Top 10 Ways to Wear Leather Like a Pro

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-11-14 09:41:22

If we had to choose that one fabric that makes every outfit sophisticated and free-spirited, that would obviously be leather. There is something about leather that shines on its own, so you don't have to try hard when you wear a bit of it. Your glow is natural when leather steps into your wardrobe! If you're wondering how to create an excellent leather combination or an alternative look, check out our top ten recommendations to spice up your style!

10. Leather Is the Queen of Winter

Do you own a pair of leather gloves?

No gloves ever can top leather gloves; not any other pair of these accessories can provide your hands that warmth and fantastic look simultaneously! Durability, resistance, and the fact that these will save your hands from anything shouldn't even be mentioned!

For all these reasons, leather definitely wins in the winter season since that's the time of the year when you'll need warm leather pants, shoes, and cute accessories like gloves or hats. Hats are versatile, and you can find them in many shapes and fabrics, but don't you ever buy gloves that aren't made of leather!

9. But It Owns Summer, Too!

Choose your fighter for summer – it could be leather!

What we mentioned about winter outfits with leather is true – they win in every single way. However, wearing leather in summer isn't something you should avoid since there are even more fashionable options. It also depends on your style and how many clothes you wear when it's too hot outside!

Actually, leather leggings can be short and comfy, and we shouldn't forget that leather Bermuda is a go-to for many summer parties. Short dresses with short sleeves, leggings combined with a transparent, lightweight top… When you look closer, you don't have to ditch leather in summer!

8. Leather Accessories Are a Must

Find some recommendations for leather bags

Just like we mentioned fancy leather gloves for winter, you can find so many accessories made of leather, as they're all fabulous and classy. They're also durable and have that natural glow that spices up a look. A leather wallet is a great example, but even more remarkable are leather bags that every designer recommends!

Actually, anybody who knows a lot about fashion comprehends that a (genuine) leather bag brings many pros to your outfit, makes it look "rich" and fancy. Of course, these are a bit more expensive, but some of them are actually affordable. A good tip is that it's better to have one high-quality bag than five "cheaper" ones!

7. Leather Skirts and That Glam Rock Look

Choose your today's personality by picking a leather skirt type

Leather skirts don't do the job for everyone, but they are made for classy ladies who want to look like bosses! These look the greatest when skinny, high-waisted, and in a color that you easily match, for example, black. But, having more of them in your wardrobe is even better!

Moreover, these skirts are incredibly versatile since they can make you look like a businesswoman owning a company. Still, if you combine it with fishnet tights and high-heeled boots, you'll get a glam rock look, and people around you will totally think that you're a classy rock chick!

6. Leather Shoes, the Best Shoes

You definitely won't stress out about this, but check some tips

Leather strikes again when it comes to shoes because it's already well-known for its comfortable feel and classy looks. They used to, and they are still loved by both men and women, with women wearing leather boots religiously whenever they have a chance!

Wearing these shoes with suits and formal looks is a part of the past since you can pull that look all the time now. When you're wearing genuine leather shoes, you'll be surprised by their durability. You can even expect water resistance, which is a problem with shoes nowadays. Like every other leather piece, shoes are super easy to clean as well – the benefits are insane!

5. Leather Pants: Warm and Comfortable

They have two of the best qualities, plus even more!

Oversized or so skinny that it hurts, these pants look hot all the time. And they'll obviously keep you warm as well, so they're the best winter option ever! Right now, they come in various colors and can easily be combined with a leather jacket, so you'll look professional and sophisticated that way!

The benefits of wearing these pants (and leggings) are undeniable, and we can't even count all of them. It's not even about the looks only, since they might be the most comfortable pants you'll own! Nothing holds you back from spending a whole day in leather pants because they are way softer than denim and so stretchy that they won't ever be too tight!

4. One Blazer, Thousands of Classy Outfits

If you have one in your wardrobe, your outfit is already saved!

Leather is unique for many qualities, but one of them makes it extraordinary... It's the way how just one piece of it makes a whole outfit combination shine. A good example is a leather blazer, which you can see on the streets all the time. Perhaps you already wanted to try it, but you weren't sure how to combine it… Well, the options almost have no boundaries!

Since this one can be either too warm or light, it's suitable for winter and summer. However, a lightweight leather blazer is a number one recommendation since it will look so airy and nonchalant! If it's oversized, that makes the outfit even more trendy and gives you endless opportunities, especially for the top!

3. A Leather Jacket Will Never Be a Mistake

In this video, you'll basically see that it goes well with… Everything!

Just like Taylor Swift sings in her song "Style," some things will never be "out of style," and one of them is definitely a timeless leather jacket. Some jackets have colors or fabrics that don't necessarily match your outfit of the day, so you spend time choosing which one is suitable. However, with leather jackets, they don't waste your time at all!

When it comes to the "safest bet," that's indeed a black leather jacket since you can wear it with any top and pants. Nevertheless, as there is no person in this world without this jacket, designers are playing with shapes and colors now, so yours can even look unique! They are even perfect for you Nashville outing!

2. Leather Dresses Are a Thing Now

The best new invention in fashion is the comeback of leather dresses!

Maybe you're used to seeing leather dresses exclusively on red carpets and special occasions. Well, the tables have turned since leather dresses are a trend today, with various types and gorgeous colors, so everyone can find their favorite!

Now, there are hundreds of ways to wear these sexy clothes, as attractiveness is not their only quality. In fact, they're also practical since you won't spend too much time combining your outfit! A dress takes everything to the next level, and leather is obviously a cherry on top. You'll get that bold look at once, and once you try it, people will ask you how to steal your style all the time!

1. Wear Leather from Head to Toe!

Too much leather in one video? We don't think so!

It actually works – the most fierce look you can get is leather from head to toe. You definitely don't have to overthink this one, and you won't struggle with matching colors. For example, a red leather jacket (ala Michael Jackson in "Beat it") goes perfectly with a black leather skirt or leggings, but red pants and a black jacket aren't a mistake as well. It's all so versatile!

Genuine leather shoes with leather bags are also a dream come true, so why wouldn't you add a jacket and skirt to that outfit, too? If you like to look intimidating, bold, and sophisticated, try to have as much leather on you as possible since it will never be "too much" or look "cheap." Go for it, and you'll be obsessed!

With all these top ten list recommendations, we believe now you know that leather keeps you free from boundaries and makes you look exactly like that! We hope you'll be bold enough to try some of the tips because we know you'll like them!

Do you wear leather often, or do you save it for special occasions? What is your favorite fabric? Let us know in the comments!

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