Top 10 Bad Habits of Coffee Drinkers

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Some addictions are displayed in our society as usual, and one of the perfect examples is coffee consumption. Even though caffeine brings some health benefits, it causes way worse scenarios in your digestive system. Still, basically, no one considers quitting coffee. You don't have to stop drinking it, but check out these top ten bad habits to see if you have too many cups!

10. They Drink Fewer Actually Beneficial Beverages

Antioxidants in these beverages are essential for your health!

Some drinks just shouldn't be consumed every day, even though they're addictive and your body wants them. Unfortunately, coffee belongs to that list – we don't recommend excessive consumption, even though morning coffee is now part of our culture. While it won't harm you, more than one cup is already too much!

Hence, when you drink coffee a lot, you forget that you can start your day with something way healthier. You could make a fruit bomb or have some tea – in conclusion, you could bring your body some health benefits. When you start a day properly, it will usually go well, and you'll be productive, so try to replace that bad habit named coffee!

9. They Might Have Problems with Sleep

Learn more about this phenomenon

This point is one of the most well-known facts about caffeine since college students spend their nights preparing for exams and drinking coffee to stay awake. It's expected that you'll need those sleepless nights sometimes to get all the chores done, but don't make this your habit because that one will be hard to quit.

Therefore, let your body clock work as naturally as possible without taking something to delay or change it. Without a proper sleep schedule, you won't be motivated, ready to do everything you should, and live without stress and health issues. Sleep is beyond crucial!

8. They're Mostly Physically Inactive

Improve your lifestyle and stop procrastinating

Throughout a busy day, you'll need a lot of energy, and you'll have to run from one place to another. Many people believe coffee is the key to that energy. Still, the fact is that many caffeine addicts rarely do physical activities! The lack of sleep that we already mentioned won't be cured by coffee since it's just a never-ending circle of being tired and unmotivated.

Another reason people who drink too much coffee don't work out enough is that physical inactivity usually goes with other bad habits. Those who maintain several unhealthy routines typically have this one, too, which is very harmful to your well-being. Try to drink less coffee, sleep more, and work out!

7. They Keep Asking You Why You Don't Drink It 

Maybe your friend prefers some of these drinks – why do we all have to consume caffeine?

Sometimes, it feels like you committed a crime if you don't drink coffee, and people look at you suspiciously. Wherever you're at someone's place, they ask if you'd like coffee first, and then they're surprised if you don't want it, as if the coffee was something we were born with. Did it really go that far?

Moreover, they're not only surprised, but they keep asking why you don't want it. People should understand that we all have different preferences, and no one likes those questions. What should you answer – "It's just not my type? I don't like the taste?" That's completely unnecessary!

6. ...Or Think You Just Didn't Start to Drink It Yet

Nas has his reasons – what are yours?

After your "I don't drink coffee" statement, the next question is: "OK, when are you about to start?" especially if you're a teen or in your early twenties. Maybe a person doesn't want to start at all, you know? No one should feel like they don't fit in the mold.

Instead of asking your friend or family member why they don't want coffee, recommend something else. Mainly, people offer tea, but if the person doesn't like it, feel free to suggest juice or water. Everyone has different habits and likes various beverages, so it shouldn't seem wrong!

5. They Drink Coffee More Than Once a Day

Find the best time of the day

Morning coffee is a habit that basically no one can quit once they make it a daily routine. Unfortunately, it just becomes such a significant part of your day. However, it gets worse if you let coffee take over your evening, too, and even afternoon! Some people do more than a morning cup, and that's not a good idea.

Moreover, you're at a massive risk of cardiovascular disease if you have three or four cups daily. Do you know that half of our society suffers from these diseases? A similar number of people drink coffee excessively every day, too. One cup won't kill you – more than that might, though.

4. Many of Them Smoke Simultaneously

Which one is worse?

Unfortunately, bad habits go hand in hand, and you often have way more than just one. Even though you should have none, we still see many coffee addicts smoking too much. To make it even worse, they usually drink coffee and smoke simultaneously – yes, one sip and one puff of smoke right after!

Just like you shouldn't mix drugs (we hope you don't consume them at all), don't combine nicotine and caffeine as if they were healthy and harmless. It's so hard to quit bad habits when they're tied together, but try to be stronger than your desire since that satisfaction you're feeling won't last too long.

3. ...Or Even Mix Coffee with Alcohol

Don't try this at home

It's disappointing to point this out, too, but we're only telling the truth – people even drink coffee together with alcohol. Energy drinks are also a frequent choice, and we can't decide which is worse. All those beverages combined are a disaster for your digestive system, so don't be surprised if you throw up.

What's even worse than hurting your stomach and the whole digestive system is increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. And what about staying awake the whole night, since both caffeine and alcohol make you lose sleep? Stay away from coffee whenever you're going out and want a shot of vodka! 

2. They're in a Bad Mood Without Coffee

No drugs mentioned, just the way caffeine works the same as them

Once you start drinking coffee without skipping a day, you'll be in a bad mood every time you don't have a cup. Of course, you'll blame it on the lack of caffeine in your body, and you'll feel better as soon as you get your dose. Habits that own you as much as this one should be reduced to some point because nothing should ruin your mood!

Moreover, caffeine could even worsen your anxiety or harm you if you cope with depression. In conclusion, your mental health is in danger even more than the physical one. Both are worsened by this habit, though. Do what you can to replace coffee with something healthier, such as a fruit smoothie or water.

1. They're Basically Addicts

Did you recognize your habits here?

Is the excessive use of caffeine even addressed as obsession or addiction? Just like drugs, caffeine makes you drink it again and again, and that's why people come back to it every day and consume it as a natural habit. If you believe you're not addicted, think again – do you own coffee, or does the idea of drinking coffee own you?

Now, if you're asking yourself how bad it is to be addicted to anything, the truth is that we're obsessed with too many things. A similar situation is with our phones or social media, and we're still spending time with it. Thus, you shouldn't say no to coffee, but you should reduce your dose.

Just like we already mentioned in our top ten list, you don't have to feel guilty if you're drinking coffee since the whole world does. Even those extremely health-cautious also have a cup every now and then. Still, draw the line somewhere because caring about your health should be your priority!

Do you believe you drink too much coffee? Would you consider drinking less, or do you think it's not problematic? 

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