Top 10 Essential Things to Know About Grand Theft Auto 6

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Michael Wendom

Michael Wendom

Last updated:  2021-12-13 10:51:38

The Grand Theft Auto series is immensely popular, as Grand Theft Auto 5 earned more money than any other entertainment product. While the publisher Rockstar Games still hasn't announced its successor, no one has a doubt that it's coming. Yet, despite the company being notoriously tight-lipped about its projects, leaks and rumors are coming almost every week. As the massive majority of them are fake or unlikely, we selected those with a higher probability of coming true. Of course, we'll keep this list up to date.

10. The Development

Grand Theft Auto Online is one of the biggest reasons for delaying GTA 6

As Grand Theft Auto V debuted in 2013, many are surprised that GTA 6 started early development only in 2020! Yet, when you think about it, the company upgraded GTA V two times, with the PS5/Xbox Series version coming in 2022. Plus, the developers were busy with Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA Online. As these titles were so successful, of course they wanted to further focus on them. Yet, this doesn't mean that shaping GTA 6 didn't begin much earlier!

Numerous reports claim that the scenario is done, even though it will continue to evolve. However, the changes won't be radical, addressing numerous small details instead. This was the case with Red Dead Redemption 2, as the script was modified even six years after completion.

9. The Platforms – Will It Be Time Exclusive?

GTA San Andreas will probably stay the last exclusive GTA game

As the current console generation debuted in 2020, there's no doubt that GTA VI will come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. It's also hard to bet against the PC edition, although it looks like it will come a few months later. That's the usual practice for Rockstar, as with GTA V, they needed extra time to optimize it for various hardware. As you can imagine, Nintendo Switch will be ignored since it's not powerful enough. Even if Nintendo releases another console in the next couple of years, the best they can hope for is a later port.

We don't believe that the game will be exclusive to any platform, even for a few months or so. Rockstar Games wants to sell as many copies as possible, and even Microsoft or Sony can hardly compensate for that. The last GTA that was console-exclusive in any way was San Andreas for PS2, back in 2004! Finally, there's no doubt that GTA 6 will have a long life, so we can expect further remasters for the next generation of consoles.

8. The Release Date

Rockstar Games needed to address the well-being of its employees

Grand Theft Auto 6 is such a massive game that we're pretty sure that even Rockstar Games has no exact release date at the moment. As we've seen with Cyberpunk 2077, announcing games early and delaying them puts enormous pressure on developers and may result in less than stellar products. However, reports claim that Take-Two, as Rockstar Games parent company, will spend close to $90 million on marketing between 2023 and 2004. It's unlikely that the company is willing to invest so much money into anything else but GTA 6, despite rumors about GTA IV remaster.

Yet, most agree that the game won't be out until 2025, citing numerous reasons. These include the popularity of GTA 5, slowdowns caused by COVID-19, and the focus on employees' well-being which has become a huge topic recently. Finally, PS5 and Xbox Series consoles are still rare, so Rockstar would rather wait for most gamers to get them. The situation isn't much better for the PC crowd, as decent mid-range GPUs are crazy expensive and always out of stock. Furthermore, we shouldn't forget that GTA IV and GTA V were delayed for several months.

7. The Trailer and the Announcement Date

GTA IV reveal was unusual, but GTA VI might be less excentric

Currently, Grand Theft Auto 6 is the worst kept secret in the entertainment industry. While the game hasn't been announced, no one doubts it will be. So, the question isn't whether the announcement will happen, but when? To find the answer, it's best to look into the past. Grand Theft Auto 5 was revealed on 25th October 2011, and only a week later, we got the first trailer. While the game was released in September 2013, the original plan was to have it on shelves before the summer of that year.

This means that the trailer for the game came about 18 months before the release. Furthermore, Grand Theft Auto IV had followed a similar path since it was announced in June 2006, when the original release date was 16 months away. If we use this logic, the trailer for GTA VI should come in Spring 2023, or maybe at the end of 2022, if we are lucky!

6. The Realism

Can GTA VI match this GTA V realistic mod?

Grand Theft Auto games parody the real world, so they don't aim for realism. Not counting Grand Theft Auto: London 1969, these titles always take place in fictional cities, although based on real ones. The cars are also fake, as manufacturers don't want to see their vehicles destroyed or seriously damaged, as we've seen in Forza Horizon 5. However, things may very well change in GTA 6 if you ask Jamie King, one of Rockstar Games' co-founders.

