Top 10 TWICE Title Tracks That Won't Ever Get Out of Your Head

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-11 18:00:07

K pop is here to get stuck in your head forever, and that's how they make all of their concepts – so unforgettable you'll be obsessed. As one of the most beloved kpop girl groups, TWICE didn't take a break since they formed in the "Sixteen" show. Literally, all TWICE title tracks have an awesome music video, so if you're about to discover kpop, these top ten smash hits are the absolute essentials!

10. “Alcohol Free”

 If you needed a TWICE title track for daydreaming about summer, here it is!

Love is like a drug, alcohol, and the obsession that keeps you up at night. TWICE know that very well, and their albums are no strangers to tracks about being high on your feelings! "Alcohol Free" is their 2021 summer anthem, and the new bossa nova wave in their music felt like a breath of fresh air. The girls always work on new types of sound and keep exploring!

Actually, Jeongyeon didn't like the idea of TWICE mentioning tons of cocktails in the chorus. Still, that "sweet mimosa, piña colada" lyric is one of the most memorable moments of their discography. Their mini-album "Taste of Love" put us all under the disco ball and showed us that TWICE will never get tired of making their fans happy!

9. "Like OOH-AHH"

When the debut slays like this, you know their career is going to be massive

When TWICE made their debut in 2015 with six songs on their first mini-album, "The Story Begins," the title suggests that this is only the inception, and we'll get much more. The girls were right because many more incredible things came later. Nevertheless, the TWICE title track, "Like OOH-AHH," will be a hit forever!

"Like OOH-AHH" introduced us to the "cute" concept, and the girls seemed to follow this style for years, remaining unique and creating their own sound and topic. Also, that Momo dance break made this era the most iconic one – the group owns a dancing machine, just like BLACKPINK has Lisa!

8. “Scientist”

Science maybe wasn't your favorite subject but TWICE will make it interesting for you!

Are you an overthinker? Did you lose many chances in life because you study the situation instead of acting naturally? "Love ain't a science, don't need no license" is the lyric you need to hear, then! TWICE worked harder than ever in 2021 and ended the year with "Formula of Love," an album that shows us that there isn't any formula for a perfect romance!

We hope your crush isn't obsessing over details and reconsidering their chances instead of making a move. Still, if they struggle like that, send them this song and let them know what you want. Life is too short to lose chances because you're unsure. Ladies are braver than men these days – TWICE in suits are such independent women in this video!

7. "Dance the Night Away"

Dancing is celebrating life, and TWICE do precisely that here

Nine gorgeous girls waking up in an exotic location in their music video? TWICE doing a summer concert? Yes, we're always looking forward to that! "Dance the Night Away" makes you jump in excitement immediately, and we could totally imagine it playing on a beach with a group of friends enjoying the night.

TWICE look exactly like best friends on the set of this music video – they couldn't seem prettier and happier together, and their friendship takes everything to the next level! Moreover, this track reminds us of taking the chance when life gives it to you – "This moment is special, don't miss the pleasure of it," and dance anytime you can!

6. "Heart Shaker"

Nayeon's pronunciation in this chorus will stay iconic for an exact reason – you'll hear it the first time you play the song!

No other song shows you how crucial it is to make a move if someone makes your heart shake like this! We all need some courage for that, but TWICE say it's absolutely worth it if your feelings are genuine. P. S. A joke around the Internet about Sana's sexuality is actually a misheard lyric from this chorus!

Next time when someone sweeps you off your feet, trust Jihyo when she says, "Love is coming, have more courage, don't hesitate anymore!" The girls adore it when they showcase their bubbly personality on title tracks, and "Heart Shaker" couldn't be funnier and more relatable.

5. “The Feels”

When Jihyo says, "I get all the feels for sure," we really feel it whenever we turn this one up!

TWICE's first English single outdid many title tracks they did in Korean and Japanese. That proves how versatile and willing they are to work on their skills! The song is fresh, yet it keeps the authentic "cute" concept that skyrocketed them to fame. It feels like the best introduction to the vintage disco ball vibes the album gave us!

Another hint that this is one of their best songs is that it was a lead single off "Formula of Love," which is basically their five-star album. "The Feels" isn't even the only full-English track there, so the album really gave us everything! Moreover, Chaeyoung opens this song like a pro, serving with iconic rap parts, so the track would never feel dull and incomplete!

4. "What Is Love?"

If you're asking yourself what love is, don't worry – you're not the only one

Looking for love might be so frustrating, especially because you don't actually look for it. You'll know when it's your time, and everything will flow naturally. That's what TWICE are hoping for on this track filled with positivity. Tzuyu and Momo's iconic dance and the rap part, "Better than any movie or drama, the greatest love will come," make the song one of their best. We hope so, ladies!

The way Jihyo makes it dramatic while asking, "How could it be as sweet as candy? How is it like flying in the sky?" makes this statement so relatable. While you're waiting for love, watch these nine talented girls asking themselves when those precious feelings are coming to them! We all wait for something in life, we guess.

3. "Fancy"

Let's normalize "fancy you" instead of "like you!"

If the girls are about to be remembered for one thing only, that will definitely be "Fancy." You might hate it or believe it's overhyped, but you can't deny this song's power. Even people outside of K-pop know this gem exists, and we promise it's a crown jewel – a cute one that will make you love harder and enjoy life.

Perhaps "Fancy" embodies TWICE's manifesto and how they want to dedicate their work to love and positive vibes. There is a legitimate reason why Sana melts your heart when she sings, "Like sweet chocolate ice-cream, my feelings melting now!" We'll never get enough of "Fancy you," so we guess that's the new way of saying "love you!"

2. "I Can't Stop Me"

"Eyes Wide Open" is an album filled with dance bops, so you have to love it!

This one is actually a new hit since the girls had a prosperous career with 15 Korean comebacks and multiple Japanese releases. However, that should be a compliment because the girls are getting better every day! "I Can't Stop Me" feels more mature, with a mastered pop sound everyone would love to hear.

Nevertheless, even when TWICE went a step forward with this hit and the whole "Eyes Wide Open" project, they didn't get rid of their "cute" concept. Chaeyoung never wasted her chance to rap "Risky, risky, wiggy, wiggy" and make us remember the good old days! Moreover, this music video must be one of the prettiest you'll ever see!

1. "Feel Special"

"Feel Special" wrecked the idea that TWICE don't have meaningful lyrics

Not to be dramatic for the very end, but this one makes you feel special. The title couldn't be more accurate! Arguably the best TWICE comeback ever, "Feel Special" takes the lyricism of kpop to another level, with a strong message, admiration, and great feelings. The feelings for that special someone makes you realize you're more than you think every day!

You could dedicate this one to anyone you love since it doesn't mention any lover of romance. This could be your family member, a best friend, or someone who knows how to make your day outstanding. As an addition, all of the nine TWICE members got to shine here – "Feel Special" is basically everyone's era, so it proves its brilliance!

In conclusion to our top ten list, it's all a matter of taste. TWICE songs list has something unique and exciting, so you just have to find your own favorites! Not many kpop girl groups work as hard as them, so we should appreciate their dedication. Without these girls, western countries wouldn't discover the cute and girly K-pop side!

What's your favorite TWICE era? Are they the real queens of "cute," and do you hope they'll stay in their lane for the rest of their career?

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