Top 10 Things to Do in Milan, the Capital of Art and Fashion

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Nothing is better than Milan for your next city break if you're a fan of the high life. Italy is a world of hedonism as a whole country. Still, Milan is known as "the least Italian" city since it's even more modern and luxurious than the rest of the land. Unlike Rome, Milan isn't a big city, but it offers many opportunities, and we'll sum it all up in our top ten list! Therefore, these are the things to do in Milan, Italy.

10. If It's Summer, Go Swimming

These two go hand in hand!

Sports and activities in Milan are crucial, as this city is the home of two Champions League-caliber teams. Yet, it might look like you don't have opportunities to swim there since there is no seaside. However, the Lido, Milan's famous swimming pool, is open from June to September.

If you'd prefer an activity that doesn't involve water, you'll love the other options. Jogging in Monte Stella park in the northwestern part of the city, or renting a bike and riding around the parks or in the countryside, is ideal thanks to Lombardy's beautiful nature. Lombardy provides all the opportunities to take a breath of fresh air!

9. Visit All the Fashion Brands 

All these brands come originally from Milan

When you remember Milan, the first thing that you'd think of is fashion and high-end shopping. Milan fashion is unmatched, and you should taste the real shopping on its streets. The first recommendation is Via Monte Napoleone, one of the most appreciated high-end streets for iconic brands.

Milan designers such as Giorgio Armani and Mario Prada make this city the ultimate capital of luxury and prestige. Most of the brands from Italy are headquartered in Milan, including Gucci, Versace, Valentino, Prada, and Armani. Therefore, the top things to do in Milan involve finding any Italian fashion designer piece you have always dreamt of.

8. …And Some Less Popular Fashion Districts

Let people on the streets inspire you

After seeing all the streets everyone knows, you may want to meet some less popular fashion brands authentic to Milan. Seeing Via Monte Napoleone is exciting, and shopping there is probably everyone's dream. Still, there are alternatives. Do your research and see more than this high-end district!

For example, Cavalli E Nastri sells especially vintage pieces you've never seen before. You can also find many stores in the neighborhood that don't necessarily focus on clothing, making shopping in Milan more versatile. Interior design and home decor are also good things to look for in Milan!

7. Feel the Luxury of the Nightclubs

You can party hard in Milan!

Things to do in Milan at night are the nightclubs, as they are glam and prestigious. A good example is Hollywood Rythmoteque, a hot spot in Milan where you might also meet a celebrity dancing to their favorite tune with you. This nightclub wastes no chances, as it is open every evening every week. And it's not even the only location where you can dance with superstars like you are one of them!

Most famous Milan nightclubs are high-end in their beverages, too – from cocktails to wine, you'll try some of the best drinks. A good example is Backdoor 43, a chill place in the center where you'll try cocktails with only four guests inside. Good cocktails are everywhere in Milan, but Monkey Cocktail Bar is also one of the recommendations.

6. Try Aperitivo and Visit High-End Restaurants

Dining in Milan is also a prestigious experience at a lot of places

Italy is among the countries with the most Michelin Stars globally, behind France and Japan. Furthermore, Lombardy is a part of Italy with an impressive 56 Michelin-starred restaurants, making this part of the country the most luxurious for lovely dining places. We don't even have to mention the quality of the dishes!

Some of the best restaurants in Milan are in the heart of the city, but you'll also discover hidden gems in the north. Even the restaurants without stars are exceptional, with many offering something you'll want to try – the aperitivo. It's a pre-meal beverage that belongs to the tradition of this country, so make sure to try it while staying in Milan!

5. Visit the Duomo

There is something magnificent about this building

After a delicious meal and shopping the way you always wanted, you'll crave gorgeous architecture and panoramic views. The Duomo will give you both since it's the city's landmark and a place to visit as soon as you arrive in Milan! Milan's cathedral is also one of the biggest Christian churches in the world.

Its gothic style is evident, and this church is one of the first examples coming to your mind when you think of sharp shapes in architecture. It took six centuries to finish this cathedral. Still, it is now the main tourist attraction, and the best way to see the whole city's panorama is precisely from the Duomo's rooftop.

4. …And La Scala

Not many buildings in Italy have as much respect and prestige as La Scala

Milan is home to probably the most prestigious opera house ever made – La Scala opera house. This building is a significant symbol of sophistication and culture in Milan. La Scala Italy hosted the premiere of some of the best operas, such as "Nabucco" by Giuseppe Verdi and "Turandot" by Giacomo Puccini!

Most of the greatest artists worldwide dreamed of coming to La Scala, and many had the opportunity to perform. Milan was a center of music for a long time in the past – Giuseppe Verdi spent his life there, and it's already an honor. You can book your tickets online and enjoy the fantasy that many people want to experience!

3. …And Museums

18 museums aren't even half of the offer, though!

You've already noticed on our list that the cultural experience in Milan is on point. The city has 60 museums and more, and you'll meet the culture of Italy and the whole world there! The best museum to visit is Pinacoteca di Brera, the central public gallery for paintings in Milan, especially for those from the 13th to 20th century.

Moreover, an art piece is a must-see for everyone coming to Milan. It's the mural of Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" at the Santa Maria Delle Grazie church. Not a museum, but definitely a work of art! A place with museum potential you must see is The Castello Sforzesco. This is a complex with gorgeous castles and museums.

2. Don't Forget the Surroundings

Everyone wants to see this place at least once in life!

Lombardy is a region full of lakes where you can try canoeing, sailing, and waterskiing, thanks to nature's potential. Lake Como is a must-see if you want to escape the town or see something pure after enjoying luxury! It ranks among the deepest lakes in Europe, and its blue color in an original shape, surrounded by the green landscape and the mountains, is something to admire.

If you want to go even further and see the second-largest lake in Italy, visit Lake Maggiore. You will find it between Lombardy and Piedmont, and you'll see how close it is to Switzerland! It also offers incredible hiking options and is perfect for adventurous souls. Being this close to the Swiss Alps is a pure pleasure for nature enthusiasts.

1. …Especially the Northwestern Coast

Cinque Terre and its surroundings are a real-life paradise

The Italian Riviera is romantic, and its sunsets are unmatched. Northwestern Italy and its coastline might be the prettiest part of the country and a place to visit if you've seen everything you wanted to see in Milan! The place that stays on many people's wishlists is Cinque Terre – a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

The thing that makes Cinque Terre so authentic is the seaside with cliffs that take your breath away. The cliffs that overlook the Ligurian Sea are a dream come true. However, the same goes for the whole neighborhood since Liguria has many beautiful, small villages around the coastline. Discover Heaven on Earth because it's in Italy already!

Luckily, you won't need a whole week for a proper Milan tour. However, its luxury and sophistication are undeniable, and they will take over you as soon as you arrive. We hope you'll experience a lovely stay in the world of prestige since everyone deserves to live like a lord and escape the ordinary for a few days!

What's your favorite city in Italy? Is Milan the place of your dreams? Let us know in the comments section!

Cover photo: Ouael Ben Salah/Unsplash



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