These 10 rom-coms are available on Netflix anytime, and they will surely entertain you and awaken your emotions! Did you catch any of them?

By Scarlett Goldstein

Some of our dearest characters are the ones who are bad to the core. Dive deep in our top 10 movie villains list, and check if your beloved villain is in it!

By Julia Adams

Join us in a journey through great music biopics, as you'll get a chance to learn about the Top 10 Terrific Music Biopics You Need To Watch Right Away.

By Hannah White

Interested to learn which Oscar-winning movies are worth your time? Read our list to discover those that will move you and captivate your attention!

By Julia Adams

The first messengers of Christmas time are, of course, Hallmark movies. But let's question them in our Top 10 The Most Delusional Hallmark Christmas Movies.

By Hannah White

These video game based movies were better than anyone expected, so join us as we make a countdown to determine which one is the best.

By Michael Wendom

Look into our top 10 movie villainesses that (almost) make us want to be bad. Let us know what your favorite female villains are!

By Julia Adams

There are plenty of incredible Stephen King's novels translated into movies and TV shows. Check our Top 10 Magnificent Stephen King Screen Adaptations list.

By Hannah White

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