Top 10 Weirdest Hotels That Are Beyond Imagination

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

Last updated:  2023-05-08 18:00:04

We already have the list of the most unusual and high-altitude hotels, but these are a category for themselves. Here, we're not talking about cruise ships or lighthouses turned into a hotel, but something much wilder! For example, did you know you can sleep in an anus-shaped hotel or a shoe? If you're intrigued, let's get started with the top ten list of the weirdest hotels in the world. Of course, we suggest checking the bedding situation before you book, as they can be very limited.

10. Old Factory

Old factory in South Africa now has new purpose

Let's start with old factories that have a new purpose. Instead of being an old, ugly reminder of some past times, they have a new mission while combining bygone charm and a unique look. That's why we're going to South Africa's Thesen Islands and the fascinating Turbine Hotel & Spa.

A former power station from the 1940s was transformed into a unique five-star boutique hotel. Old pipes and turbines are still standing, integrated into hotels and high-end artwork. Along with excellent accommodation, delicious food, and an exceptional Turbine spa, you can enjoy hiking, cruising, fishing, or just sitting back and relaxing. It's all up to you!

9. Church Hotel 

Martin's Patershof is a great place to stay in Mechelen

Now we are going from the south straight up north to charming Mechelen, Belgium. Here we have a stunning 19th-century church converted to a beautiful Martin's Patershof 4* boutique hotel. 

Old arched ceilings, imposing pillars, and brilliant stained-glass windows have a new meaning perfectly combined with modern décor. Here you can sleep in a monk's chamber without living like a monk!

8. Wine Barrel Hotel

Hotel De Vrouwe is the perfect place for wine lovers!

You have probably heard the Latin phrase "In vino veritas," so how about spending a night in a wine barrel? And we mean literally! For this, we will go from Belgium to the next-door Netherlands, Stavoren, and Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren

This place offers 12 original wine barrels converted into accommodation and some standard rooms. One barrel of the 23,000 liters has been made into a "wellness wine barrel." Cheers!

7. Capsule Hotels

Cabana capsule hotel is not for you if you're claustrophobic

If you are claustrophobic, we wouldn't recommend a hotel, which is not unusual in Japan. Although they can offer you all you need for a good night's sleep and serve their purpose, you're still trapped in a box for the whole night! If you are into science fiction, it may remind you of sleeping in a tight spaceship room like in Star Trek.

Still, we're not judgemental as we take you to the New Japan Capsule Hotel Cabana in Osaka. Japanese people are well known for their more than rational use of space, so these capsule hotels offer everything needed, including a bed, TV, and Wi-Fi. Outside your "room," you have a swimming pool, fitness, and wellness center.

6. Oil Rig

You'll have peace and quiet at Seaventures Dive Rig

To us, this actually sounds OK. This lovely old rig in Seaventures Dive Rig in Borneo, Malaysia, is one of the best scuba diving locations. Furthermore, it looks quite nice for an old rig doomed for eternity at the shipyard.

The rooms are modest but pleasant, and you'll have everything you need in the middle of the sea. Later, you can watch stunning sunsets and beautiful horizons from the 360° deck.

5. Airplane Hotel

727 Fuselage Home suit will make you feel like Katy Perry in "Roar" video - or better

The primary function of airplanes is to fly, but the airplane industry went so far and beyond! Now you can have all the comfort you need and don't need while in the air. But if we land the plane and turn it into a hotel, that will guarantee it a place on our list!

Although there are many airplane hotels, we will take you to the one that looks like it crashed in the middle of the jungle! This is a 727 Fuselage Home suite in a vintage 1965 Boeing 727, part of the Costa Verde Hotel in Costa Rica. Settled on a pedestal of 50 feet, it provides an astonishing view of the ocean and surrounding jungle. Furthermore, waking up to the sound of birds is incredible.

4. Glass Hotel

Les Cols Pavellons has glass pavilions, but they still offer privacy

This is a five-pavilion room made of glass, but that's enough to have it on our list. Les Cols Pavellons, Spain, is a small country house surrounded by beautiful nature and is home to a two-Michelin-star restaurant.

But let's get back to the glass hotel pavilions. They are Zen-decorated rooms with glass floors and walls. All rooms have heated onsen, a private bathroom, and a comfortable futon mat.

3. Jail Hotel

The SleepIn Fængslet in Denmark really was a prison!

You're busted!!! Spending the night in jail like a serial killer is probably not the first thing on your wishlist, or is it? There are a few jail hotels, not only made to look like it but are actual prisons converted to serve a new purpose. So, choose your inmate carefully!

We'll stay in Europe, but this time in Denmark, home of The SleepIn Fængslet hostel, former Horsens State Prison. All the rooms are ex-cells, with bars on the windows. If you are expecting a private bathroom, think again! After all, you are in jail, so the shared bathroom is in the hall, like in all penitentiaries!   

2. Shoe Hotel

The Shoe Guest House is surrounded by the beautiful nature

The Shoe Guest House is in Ohrigstad, South Africa. Actually, this is a former farm converted into a guest house consisting of four stone-built chalets. It is family-owned, and they've built a chalet on their own.

The guest house is eco-friendly and uses only solar energy. There is also a 40-feet long shoe, used as a museum, and a gallery in its middle. Surrounded by the mountains and close to the Echo Caves, it is an exciting place to visit.

1. Anus Hotel

CasAnus looks intriguing, but would you stay here?

Come on, people, seriously?!? Who would wish to go inside the anus and spend the night there??? But if you still want to, then head back to Belgium, home of the CasAnus. Dutch artist Joep Van Lieshout has made a work of art that you can actually sleep in. 

The anus hotel exterior is realistic with bulging veins, while the interior is white, with a bed and a private bathroom. It all sounds almost acceptable, except it looks like a gigantic anus… But if you wish, go ahead and enjoy it!

As our top ten list shows, there are a lot of weird and unique themed hotels. People's imagination goes very far; interestingly, all these hotels attract many tourists. You can also think they are not worthy of trouble, but someone else may love it!

Have you ever stayed in a weird hotel? Please share your experience with us in the comment section.

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