King said that he expects developers to tone down humor and edginess, focusing on authenticity. This change would undoubtedly make the game distinct, which everyone wants to see. Realism mods for GTA IV and GTA V are extremely popular, as they add real cars and even turn Liberty City and Los Santos into New York and Los Angeles, respectively. There are even gameplay mods and graphical improvements to further redefine the experience. As the GTA series makes so much money, there's no doubt that Take-Two can license pretty much everything.

5. The Characters

Will any of these guys return in some shape?

We never had a female lead in the Grand Theft Auto series, but that's going to change! This comes from prominent leaker Tom Henderson and has been backed up several times. Yet, she's described as intelligent and focused on hacking. Of course, there'll be multiple characters, but it's doubtful they will be familiar faces. Interestingly, the original voice of main protagonist CJ from GTA San Andreas won't return. While this doesn't necessarily mean that the character won't be back, it's unlikely.

The thing is, GTA games are set in multiple universes, meaning that protagonists from San Andreas and earlier games can't appear in the current HD era. While this doesn't exclude familiar faces from GTA IV, GTA V, and their spinoffs, anything more than cameo experience will be surprising. It's evident that Rockstar wants a clean slate for every release, and new characters are an obvious way to go.

4. The Locations

Vice City is about to make a comeback, but it will look different than the last time

Since GTA III, every game in the series has taken us either to Liberty City (New York), Vice City (Miami), or Los Santos (Los Angeles). As GTA IV and GTA V covered Liberty City and Los Santos, respectively, Vice City must be next, right? There are plenty of clues backing this up, including Open Wheel DLC for GTA Online. There's a race circuit looking like a map of Miami and Mexico in it.

Furthermore, the supposed leak confirms that the game is set in Florida, with Vice City only one of three cities. Additional information includes some Caribbean Islands and a vast ocean, which would surprise us. Everyone seems to confirm that the game is set in the present, unlike the original Vice City and its eighties settings. Other locations like London and Tokyo have also been mentioned, but they won't feature in GTA VI. However, there are still strong rumors that we'll also explore parts of South America.

3. The Game Will Be Pretty Small... At First!

How big will the map be in GTA VI?

The map size in GTA games tends to grow, so, understandably, many think that GTA VI will continue the trend. After all, it will come out only on next-gen platforms, giving developers much more power. Yet, reports claim that might not be the case. This means that the game won't come as a complete experience, as instead, we'll get core experience. This probably includes only single-player, in limited form. Well, let's just hope this won't end in one of the biggest launch disasters.

The idea is for the game to constantly evolve via updates, DLCs, and expansion, as it will help it stay relevant for years. If this is indeed the recipe, maybe it's not shocking that some think GTA 6 might be the last title in the series. This means that Rockstar will build a future-proof game where they can upgrade everything, including graphics. We've already seen this in World of Warcraft, but we would still rather enjoy regular sequels. 

2. Cross-platform Multiplayer

Cross-play is in Call of Duty games, but you can optionally disable it

Consoles and PCs share similar hardware, so we see more cross-platform multiplayer games. However, that still isn't true with the GTA series, even though that's not necessarily Rockstar's fault. To enable cross-play, the company would need Microsoft and Sony to agree on it. If that happens, it's easy to integrate PC gamers too. As GTA 6 is such an important game, we feel it will happen if Rockstar wants it.

In 2021, Take-Two Interactive filed a new patent about upgrading the online experience in their titles. In practice, this should solve the problem with long loading times and connection issues. Theoretically, you'll easily hop between sessions and enjoy much more responsive controls. Of course, we'll see this first in other Take-Two Games like NBA 2K, which will almost serve as a test for Grand Theft Auto 6 Online.

1. The Fate of Single-Player

It's disappointing that GTA V never got a single-player expansion

GTA Online is so successful that Rockstar Games could shift its focus from single-player. Luckily, they don't plan to do it with any franchise, including GTA. The Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick ensured that Rockstar would continue creating offline experiences, which will serve as a base for the online component. After the incredibly successful GTA V, he believes that games need both.

Rockstar's Tarek Hamad and Scott Butchard previously said the same, claiming that single-player is the backbone. Besides, they want to include more of it even in multiplayer mode. GTA V did have tons of single-player content, but it never got expansions like GTA IV. We hope that will happen with GTA VI in some form, and if not, PC gamers at least have the modding community.

We are excited about Grand Theft Auto 6, and we're sure that Rockstar will deliver another gigantic hit! Yet, we'll also have to be very patient and learn how to filter credible news about the game. In the meantime, there'll be plenty of GTA action, with another GTA V remaster with GTA IV following the same path. As for the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition, maybe it's best to forget about it.

What is your favorite Grand Theft Auto game and why? What do you expect from GTA VI? 

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