Top 10 Chocolate Brands - Worldwide Famous and Extremely Delicious

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-15 06:00:05

Chocolate is not the most healthy food, and many people are trying to maintain a diet that will keep them in good shape by avoiding this delicious pleasure. But, come on, who wouldn't want to take a break sometimes and let themselves get lost in the taste of delicious chocolate? If you feel like that right now, we'll show you the top ten list of the most popular and luscious chocolate brands you should absolutely enjoy!

10. Godiva

Belgian chocolate is famous for its peculiar, delicate taste

Some people prefer buying regular, everyday chocolate brands because it's much more affordable. However, since we're here to recommend some quality pieces, we can confirm that Godiva is worth the money you'd spend! 

Besides the particular taste that originates from Belgium, this chocolate always comes in a golden package, making Godiva the right choice for your Valentine's day gift or any special occasion. If you're looking for a nice gift and chocolate with higher cocoa content, Belgian chocolate is always the answer!

9. Patchi

Is Patchi worth the price? It looks like that!

Patchi is a prestigious brand from Beirut, Lebanon, and when we say prestigious, we mean it's actually pretty pricey. Nevertheless, if you're up to exploring some outstanding flavors, Patchi won't leave you disappointed at all! 

On Patchi's website, you'll be even allowed to create your own sweet box, filled with chocolate of your choice and wonderfully wrapped, even with the themed arrangement. Milk, dark, white, assorted chocolate... It's all up to you, and all of them are worth trying.

8. Nestlé

Nesquik is Nestlé's most beloved chocolate brand

When we say Nestlé, it reminds us of ice cream and the finest chocolate bars. The factory produces food and drinks in general, but they're best known for their products like Nesquik or cookie dough! Nesquik guarantees the smoothest taste in your mouth, whether it's their chocolate or milkshake!

Some countries maintain a love-hate relationship with Nestlé, and it's obviously not as beloved as the other Swiss factories. Nevertheless, the customers' love for Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies seems to stay forever. It's still one of the favorite cookie brands, and it doesn't seem it will change!

7. Cadbury

Get inside the factory and find out some of their secrets

Legend says that the best sweets are made in Central Europe. Still, we shouldn't underestimate the fact that England provides some of the most fabulous chocolate bars you're enjoying daily! After Mars, Cadbury plays the most crucial role in the British world of sweets.

Every successful factory has its own distinctive features, and when it comes to Cadbury, they sell their Creme Eggs like hotcakes! Moreover, Cadbury Dairy Milk is the kind of chocolate that any milk enthusiast would enjoy.

6. Lindt & Sprüngli

This informative video about the factory will wake up all your senses

Lindt & Sprüngli is one of the brands that claim first and foremost the quality, and it comes from Switzerland (you'll see some more Swiss brands on this list as well)! Lindt is already celebrating more than 170 years of work, and they are the synonym for premium chocolate today.

What makes Lindt exceptional are its delicate recipes with original cocoa as the main ingredient, with cocoa beans carefully selected and blended with the other ingredients like almond and vanilla. Taste their Küfferle and Hofbauer and meet the Austrian charm, or if you're intrigued by American heritage, go for Ghirardelli.

5. Mars

Check out this homemade recipe, which seems relatively easy

Sugar, sugar... and then some more sugar. That's what you'll taste in your mouth after the Mars chocolate bar. Nonetheless, we all need that sometimes, don't we? Mars will be a fantastic happiness booster when you need it. To be honest, it's the most robust chocolate bar you can get in your supermarket!

Chocolate meets caramel in this bar, and nougat spices it all up, so you'll feel the smoothness from the first taste. This company from England provided various limited editions throughout the years, and if you're lucky, you tried some of them. However, the original taste of Mars is already enough to take you straight to Mars!

4. Milka

Alwayshungry ranked various Milka products – do you agree with them?

Milka is one of Switzerland's most beloved chocolate brands, and it already hints at the pure quality. When it comes to Milka, it already alludes to milk with its name. Furthermore, it's obviously popular for the smooth taste and extreme sweetness. 

Milka provides so many flavors that it will be the most formidable challenge for choosing a favorite! However, their chocolate is actually reasonably priced, and you won't have to choose one. Feel free to explore – caramel, strawberry, the perfectly blended Noisette... Why not all of them?

3. Kinder

Kinder Surprise puts the biggest smile on your face, no matter how old you are

Children are obsessed with creamy milk chocolates, and that's what exactly "kinder" means in German – kids! Nevertheless, everyone enjoys Kinder, not only kids – it's the obvious favorite in many countries worldwide. It brings joy to numerous families with its products like Kinder Surprise, a smoothly delicious egg with a toy inside.

Other chocolate bars you just won't be able to get enough of are Kinder Bueno, Milch-Schnitte, Pingui, and many others. Kinder's collection is so rich you won't choose a favorite so easily! You prefer hazelnut cream? Go for Kinder Bueno. Is milk your cup of tea? You'll enjoy Milch-Schnitte!

2. Toblerone

Toblerone has its own history, and it's exciting to hear

They say no one does it like the Swiss when it comes to chocolate. According to our list, it seems very real because most of the best brands are from Switzerland, and Toblerone is the best! It was first introduced more than 100 years ago, and it holds a special place in people's hearts worldwide even today.

Unlike any other brand, what highlights Toblerone is its unique history and a perfect blend of nougat, milk chocolate, almond, and honey. Moreover, it has a distinctive color, a logo that the company never changed, and, of course, a unique shape, which is usually related to the Swiss Alps and the Matterhorn.

1. Ferrero Rocher

Would you try making Ferrero Rocher at home?

It's hard to rank chocolate brands because they all take your breath away in their own way. Still, Ferrero Rocher is quite extraordinary, trust us! You might think it's nothing special and not worth the price (it's not the cheapest option, though). Still, the delicately chopped hazelnuts covered with another chocolate layer sound just like heaven.

We don't know if its magic lies in the perfect combination of the hazelnut taste and the fabulous package making it an ideal gift. Still, Ferrero Rocher really is something else. Surprise your loved one with these beautifully wrapped balls, and when you uncover them, that's where paradise is waiting for both of you!

In conclusion, chocolate is just adorable in general and you can combine it with a pancakes or something else. You can't regret eating it because it's the most real guilty pleasure you'll never feel guilty for. You know what they say – dessert doesn't go to the stomach. Dessert goes to the heart!

Have you tried all of these top ten brands already? Or you just added them to your wishlist, and you're already on your way to the closest shop? We hope you'll enjoy them!

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