Explore our Top 10 The Notorious Women Serial Killers Of The XX Century list, and discover why they are all so infamous.

By Alex O'Brien

Check out our sad Top 10 Celebrities That We Lost in 2020 But Not To Corona Virus list, and find out about the stars we had to say our goodbyes to in 2020.

By Alex O'Brien

Top 10 Of The Most Notorious Killer Couples

Created at:  Mar 10, 2021

Check out our top 10 of the most notorious killer couples list, and find out about the horrific crimes committed by couples matched in hell!

By Alex O'Brien

Check out some of the greatest scams that have been pulled off! It's easy to be a successful con-man as long as people are seeking easy money.

By Alex O'Brien

We all know about the United Kingdom's royals, the most famous royal family in Europe. However, check out our top 10 list of less-known European monarchs!

By Alex O'Brien

Here's our list of top ten celebrity scandals involving stars such as Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, Britney Spears or Harvey Weinstein.

By Julia Adams

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