Top 10 Most Attractive Fabrics (And What Type of Clothes Goes With Them)

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-16 06:00:07

When we say "it's all about the fabrics," we really mean it! Any girl can make her clothes look unique by having her signature colors, brands, or only by how she wears her stuff. However, the fabric plays one of the most essential roles in creating a style and developing it by wearing your preferable material. There is a superior power to that, so any woman with refined taste knows the fabrics very well. To help you learn the ropes or choose your favorites, we made a top ten list of the best textiles you must have in your closet! Of course, you'll also get to know which clothing categories to use them for!

10. Tulle

Tulle is too sensitive, and you have to be careful

We're kicking off with the list's most delicate fabric. Tulle is so sweet it has to remind you of innocence, youth, and a carefree mindset. In that way, this material is perfect for any prom gown, the trendy strawberry dresses, or even a bridal dress for more "childish" and "cute" young ladies!

Tulle goes perfectly with the "fluffy" type of dresses and skirts as well, so it's quite feminine and gives you the bloom a dress should have. Furthermore, the tulle is very lightweight, so you won't feel any pressure; it just goes with the flow! Should we even name any other reason to get that pretty tulle dress/skirt already?

9. Chiffon

Chiffon looks delicate, but it's rough to the touch

Do you need a fabric that looks pretty and delicate but is rather reasonably priced and easy to combine? Chiffon is a choice you need then! This isn't the most luxurious textile you'll ever get, but it will give any dress or blouse a slight touch of slippery roughness.

Furthermore, chiffon is worth buying because it has a soft shimmer and looks exceptionally lightweight, so it highlights your vulnerability. However, you should have another layer under the chiffon since it's so light that it's semi-transparent. 

8. Linen

There are some crucial reasons to get to know linen better

You'd say linen is contradictory since it's incredibly durable and robust, yet so lightweight and appropriate for hot summer days. No matter how impossible it sounds, linen is everything you thought you wouldn't find in one material. To make it even better, both ladies and men wear this fabric frequently – it's often a top choice among formal suits for men!

In a way, linen is similar to cotton, but it dries more quickly and is a better option for hot days. Linen is mostly used for jeans; Still, many people consider this fabric "rich," mainly because of its wide use for bedsheets, pillows, or towels.

7. Cotton

Cotton seems inevitable in every single closet

We've come to the most used fabric ever. Do you also get that feeling that every clothing piece you've ever bought says "100% cotton?" Also, those pieces are always the most comfortable ones to wear! That's because cotton is simply made to fit our skin and avoid any irritation!

When you describe cotton, it's like you're presenting a superpower – it's obviously soft, comfy, durable, and flexible, all at once! It's not too fancy, but we'll forgive it because we already have luxurious fabrics for special occasions. Let's save cotton for our everyday routine since it makes our life 100% easier!

6. Lace

Did you ever wonder how complicated is it to sew lace?

Can you imagine a wedding dress without some precious lace to spice up the whiteness of this huge gown? We can't either! Moreover, it's not only about this most significant dress you'll ever wear in your life. Lace can also be used for blouses, sweatshirts, or basically anything you're wearing as a top!

A boring shirt can easily be spiced up by adding some lace to the sleeves! Any piece can get the formal look - it's even prettier because lace is transparent and has ornaments and an intriguing shape. Furthermore, not any other fabric looks like lace, so, for example, you can switch satin for silk, but lace is so unique nothing can replace it!

5. Satin

Liquid satin has that natural glow you're looking for

This fabric is a symbol of royalty! Satin sheets, for example, sound like pure paradise and wealth. However, satin is not that expensive in reality. Many ladies buy this material for their major life events since it makes every fancy dress look rich!

If you're asking yourself how a fabric makes a dress rich, it's about the natural "sparkle "effect you get when you wear it. Its glow is first and foremost sophisticated and smooth, so you won't have a hard time being the center of attention with a satin maxi gown. All eyes on you are guaranteed!

4. Denim

What's life without comfy jeans, anyway?

Denim is actually the most beloved fabric of the 21st century, to say the least. That's what jeans are made of! We're 100% sure there is no girl without at least one clothing piece made of denim since it's the most durable fabric. It's perfect for any circumstances, and it will definitely keep you warm.

Nevertheless, girls love to wear denim in summer as well, and you can't go past any street without noticing at least one person in jeans! Denim jackets are forever a trend, too, and we definitely can't skip denim skirts. Denim from head to toe, that's the recipe!

3. Silk

It's silly how much effort silkworms put into making silk

Silk occupies the first place when it comes to the smooth fabrics, which we use for the most delicate and loose blouses, scarves, shirts, and formal dresses. Silk makes any woman look soft and sophisticated and is more feminine than any other textile!

Nevertheless, silk is not always the best option since it's costly. You'll have to dig deep into your pocket to afford this fabric for everyday clothes, so save it for more special occasions. Actually, the price is quite reasonable when we bear in mind that silkworms make silk and that this process indeed takes much time. At least it's definitely worth it!

2. Velvet

Not many fabrics look as luxurious as velvet

You know that naturally glowing fabric you see on the fanciest dresses in the club? These girls probably wear velvet. It's the softest fabric to the touch – it has the natural tenderness and glows in the dark the way nothing else can. 

We can describe velvet as luxurious, unique, and sweet. However, no matter how "sweet" it appears, you'll look like the rich lady you wish to be. Velvet is also known as "plush," so you'll be as soft as a stuffed animal – prepare for cute hugs from your loved ones when you wear something so tender! Velvet is also perfect for bedsheets; just imagine sleeping in a plush blanket… God, what a satisfaction!

1. Leather

Find the ideal combination for your fancy leggings

Yes, this is the real queen of versatility! You just can't help getting obsessed with leather – it seems like this fabric shines now more than ever. And you're surrounded by it for a specific reason, as you can literally wear leather from head to toe and look so fabulous that you'll become the trendsetter among your friends!

In conclusion, leather is so good that it goes with almost everything, but it's fancier than denim. Leather jackets are quite a trend for ages, but now you can also see leather leggings everywhere! What about pants or skirts? Leather dresses? Yes, please, anything!

We hope we helped you with this top ten list and inspired you by all these textiles since they make the world of fashion intriguing and experimental. Try to play with different fabrics, and you'll be obsessed with how much they make your outfit memorable – many of them will never go out of style!

Do you have a favorite fabric, or you like to try them all? What's the most principal rule you follow when it comes to materials?

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