetener" merch, and she also owns a gorgeous perfume of the same name. Clouds are Grande's trend – it's her world, and we live in it. Even Starbucks took their macchiato to the sky in their advertisements to match Grande's theme!

It's fascinating how many millions celebrities have earned for these commercials, but that's how it goes when you're as famous as Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande. Their decisions are influential, and we bet you gave Diet Coke at least one try after miss Swift told you it's fantastic. Give all these drinks a try if the celebrities have convinced you already!

Do you buy beverages and products your favorite artists promote? Is marketing crucial for your choices? Let us know in the comments section!

Photo: Andreas Fischinger on Unsplash



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