Top 10 Trendy and Unique Types of Jeans For Every Girl

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-06-27 15:14:07

You know that feeling when jeans fit so perfectly that you’d like to wear them for the rest of your life? Yes, that moment is unmatched, but life is more than your comfort zone, especially regarding fashion! Trends change, and jeans evolve all the time, so give yourself a chance and try these types we’ll recommend on our top ten list! 

10. Low Rise

Unfortunately, people really dislike this trend in general!

You might hate these, but they influenced a whole generation. This trend was everywhere in the early 10s and 00s, and you could see every girl on the street with cropped tops and jeans so low that it hurts! These jeans are coming back, so prepare yourself on time!

These look uncomfortable, but sometimes low rise is the perfect look for you. For example, when you want to show off your perfect figure! However, don’t wear them when you have to spend a whole day in jeans since they might not be the best choice. Instead, choose low-rise pants when the occasion is special!

9. High Waist Is Better, Though!

This is the regular fit you’ll see on every girl!

Body types with tiny waists adore these, and those with not-so-flat stomachs crave a high waist, too! High-waisted jeans save us after the disaster that low rise brought since that fit is definitely not for every day. However, high-waisted pants are ideal for an everyday look, a comfortable trip, and a long drive!

Luckily, a high waist always looks flattering, and you can combine it with various tops. A cropped top will look feminine and cute without a massive “gap,” and you can also fit a longer top inside. The versatility and comfort will keep high-waisted pants on the market. Therefore, we don’t see this trend fading away anytime soon.

8. Ripped Jeans

Yes, you can even make these on your own!

Let’s prioritize convenience again – ripped jeans have a lot of space to make your legs as comfortable as possible! Moreover, you’ll also look like a trendy, carefree chic that knows how to let it loose and enjoy life. Ripped jeans are casual enough to wear whenever you have a chance but also formal enough to look sophisticated!

Of course, don’t let your distressed jeans be so ripped that they look cheap and don’t fit any occasion. Don’t go too far because it will look like you have no jeans at all! Draw a line somewhere, especially if you’re ripping them on your own. Jeans ripped at the knee are ripped enough, and you’ll usually be fine like that already. 

7. Jeggings

Jeggings also have various types!

Casual or dressed up, your pair of jeggings will always be there for you. It’s like you wear leggings, but they’re fancier and made of nicer fabric – and that’s how the name “jeggings” was created! Jeggings are also super comfortable since they’re usually high-waisted and fit any body size and shape.

Luckily, jeggings also come in various colors and shades of denim, so you can combine them easily with any top you want. Even oversized shirts and blouses go well with them, no matter your body shape. You’ll definitely adore jeggings, and you might avoid them only when you’d rather dodge something tight!

6. Skinny Jeans Are Leaving, But...

Let’s see how to wear them properly!

...But they’ll remain influential until the end of time! Not many fashion designers are into skinny jeans anymore, and they’re leaving so fast that people keep questioning their jeans choice. Is it even reasonable to wear the skinny ones today? Absolutely, because there are still unique ways to combine them with cute tops!

Of course, skinny jeans are as trendy as jeggings and even more formal if you’d prefer something skinny yet sophisticated, with pockets and a more defined shape. Your figure will probably look the best when wearing skinny jeans, so we believe you won’t give up on them too quickly.

5. Mom Jeans Are Back!

The super comfortable feeling is the best part!

Those jeans you considered so unfashionable are now the hottest topic at every fashion designer’s workplace! Mom jeans are back, and they’re another proof that girls now prioritize comfort over everything else. Also, who told you these aren’t fashionable? Mom jeans are as cute as their name is!

Actually, have you ever wondered why these are named mom jeans? It’s because they were so out of trend for youngsters that they were something “only moms would wear.” Where are those people now? We see pants like these all around the streets, so we don’t think they’re “shameful” now. On the contrary, everyone wants them!

4. The Boyfriend Ones, Too

Relaxed jeans like these are the best!

These are as comfortable as mom jeans, but your mom didn’t inspire them this time – your boyfriend did! These jeans are a bit oversized, and they’re the ideal proof your boyfriend probably wears a way more comfy pair than you do. If you’re stealing his hoodie, why wouldn’t you steal his jeans style, anyway?

Are you single, though? Don’t worry because you’ll find these trendy jeans anywhere in the nearest shops and all the fashion brands you can find. They probably look better than your boyfriend’s jeans would look, anyway. We’re glad their jeans inspired some of the trendiest fashion pieces of the 20s!

3. Baggy Jeans

They’re all perfect, though!

Baggy clothes bring many advantages, and that’s why mom and boyfriend jeans made a grand comeback on the fashion scene. However, baggy jeans are even better since they can be a decent combination of both! These types are loose and oversized, but baggy jeans were made to be loose since it’s their priority! 

Baggy jeans basically brought the denim reset to fashion, and they’re the most versatile type ever. They can be ripped, low-rise, high-waisted, and anything you wish, as long as they’re oversized and let your legs loose! Furthermore, you can easily combine them with jumpers, sweaters, and cute summer tops. They’re excellent for winter, though!

2. Flared Jeans

These deserve more attention, to be honest!

Here we are, mentioning the most underrated jeans type throughout the years. They are flared jeans since these deserve way more space on the market! We rarely see them in shops, but they’re coming back, and girls obviously want them more. Hence we hope we’ll see flared jeans around the streets more than ever! 

Flared jeans give you everything you need – a gorgeous silhouette, a unique shape, a comfortable leg, and a skinny upper part, often high-waisted. This combination sounds like a dream, so once you try them, you’ll never get rid of them. Every sophisticated lady wants a pair of these unique jeans, so get yours!

1. Wide Leg

The trend that doesn’t seem to go away!

Are you curvy? Short? So tall that you don’t know which pants would suit you? We believe wide-leg jeans are so popular because they’ll fit you and make you gorgeous! They’re even comfy and cute, so you’ll get everything at once. They balance out your hips and thighs, and everything looks great.

Before you say you probably look fat in wide-leg pants, we’ll have to break that stereotype. These jeans make you look skinnier and taller, especially when they’re high-waisted, as they usually are! We see no problems with wearing them, and once you get your pair of wide-leg jeans, you’ll see why comfort should be in the first place.

Luckily, most of these top ten jeans will suit any body type, so we believe you’ll fall in love with at least fifty percent of the list. Sometimes we see superb fashion pieces everywhere, and we have no idea they’d fit us like a glove – jeans are more versatile than you think, so give them a chance. Give a chance to many of them, to be more precise!

Do you own some of these types? What is your favorite kind of jeans?

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