Top 10 Types of Outerwear To Have in Your Wardrobe

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2024-02-19 14:32:32

If you live in an area with all four seasons every year, you won't need a jacket only when the days are sweltering. Every other day, you'll want something to cover up, at least for the night and mornings when you have to leave the house early. Of course, not every jacket fits every outfit, weather, and occasion, so use our top ten list as your guide on which one to wear today!

10. Puffer Coat

It can even look remarkably chic!

While this one might be a bit more pricey than the ones we'll mention later, it's something you obviously need. A proper puffer coat, which is really thick, is the only jacket/coat that will protect you from the cold. It's actually expensive because it needs more material and effort to be made, but it's really worth the price!

Of course, these coats come in various colors and lengths, but we recommend a longer one to keep yourself warm on the coldest days. They're not the fanciest option, but you can always find some ways to combine them with winter accessories, especially hats and gloves.

9. Fur Jacket

It's so easy to get obsessed with them!

We'll stick to the jackets you need for the coldest days, but we have something actually very fancy to recommend this time. You might also say – a bit too expensive – but they don't have to be! Fur jackets are all around the place now, and their prices are pretty reasonable, even though real fur still holds the price.

However, we're sure that faux fur will do the work for you since it looks attractive anyway and won't ruin your look. It will look rich instead, and all the eyes in the room will be on you. It's a type of jacket to keep you warm but also luxurious and the center of attention. You need an attitude for this!

8. Duffel Coat

You don't have to try hard when you have a coat like this!

Both men and women pull off this one like professionals since it's effortless to look authentic with it – it's the duffel coat! This one is basically the most unique type of outerwear since you'll recognize it in any crowd. It's probably about the way its buttons are shaped, so you'll never mix it with any other type!

This coat is fabulous for icy cold conditions, and it will make you fashionable since it's so recognizable. It's as chic as a poncho, but kind of more manageable, since it's a coat, after all! If you want to avoid spending too much money on various coats in your closet, get only this one, as it will be enough!

7. Vest

One vest changed it all!

Let's face it – the sleeves just bother us sometimes, and we'd rather skip them but still have some outerwear on. That's where vests come as the best idea since they give you everything you need! They come in whenever you want to make your outfit more stylish, but you don't need anything too long to cover yourself.

Since vests are very versatile, you'll even find the thick ones good for rainy days, but they also make them lightweight and soft. Try to have at least two types in your wardrobe, since you'll need them more often than you think. You have no idea how amazing they look with a turtleneck underneath when you hit the town!

6. Cardigan

She didn't talk much here, but her amazing outfits speak for themselves

Once leaves start falling, you should find something as pleasing as a cardigan in your wardrobe and put it on. This is your number one choice for fall since it's not too thick but still very comfortable and warm! You'll look chic without trying too hard, especially if you avoid too much makeup while you're pulling off this look.

Actually, Taylor Swift brought this style back in 2020 with her lead single "cardigan," which is a part of her Grammy-winning album "folklore." Everyone called her "grandma" in this era, but the "cozy grandma" style has been taking over the fall trends for years, so it wasn't a coincidence that cardigans exploded again!

5. Blazer

Blazers are often oversized

Sometimes we don't wear jackets because we need to protect ourselves from the cold, but be stylish. Blazers were made for that, and they are the finest line between casual and formal you'll ever need. They're lightweight and suitable for any season (except winter), especially spring and fall. Plus, they make you slimmer.

However, if you want to wear a blazer during winter, you'll just need some "stronger" jacket over it. That's not a problem for business ladies used to wearing blazers underneath, anyway. Of course, it's not suitable for formal outfits only, since it will take your street style to the next level easily!

4. Poncho

These five tips will inspire you, but keep experimenting!

Are there any ways to be super stylish even when it's way too cold? Well, we hope you came across ponchos already because there isn't a warmer option that looks so chic! It's like you're wearing a giant scarf that turned into a jacket, and what's even prettier than a massive scarf, anyway?

Actually, ponchos are made similar to scarves, with identical, soft fabrics, so it's very comfortable to wear them. They're wide and long enough, so you can also wear any other soft jacket underneath, or just a long sleeve t-shirt or sweater. The choice is yours, and it won't be wrong!

3. Trench Coat

You could find some trench coats like these everywhere!

Rainy days are usually reserved for trench coats, so since all the seasons have that dull weather phenomenon, you'll definitely need one for your closet. Even when it's warm outside, rain seems to make the air significantly cooler, so you'll need a trench coat to avoid catching a cold!

Trench coats are trendy and not too thick, so they'll keep you fashionable, but the wind won't bother you. Colors are various here, too, but they usually range from grey to cream and brown, so you'll stay subtle. Hence, it's easy to combine them both with jeans and skirts, and with numerous fabrics!

2. Denim Jacket

Which one is your type the most?

When you want to keep it basic and classicdenim is one of the best options. You slip into your good, old jeans whenever you have no idea what else to wear and when you want a casual outfit. Hence, the denim jacket spices it up even better. Denim is one of the top-tier fabrics, mainly because it lets you wear it from head to toe!

Moreover, denim is easily combined with any color, fabric, and type of clothing, so you won't need to think about it twice. The denim jacket doesn't need any special treatment, and it's durable, perfect for rain and any weather condition. Nonetheless, it's also lightweight enough, so it's fantastic for spring and fall. You need this one more than any other!

1. Leather Jacket 

Learn how to style this jacket – it's pretty simple, though

The only thing that you need more than a denim jacket is the one that looks quite similar but is even prettier and more versatile. It's the holy leather jacket, the best outerwear ever created! Luckily, it comes in various colors now, and we'd recommend you to get a black one, and then some other color you like.

What's even better than any other fact is that this jacket is durable and can resist any conditions. Still, it's more sophisticated, and you can combine it easier with fancy pants and skirts. It gives you a dose of elegance while it protects you the way it should. We see nothing better, so you're skipping something special if you don't own one!

While you don't need all these jackets, if you owned them, you'd have the opportunity to combine them with various outfits and be experimental. Of course, different jackets make it way more manageable to enjoy the weather and feel comfortable. We hope you'll find all the jackets you need!

What's your favorite jacket on this top ten list? Is good outwear crucial for a stunning outfit? We'd like to hear your opinion!

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