Top 10 Inspiring Korean Pizza Types That Might Surprise You

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Korean pizza toppings are so odd sometimes that you'd be shocked by some combinations. However, Eastern cultures are professionals when it comes to food, and their cuisine is known as specific yet very tasty. If you get the opportunity to try Korean pizza sometime or decide to make it at home, don't hesitate to let our top ten list help you decide which topping is ideal for you to experiment with!

10. Seafood Topping Pizza

You'll learn more about both of these on our list

Koreans eat lots of seafood, and it's easy to guess since they live surrounded by the sea. From fish stew to shellfish, you'll taste lots of seafood. Since their pizza toppings have zero boundaries, they also put seafood on the crust, and the opportunities are endless, but this one usually has shellfish!

In fact, Koreans name this dish "Pajeon," and it's not even originally a pizza type, but that's the way they introduce this meal to foreigners. This pizza is very light in color since it also has eggs, and sometimes they add kimchi (which will be mentioned later as well). Combining beef or pork with seafood is also usual in Korea!

9. Chimaek Pizza

Once you master this skill, you'll always return to this type of chicken!

Yes, Koreans put seafood on their pizza, but they obviously have nothing against meat, too. Whole meat on the crust? Why not! Chimaek is the perfect example of crispy, crunchy chicken that Koreans regularly eat, and they're well-known for loving their meat as crunchy as possible. You can also add sesame seeds over them to make them taste better!

What you need to prepare this meat for pizza topping is chicken wings dipped in mustard and soy sauce, and you can add anything that fits because Koreans aren't too picky with the topping. Some garlic would definitely do well, and we recommend vinegar and chili pepper if you're a fan of spicy dishes!

8. Egg Tart Pizza

This is the best egg food you'll ever try!

Street food is one of the most crucial parts of Korean culture – it's impossible to avoid all those tasty treats when you arrive in the country. It's everywhere, and it smells so good that it would be disrespectful to decline it. Egg tart is one of the finest examples everyone loves, and the same recipe is now applied to pizza!

The one who started it first with the iconic egg tart pizza is precisely the Korean food chain named Mr. Pizza, which you should look up if you want further creative ideas. They know no boundaries, and you can already notice that by their egg tart pizza that also has mocha buns on it. It's never too much for them!

7. Tangsuyuk Pizza

The video will surely make you hungry

Combining sweet and sour at once is indeed a Korean and Chinese way, and that's how they usually eat meat as well. A popular dish that includes both sweet and sour is Tangsuyuk, primarily based on pork. Still, if you don't consume pork, beef is an adequate replacement. It's a dish that will take less than an hour to prepare, and it's perfect for pizza topping!

Moreover, this is a crunchy dish perfect for a house party or any casual hangout with friends at home. With or without pizza, it's terrific, and people will enjoy it no matter what their taste is because it combines everything! Add mushrooms, black pepper, and vinegar to make the taste even better!

6. Buldak Pizza

This taste isn't for everyone!

If you knew what "buldak" means, you probably wouldn't want to try this one, but you indeed should! The iconic "fire chicken" pizza is as fiery as its name says, and it might be too spicy for someone. However, if you like spicy meat, you have found one. The red color of this pizza says it all! 

Moreover, this one is ideal for those who prefer chicken on their pizza since most recipes contain beef instead. What goes best with chicken? Some garlic for sure, some white pepper, but also black sesame seeds if you like them. Buldak is packed with the slightest additions because chicken is already the colossal ingredient you need!

5. Korean Pizza Cheese Roll

This is undoubtedly the most delicious Korean food we've ever seen!

A classic Korean-style pizza is usually made from a recipe that doesn't have to do anything with pizza at first – this is an excellent example. Cheese rolls are very beloved among Korean street food enthusiasts, so you can get a pizza type with these ingredients now! There is never too much cheese, anyway.

Cheese bombs on the pizza literally look like bombs, so they're also quite attractive and Instagrammable! They make a nice shape, and you can decorate them however you wish. There's also a dish named Cheesy Korean Corn, which looks like pizza, and it's very similar to the idea we had with the rolls!

4. Kimchi Pizza

Would you try eating pizza like this?

This is another spicy type, yet way more authentic to Korean culture. Kimchi pizza is one of the most popular types, and you can't skip that one if you ever head to Korea. It's a light pizza without too many complications. Yet, its spicy taste will make you feel like it's packed with many ingredients. The spicy kimchi is the crucial thing here!

If you're a fan of seafood, kimchi usually contains shellfish, so it's a great combo for you. However, if you'd prefer a vegetarian pizza, skip this one – don't let the cilantro leaves and lack of meat fool you! What this pizza doesn't lack is mozzarella, of course, and the organic pizza sauce that will make the crust taste better!

3. Garlic Bulgogi Pizza

It's a brilliant idea to try this!

The Koreans prepare this one sparingly, but this is definitely a Korean pizza style that will impress you. Kimchi is a classic, yet a plain one – if you're a fan of pizza types with meat and especially beef, this will be your top choice. Is BBQ too much to put on a pizza crust? No one would say yes – it's always the right time for bulgogi!

Moreover, if you liked our kimchi recommendation, you can add it to this pizza as well. Don't forget some garlic and red and green onions! Even though this one is great for any meal, we recommend serving it for dinner – it's a unique way to surprise your family and friends by preparing meat in an odd way!

2. Korean BBQ Pizza

Beef and mozzarella – a dream come true combo

This one is similar to garlic bulgogi pizza, but this time, the focus is on BBQ marinade and spice. The Koreans like their beef on the pizza, and we won't complain! The best way to enjoy BBQ marinade is pizza, even though you didn't think so. What goes best with beef is shredded mozzarella, so make sure to add the right cheese!

Just like you've already learned, eastern cuisine isn't a stranger to spicy stuff, so expect most of the recipes to contain something like red pepper. Most recipes recommend a classic chili vinaigrette, but you can also avoid it if you don't like the spicy taste. Some arugula mixed with vinaigrette would also help, so you can add some balance!

1. Sweet Potato Korean Pizza

Taehyung's favorite food has to taste incredible, right?

If there's any world-famous Korean pizza that everyone would try, it's the iconic sweet potato pizza. It's authentic to Korean culture, and K-pop idols gush about it often enough that you've probably heard about it already! All you need to prepare this is three ingredients – sweet potato, mushrooms, and garlic!

You're probably wondering how to use sweet potato as a pizza topping, and the best way is to blend it with garlic and soya milk to make a nice sauce. Once you make the ideal sauce, sprinkle it with sliced mushrooms and add something like pepper. Feel free to experiment with additional toppings – the sauce is the key!

In fact, Korean pizza isn't surprising at all – it's just bold and helps you see that you needn't follow the rules all the time. A Korean pizza recipe is something you probably would invent on your own because it contains ingredients you can find anywhere. Still, recipes will inspire you and let you see you can do anything!

Would you try Korean pizza? Is trying exotic foods exciting to you? Let us know in the comments section!

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