Top 10 Essential Home Party Drinks

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-06-01 12:21:45

Home parties are exciting – except when at your place! In those cases, you'll have to get your residence ready, and depending on the occasion, you may decorate it as well. Moreover, what's a home party without great food, and especially drinks? Food doesn't even have to stress you out, but drinks are pretty much essential. If you're searching for a quick guide to perfect drinking choices for home parties, we'll simplify it for you with this top ten list of party drinks! Yet, be sure to skip those that will put you down in a minute.

10. Tequila

Here's the tequila guide you need before a party

This one isn't in the last place because its taste is terrible – it's actually perfect. However, we should make sure that our recommendations are as affordable as possible, and this one isn't the cheapest option. Tequila Blanco is a preferred drink to have at a party since it flawlessly goes with cocktails!

Actually, if your whole group of friends likes tequila, a good option is to buy a bottle or two together. You split the drink; you split the bill as well! This is not an option only if you're celebrating your own birthday – otherwise, why wouldn't your friends take part?

9. Bottled Cocktails

Homemade cocktails are a real thing and not too complicated to prepare!

Your friends will know that they aren't at a regular bar, so they probably don't expect you to bring professionally decorated, big glasses of sparkly cocktails. However, bottled cocktails are not too expensive and can be found in any supermarket!

Moreover, bottled cocktails are cheaper than the ones you buy in bars because these last longer and are available for way more people. That's why bigger bottles are more suitable for parties. Only some cocktails are available like this, but you can research a bit if your favorites are bottled!

8. Gin

Gin and tonic is something you can make at any party for any occasion

If your party friends are your colleagues, and want to keep it classy without overspending, gin is the correct answer! Gin won't get anyone awfully drunk, but it will keep the atmosphere relaxed. Even for those that don't drink often, gin isn't a big deal.

Moreover, only a few people know that drinks mixed with gin have to be the most refreshing beverages out there. Gin and tonic cocktail is something you can prepare at home, and once you try it, you'll be obsessed! Gin is also a famous drink, and you can't make a mistake with something that almost everyone tried at least once in their life!

7. Mineral Water

There are reasons to drink this water!

You could get so caught up in buying alcohol that you forget that some people can't handle it! Alcoholic drinks are a massive trend at young people's and teens' parties. However, some of them won't take it even for one night! It's fair enough to have a drink for every person's taste, so don't forget to get a drink everyone loves!

Moreover, after drinking a lot of alcohol, you should take a break with water. Mineral water is healthy, and you can combine it with alcohol if wine or vodka alone is too much for you. Those who dislike alcohol and juice will definitely go for sparkling water; just wait and see!

6. Red Wine

Red wine is the healthiest alcohol ever!

Among all other newer beverages, red wine presumably remains the most beloved one. Of course, it's alcohol, so you should never cross the line, but it even has some health benefits for your body. This beverage is perfect for someone who would like to drink the whole night casually, slowly, and without getting really drunk!

For those that don't like red wine, rosé is a must since it's pretty much similar, but with an attractive pink hue and reduced fermenting with grape skins. If your friends don't like red wine, maybe they just tried a type that isn't for them: learn more about numerous red wine versions!

5. White Wine

You'll love this wine when you learn the most common types

Even though more people drink red wine or rosé, no party exists without some white wine! Actually, at least one friend of yours can probably drink a whole bottle of white wine on their own… In conclusion, make sure that there are at least two at your place!

White wine might be even more usual at parties than red one since it's often associated with young people and night occasions. There are dry and sweet versions, so make sure you know the basic white wine types before buying them!

4. Beer

There is expensive beer as well, but the cheap ones will do the job for a party

There is no party without beer, and there are many good reasons for that! Beer is, of course, the cheapest option when it comes to alcohol, so even if you're on a budget, it's affordable anyway. There are many beer types, and all of them are enjoyable!

Some countries, like Germany, consume beer daily, so naturally, no party goes without it. Moreover, this drink is still one of the most refreshing alcoholic beverages, and people rarely dislike it. As it's one of the "easiest" party drinks to consume thanks to its alcohol percentage, beer lovers are everywhere – in your group of friends, too!

3. Vodka

Vodka has various types, and the price range is more extensive than you may think

Comparing it to beer, vodka is much stronger, and it gets you drunk easier. However, 40% alcohol is fair enough, and for moderate drinkers, it's a favorite beverage at home! Its price and flavor make it a whole package for anyone. If you'd like to combine good taste with an even better price, vodka will be all over the place when your friends arrive, and they'll love it!

Some fun facts say that vodka is usually one of the first alcoholic drinks you try when experimenting at someone's party. Actually, that's a good decision because vodka is pure as it has only water and ethanol, so you shouldn't worry about its quality. This drink is especially beloved in Russia, but the first vodka was made in Poland. Now, you can enjoy it anywhere!

2. Liqueurs

Your home collection should have some of these!

Parties are about excitement, so various combinations of drinks are preferred! Your guests will probably mix the drinks on their own, so don't worry about that. However, you should give them the main ingredient of every cocktail – liqueurs are the best for that!

Actually, what makes liqueurs a priority is their versatility. They come in various types and flavors, so if you're a fan of chocolate, there is one for that as well! You can even buy liqueurs with fruits and herbs if you prefer a bitter taste. There are no rules, and that feels right!

1. Don't Forget the Juice!

For juice lovers, there are fun and very healthy recipes!

After buying all the alcohol your friends want, you may forget that they'll want to drink something softer afterward! No one will drink alcohol the whole night because your stomach definitely won't take it, and that's quite normal. The juice is so good that it can replace any other drink, and it just goes well with everything.

Another benefit of having enough juice at your party is mixing it with other standard drinks, such as vodka or tequila. Vodka and orange juice go so well that your friends will obsess over it! Actually, they will drink that one the whole night… So get enough juice!

After all, it all depends on your wish to experiment and what drinks your friends like the most. When it's a party, you're generally more focused on your guests' wishes than your own. However, if your goal is to keep it as simple as possible and spare your time, these top ten tips will work! 

What's your favorite drink when you have to get it for home occasions? Do you make it easy, or do you even try to prepare cocktails? Let us know in the comments!

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