Top 10 Ways to Stay Fashionable When on a Budget

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-11-20 08:57:26

Staying trendy when trends change every day is tough, especially when you simply can't afford to refresh your wardrobe every month or season. Living on a budget and seeing inspiring posts on Instagram from fashion bloggers feels bitter. However, there are ways for everything, and creativity should win over money, so if you're wondering how you can be trendy and wear your stuff like a pro even without a lot of money, we have top ten tips you'll be thankful for!

10. Every Brand Has Sale

Sergio knows how to get fancy handbags for a much lower price

We're kind of used to thinking that some brands are costly and we can never get anything trendy in those stores. However, many of them, almost all, have sales! In that case, everything you thought you'd never get becomes affordable. Just know your do's and don'ts, of course, so don't buy things only because they're cheaper!

With sales, you just have to be patient, and you have to research when the store has the best offers. For example, some shops prefer to sell up to 70% cheaper when they're about to bring a new collection, while some start off with 25% and end up with 70% later. Patience is the key, so keep your eyes open!

9. Do Your Research on the Internet

Trendy clothes online and affordable? Ideas are everywhere!

The Internet is full of rabbit holes, and you can get stuck in them the whole day while you research! But that only shows how many options you have when looking for online shopping, too! Cheap stores are everywhere when you shop online.

Nevertheless, you will have to keep your eyes open and do your research about every store you order clothes from, as some of them won't offer you the quality you need. However, many of them are helpful, so keep searching for recommendations and read other people's reviews! 

8. Second-Hand Shops Are Usually Actually Useful

In fact, second-hand shops are a gold mine!

The second-hand boutiques are criminally underrated because our society is obsessed with being "brand new." Nonetheless, second-hand is a gold mine, and if you're a good digger, you'll find pieces that are prettier than any you'd ever see in designer ateliers… And they're a lot cheaper!

Furthermore, the clothes you buy there are usually not in any way damaged and look brand new, if you dig deeper, of course. 

No one will know you didn't buy a skirt in H&M or Terranova, and you'll even have more unique items than others because second-hand clothes usually come in one size only. We see many pros, and if you're careful, minimal cons here!

7. Try to Make More Combinations with Fewer Clothes

Clothes you already own probably have more potential than you think

You probably have no idea how many combinations you can make with the clothes you already own in your wardrobe. Maybe you created some outfits ages ago, and now you routinely wear them without any variations. However, you should think twice and see that options are already there!

For example, maybe your pink skirt goes well with your blue top, and you don't have to buy the black or white one. Maybe a dress you already own can fit the shoes you've had for years, and you still didn't try to put them together? Let your creativity shine as soon as you know how to play with shape and color combos!

6. Refresh Your Old Clothes

You don't even have to sew to recycle your old clothes!

Everything you can make with your own hands is a privilege. If you know how to sew, that's the best hobby you could ever master, and it gives you a great feeling! If you or your friends own a sewing machine, that's a bonus, too, because you can make your clothes more attractive just by adjusting them a little. It could be the greatest fun of your lives!

There are even some tricks that don't involve sewing and that make your boring shirt fresh again. Maybe just the way you're wearing it can make a complete change. Fashion loves creativity, and if you let yourself be free-spirited, you'll see how many ideas you'll get with your old stuff! 

5. Collaborate with Friends

Could you exchange clothes with your BFF for a week?

When there's trouble, that's what friends are there for! We've all been in the situation when we're at our friends' house for days, and we didn't bring anything fancy for the upcoming party... So a friend borrows stuff from their wardrobe. This kind of collaboration helps you anytime!

In this way, you can also sell and swap clothes with your friends. Your close friend probably has bought a blouse they can't wear anymore, or they don't want to wear it, and you can give them an item you'd rather see on them. No one wants a useless wardrobe with clothes they don't wear, so why wouldn't you help each other?

4. Sometimes Buying Accessories Is Enough

There are some cheap websites for nice accessories; just look for recommendations!

Being on a budget and being fashionable at the same time is basically being clever and sly! You have to find easy ways to spice up an outfit without buying expensive clothes... So, did anyone tell you how accessories enrich a boring combination and bring it to life? 

Of course, not every type of accessory is affordable. Still, we're pretty sure we know many small shops with reasonably priced jewelry, scarves, or even purses. Just like we mentioned, be clever and look for places until you find them. A fancy purse brings your outfit to the next level, without any doubt, and there are many affordable ones!

3. ...And Wearing Them the Right Way

Buying accessories is actually not enough – learn how to wear them like a pro

You see many girls on the streets (and more and more men, too) wearing scarves of all shapes, colors, and sizes. However, many of them don't even know how to wear them properly! Accessories like scarves can make your outfit much richer without spending too much money, but don't wear them like a clown!

When it comes to advice on how to combine earrings and necklaces, how many bracelets you should combine and how, and how to properly tie a scarf, there are many tutorials on the Internet. It can help you a lot, and you should master these skills because accessories can be very affordable!

2. Remember You Don't Have to Keep Up with Every Trend

We'd even recommend you should completely avoid some trends

It's not like you don't have to – you actually shouldn't follow everything that becomes popular. Staying up-to-date doesn't always mean fashionable, after all. Many trends aren't suitable for your height, weight, or taste. Some of them are terrible, truth be told! 

You should adjust your wardrobe to your taste and budget and find a fine line between. And just like we mentioned, some trends aren't even expensive, so just keep searching! Just stay consistent about what's your preferable look. Neither trends nor the price determines your style. You create it.

1. You Should Have Your Own Idea of "Fashionable"

Yes, almost any outfit looks fancy when you like how it fits you!

After all, what is actually fashionable depends on your personal taste! Fashion has some strict rules, but what is life if we follow the rules in every single field? In clothing, you really don't have to be a stickler and search for perfection. 

Actually, your own idea of "fashionable" should be realistic, and you should feel good about the things you wear. As soon as you get confident about yourself, your clothes will suit you even better. Your attitude does half the job, so try to create your own "fashionable" in your head before you start panicking about not having enough money. Girl, everything looks good on you because you are pretty and take care of yourself!

So, when you look closer, ideas for being fashionable aren't much about money. Life is about excitement and trying new things, and fashion loves that more than any other field. Go ahead and try to renew your old stuff today, swap shirts with your friends, or combine that skirt with a t-shirt you've never worn before. Follow our top ten list and never give up!

What are your suggestions on keeping up with the trends when you don't feel like spending too much on clothes? Do you care too much about being exceptionally fashionable? Let us know!

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