Top 10 Reasons Why the Maldives Might Not Be For You

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

Last updated:  2023-05-09 18:00:08

First of all, we must say: we absolutely love the Maldives! The beautiful crystal clear waters and white powdery sand beaches are a paradise on Earth. However, sometimes people travel to the Maldives and return disappointed. This is because they are unfamiliar with the destination, so their expectations are unrealistic. So we'll cover the top ten misconclusions that may ruin your perfect holiday and stress why this might not be a suitable destination for you. 

10. If You Don't Like Peace And Tranquility 

The main goal of visiting the Maldives is to relax!

If you are looking for buzzing city life with many cafes, shops, restaurants, and crowded streets like at the French Riviera, then there are better choices than the Maldives. Hence, you'll be accommodated on the small island, with only a resort on its shores. And the only reason for this is the islands are so small. 

Therefore, only expect the resort facilities. This is a destination for relaxing and absorbing the sun while enjoying the sea. Hence, peace and tranquility are the things you can expect here.

9. If Your Traveling Companion Is Not Enough To Keep You Company 

The Maldives are primarily a couples destination

The Maldives is mainly a destination for couples, and often honeymooners visit it. Therefore, expect to mingle with the other guests less. Usually, the couples who stay here choose the destination because of the privacy. So they usually spend their vacation focused on each other.   

It might be a custom for you to meet new people during your holidays and become friends forever. Hence, we're not telling you that it's impossible to make new pals there, just that it won't happen. So, if you can't spend a holiday with your loved one, bring along some company.

8. If You Don't Like To Be At The End Of The World

Runaway to a desert island can be just what you need!

Sometimes the Maldives can feel like a desert island, cut from the rest of the world. However, it's their uniqueness and charm. You'll be satisfied if you prefer to be away from civilization (besides the resort you are staying in). 

However, if you set your mind to relaxing and enjoying the sea and sandy beach, you won't miss all the huss and fuss of city life. Therefore, allow yourself to embrace this peaceful place.

7. If You Are Looking For Excellent Entertainment 

The Maldives are mainly about romance!

If you are looking for an exciting clubbing scene, you'll be disappointed! While all the hotels offer night entertainment, check out what it includes. This way, your expectations will be more realistic. 

The evening is usually reserved for light music, candlelight dinner, or gazing at the stars. Only some hotels have good clubs with DJs, so if this is necessary, the easiest way is to book some of these resorts.  

6. If You Are An Adventurer

For adrenaline junkies, we can only recommend a few days in the Maldives

If you are naturally adventurous, seeking adrenaline-pumping fun each day, you might skip the Maldives. Yet, we are not saying that you won't have fun in this paradise. Still, the variety of adrenaline fun is mainly related to water sports and scuba diving.

Therefore, if you wish to go zip lining, mountain climbing, hiking, bungee jumping, or similar, you won't find that here. As a result, you'll tell everyone around you that all about the Maldives is bland and nothing special. Therefore, prepare yourself for what to expect, and you won't be dissatisfied. After all, you can do some awesome stuff only here, like snorkeling and exploring wonderful marine life.  

5. If You Are Afraid Of Speed Boats And Seaplanes

You'll have to overcome your fears to reach the dream destination

The Maldives is an archipelagic state consisting of 26 atolls with a total of 1,192 coral islands. Hence, it's the world's most geographically dispersed country. The main island, Male, and the international airport are usually far from the resorts, spread on coral islands.

Therefore, the way to reach your resort is usually by speedboat or seaplane. Consequently, if you are terrified of this way of transportation, you might stay on the main island. However, then you won't experience the true Maldives, so you'll be dissatisfied. Thus, be ready to go the extra mile to have a dreamlike vacation. 

4. If You Are Looking For Good Wifi 

The Maldives are for relaxing, not working

Because of its great dispersity, many Maldives islands need a better wifi connection. So if you want to work online from the resort, we wouldn't recommend it! Accordingly, it's better to plan a shorter holiday just for relaxing than book a month in some resort with a plan to work from the beach and be frustrated. 

Also, some resorts don't even have TVs in the rooms, as the primary goal is for guests to relax and enjoy every minute of their stay. Hence, study your room amenities thoroughly if you can't spend a holiday without a television. This way, you won't be dissatisfied.

3. If You Seek Good Shopping Malls

Shopaholics might find something suitable at the airport's duty-free

We hate to disappoint you, but if you are a shopaholic, the Maldives won't satisfy your needs, as there are no large malls, unlike in nearby Sri Lanka. Hence, even some shops on the main island usually sell local handicrafts and souvenirs. Moreover, if there were some excellent malls on the main island, it would be challenging to hop there from your resort for shopping. 

Therefore, you'll be disappointed if you decide to buy designer clothes during your vacation in the Maldives. Instead, focus on the sun and sand, relax and enjoy! Hence, you can always leave your bargain hunting for duty-free shops at the airport.  

2. If You Seek Sightseeing

For sightseeing, visit some European or Asian metropolises

If your perfect vacation includes a lot of sightseeing, you won't like the Maldives! Although you might explore the capital, Male, it can be tricky if you are far from the main island and, quite frankly, not worth it.

So don't plan to spend your holiday sightseeing in the Maldives. Instead, prepare for a relaxed, easy-going vacay, and you'll enjoy it! However, if you need to explore, and the extraordinary marine life is not enough for you, we can suggest making a stop at some European city or Dubai.

1. If You Don't Like To Lay On The Beach

Spend a day or two at the beach, swim, absorb the sun - you might like it

Yet, the Maldives is not just lying on the beach! It's much more, including serenity! However, the main goal of visiting the Maldives is to lie on the powdery white sandy beach and swim in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. As you absorb the sun, you'll enjoy the peacefulness.

However, you can fulfill your day by snorkeling, playing tennis or fishing, or spending some time at the gym. Just choose your resort carefully, as many hotels only have a few sports activities on the shore. Therefore, if you choose it right, you will be satisfied and will not spend each day at the beach.

In the end, we have one more piece of advice - wait to book 14 or more days if you have any doubts. Instead, you better go for seven to ten days twice a year, so you won't be bored. So, be realistic in your expectation, and you'll have the time of your life in this paradise. 

Have you ever been to the Maldives? How did you like it? Please write to us in the comment section, as we would like to hear your thoughts.

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