Top 10 Ways to Pull Any High Heels Like a Pro

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-10-30 11:15:45

Nowadays, we see girls wearing sneakers wherever we go since 21st-century fashion focuses on comfort. That's how it should be, though! However, heels are still the essential footwear for some occasions, so you probably already know how to walk in them. Even if you're a beginner, you'll find your ideal type of heels since they are so varied. So discover our top ten list of iconic shapes, as you'll pull some of them like a pro for sure!

10. Platform Heels

If you really want to try this… Be careful!

Some girls like Ariana Grande really want to go big with their high heels shoes – platform heels should be your choice if you feel like that, too! They're primarily seen on stage with extravagant outfits, so if you have an occasion where you'd like to look like a star, go for it. All eyes will be on you, without any doubt!

However, keep in mind that these aren't comfortable high heels, and they shouldn't be your choice for a casual walk around the city. Platform heels are ideal for looking really powerful, but they're more for taking pictures than a genuine walk. Even if you're experienced with heels, don't spend too much time on them!

9. Spool Heels

Which shape is your favorite here?

Platform heels are a classic type to pull, but if you're feeling "cool" and want to try something unique, you can go with spool heels! These have an odd title, but they actually symbolize the narrow heel in the middle and wide at the top – it's not uncomfortable as it seems, though, since you'll pull them easily!

Moreover, you might think that these heels are strangely shaped. However, this unique form is still extremely loved in the fashion industry, even though it comes from older times. These heels are also more famous among elegant ladies than the tomboyish ones, so it depends on your style if they're perfect for you!

8. Heelless Heels 

It can get pretty tough…

Heels can have an intriguing shape like the ones we previously mentioned. Yet, what do you do when you wish to go 100% edgy? In fact, so edgy that you don't have a heel at all? We're not talking about flat shoes – heelless heels are actually a thing, a trend that even celebrities like Taylor Swift like to pull!

However, it's true that you can't wear heels like this if you aren't experienced enough. Luckily, there are various tutorials and tips on how these heels work, and if you're consistent enough, you'll make it look easy! Of course, it'll be easier for you if you're experienced with regular heels. While it won't be 100% effortless, it's not a serious challenge!

7. Slingback

Do you prefer heels with an open toe or closed? These can do both!

How to look 100% chic in sandals? Wear slingbacks high-heeled sandals that are pretty old-fashioned yet trendy! Slingback will have your back for the boiling hot days, but you won't look informal. On the contrary, these are the epitome of a real lady. Luckily, they're again a trend after years and decades!

Furthermore, slingback heels can vary from the most classic ones, in black color and basic medium heels, to the extravagant types that even include a crazy print. Show off your toes if you wish, but if you'd rather wear "closed" heels, the back of it will still be open and comfortable!

6. Cone Heels

With cone heels, your style is always on point!

The cone heel is triangular in its shape – the heel is wide at the sole, and then it becomes narrower, but not too much! Thanks to the heel's shape, these shoes are usually perfect for fall and winter outfits, especially the former when you're pulling scarves and skinny jeans with cute coats. These will keep you warm!

Moreover, cone heels belong to the "most comfortable high heels" group since their shape supports your legs and are way more stable than regular stilettos. We don't see you having problems with any wide heel at the sole, so don't be afraid to pull them. Cone looks classic, so it's never going out of style!

5. Stiletto

Look how diverse these shoes are – you just have to find your color and pattern!

If this title is odd for you, the stiletto is a regular high heel, just like any other. However, these are way taller and always very thin. Hence, you'll need a lot of experience to pull them like a pro – otherwise, you'll look like an amateur trying too hard. No one wants to look like that, so walk in stilettos at home until you master the skill!

Luckily, stilettos are usually cheap, and most ladies have at least one pair at home. It's every girl's dream to walk perfectly in these, so don't feel desperate if it's still a challenge for you. However, they really are the best choice if you want to appear highly formal on some occasions!

4. Wedge Heels

Vibrant colors like these are fantastic for summer!

These heels aren't even the regular "thin" types you mostly see everywhere – wedges always have this wide heel that gives you stability! Hence, it's way easier to walk in them, and they're an excellent choice for beginners. Start with wedges, and go bigger once you feel like it. Wedges are already impressive, though!

Luckily, wedges aren't only highly comfortable high heels – they're also trendy and go well with jeans and various types of dresses. They can get formal when they have a specific color, such as black or white, but they also come in prints and patterns that you couldn't even imagine. Get creative with your wedges, and you'll love the result!

3. Ankle-Strap Heels

The heel comes in many shapes, but the point is actually in your ankles!

Sometimes, looking fancy doesn't take too much effort – your chic high heels shoes often don't have to be decorated and have a particular shape to look cool. Ankle-strap heels are a perfect example since you won't need to combine them with any particular outfit. They'll look effortlessly chic because of how you pulled them!

These heels are the usual choice for summer since they're mostly made for sandals. Furthermore, they also look great when you're wearing miniskirts or shorts. Of course, the point is to make your ankles look feminine and elegant, so that's why it isn't a winter option. Once you get comfortable with these heels, you'll hate winter and be excited for warm days!

2. Thigh High Heels

You can't get cooler than this!

Are thigh-high boots too extravagant? Should they be worn only by celebrities like Selena Gomez? We don't think so, because pulling them will make you a star on your own, so make yourself feel special! Heels aren't reserved for sandals and "regular" shoes only – boots always look way better when they have a decent high heel.

Remember that when you're wearing boots like this, you should "go big or go home." The longer boots look amazing only when they're actually long and high-heeled. Finally, you'll need the confidence to pull them professionally. Still, they'll also help you feel confident simultaneously – it's a never-ending cycle!

1. Cut-Out Heels

There are way more cut-out heel types than that!

Are you still learning how to be 100% comfortable in heels? Is it still too stressful for you to have plain high heels that don't "hold" your feet? Well, you shouldn't give up on wearing them, since there are heels that actually "hold" you, and in a fancy way! The cut-out heels are always extremely trendy, whether it's summer or winter!

In conclusion, these are the comfiest and most versatile type, all at once! They come in various shapes, but the heel is usually thin. However, that shouldn't scare you because your feet will be in control thanks to the additional "cut out" heels part in a fancy shape. Choose your favorite form and rule the world in these shoes!

After all, high heels shoes are designers' favorite to experiment with, so the trends are constantly changing, always bringing something new. You'll probably discover your favorite types in the future if heels still aren't your thing. However, we hope you've found some of your favorites on our diverse top ten list!  

Do you wear high heels often? Are heels actually going out of style? Tell us your opinion!

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