Top 10 Timeless Vintage Fashion Trends

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Julia Adams

Julia Adams

Last updated:  2023-08-17 21:06:52

What's cool or not cool to wear changes all the time. As fashion magazines and designers are making their "in" lists for every season, it's hard to keep up. You may even end up changing your whole wardrobe each year, trying to look like your favorite "it" girl on Instagram. Still, there are styles we can always count on to be wearable. Here are our top ten fashion items that will never stop being trendy.

10. Pencil Skirts

A girl in a black pencil skirt
Pencil skirt is the most feminine item you can wear (Stocksnap)

Origins of the pencil skirt date back to 1908 with Mrs. Edith Berry, the first American woman to fly in a plane. Fearing that her skirt would move around and eventually damage during the flight, she tied a stretch of rope around her ankles.

Of course, she was photographed upon arrival as it was a historic moment, and it inspired a "hobble skirt" trend. The pencil skirts known today were first seen in 1954 in Christian Dior's H-line collection. Whether you like vintage fashion style or modern fashion, you'll love this item as it is the most flattering shape for females of all sizes and very feminine, accentuating hips and waist.

9. Denim Jackets

A young woman wearing denim jacket
Denim jackets are suitable for all ages (Stocksnap/Pixabay)

The denim jacket was designed in 1880 by Levi Strauss, Levi's founder, who initially intended it for laborers. Eventually, they'd even been worn by the US military throughout wars in the 20th century. The Hollywood Westerns in the 1930s popularized the trend, and over time it was considered cool by everyone, from teen rebels to celebrities.

Denim apparel was even banned in some schools, as wearing them was associated with juvenile delinquency. But today, denim jackets are classic garments intended for everybody - the working and the high class. You can wear them with anything, including heels, sneakers, boots, and on all occasions.

8. Flannel Shirts

A woman in a flannel shirt holding flowers behind her back
We love flannel shirts because they are so comfortable (Josh Hild/Pexels)

You may have associated them with the vintage 90s grunge fashion movement and Nirvana, but flannel shirts originated in 17th-century Wales. At the time, farmers wore them to protect themselves from the elements and weather. Hamilton Carhartt, who founded his company in 1889, is credited for making them famous, so men everywhere wore his items as their workwear.

Even though today they're linked with hipster culture, we are all wearing them. While flannel shirts are casual attire, they can also be stylish. We love them because they're warm, easy to wear, and have various colors and designs.

7. High Heels

A woman in black high heels
High heels are always a welcome addition to an outfit (Luis Quintero/Pexels)

In a time where we look at stilettos and platforms as an expression of female style and sexuality, it may surprise you that heels were initially made for men. Soldiers in Persia in the 15th century wore them to help secure their feet in stirrups. After some time, Persian immigrants came to Europe and brought the trend with them.

Many male aristocrats wore heels to look taller, and then women took over the trend. Soon after, they became popular amongst upper-class ladies, especially in Venice, where heel length went up to 54 cm. Today we wear high heels because they make every outfit more stylish and elegant. Moreover, they are a great choice if you want to look slimmer. Pairing them with your favorite pants, skirt, or that gorgeous dress is a trend that will always stay cool.

6. White Shirts

A woman wearing a white collared shirt
White shirts are classic and stylish (Mauro Paillex/Unsplash)

At first, white-collared shirts were worn by men in the workplace and were associated with power and masculinity. In the 19th century, they represented wealth and social status, but that changed as they became affordable and available.

Slowly being replaced with modern versions, celebrities and women started wearing them. A white button-up shirt can be a staple in your wardrobe as you can pair it with anything. Sport this vintage style for work or a date night, in whatever combination you like, and it will be a good choice.

5. Little Black Dress

Young Asian woman wearing little black dress
Every woman has a little black dress (Philip Justin Mamelic/Pexels)

In the 19th century, it was appropriate to wear a little black dress while mourning, but not on other occasions. When artist John Singer painted a picture of a woman wearing it and portrayed it as fashionable, it caused controversy because of its sexiness. Then, in 1926 Vogue declared Chanel's version of the design a garment that would remain through time.

By the 1930s, the LBD took over the fashion industry, and two decades later, the big screen, too, as people could see their favorite actresses in a glamorous edition. What about nowadays? The little black dress has become irreplaceable, as it is a safe but chic choice when unsure what to wear.

4. Leather Jackets

A woman wearing a leather jacket with Ramones badge
You don't need to be a punk rocker to wear a leather jacket (Tim Savage/Pexels)

One of the most iconic vintage style clothing pieces dates back to the early 1900s when aviators and military members wore brown flight jackets. Then, in 1928 Irving Schott made the first motorcycle jacket sold in a Harley Davidson store. Unlike today, its first use was to provide warmth and endure harsh conditions. Much later, when Tom Cruise portrayed Pete Maverick in "Top Gun"  in 1986, interest grew to wear it and emulate his character.

What's so captivating about a leather jacket? Today it's being produced more than ever as people with different styles can sport the look. Whether you're a fashion lover, biker, rocker, or regular person, there's a type of this jacket that suits you perfectly.

3. Converse Chuck Taylors All-Star

Young people wearing Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers
The most popular sneakers in the world (Dương Nhân/Pexels)

In 1917 Converse created the All-Star basketball shoes, but they weren't a success right away. Charles H. Taylor, a basketball player, liked them so much that he joined the Converse sales team and traveled across the country, promoting them.

By 1932, his name was added to the ankle patch, and basketball players and regular people started wearing the Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Probably the most popular sneakers ever, Chucks are casual and cool to wear. With its simple but classic design that stayed faithful to its beginnings, this essential footwear will always be a part of the culture.

2. Jeans

Young people wearing blue jeans
Jeans are loved among men and women (Rogério Martins/Pexels)

Jacob W. Davis was a tailor who designed pants for a gold mining company that wanted them to be sturdy. The material he used was denim bought from Levi Strauss & Co. After the customer was pleased, he contacted Levi to patent the pants, and they became partners.

Starting off as working clothes in the 20th century, jeans are worn today by all social, class, and age groups. Durable and stylish season after season, you can pair them with anything and create your own style for a night out. Stilettos, sneakers, shirts, or tops - that's absolutely your choice.

1. Coats

A model in a coat
A coat can put a final touch on your outfit (Godisable Jacob/Pexels)

A coat is an essential fashion item if you're often exposed to cold weather. Thus, many of us own at least one. But are you interested in the history behind it? Overcoat, intended for wearing only outside, has been in gentleman's use since the 18th century, and it represented the wearer's status or profession. 

Still, it wasn't popular among women until the late 19th century, as they wore capes. After sporting activities grew more in popularity, they joined the trend of dressing less bulky. Since then, there wasn't a moment when the coats were considered out of fashion, and indeed, it will remain like that in decades to come.

What is a piece of clothing that you can't live without that has always remained trendy and classic? Did you enjoy our top ten list of timeless fashion trends that'll never go out of style? Share your suggestions and impressions below in the comments.

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