Top 10 Luxury Fashion Brands Not Many People Can Afford

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Are you one of those fashionable people who watch award shows for the red carpet part, and you keep a close look at the brands that the superstars are wearing? Is it so interesting that you even visit websites where you can check the price of their clothes and accessories? If you belong to this group, welcome to our selection of the top ten fashion brands loved by everyone and anyone! Not many of us can have their items in our wardrobe, though! 

10. Balenciaga

Did you know any of these facts?

Made in Spain, moved to France – Balenciaga had this weird beginning and development. Still, even the most legendary companies went through changes for better opportunities. From the first days of this brand, they worked to revolutionize women's fashion, and today we can see Balenciaga's impact worldwide.

Their never-seen-before shapes are now pretty much regular, but Balenciaga paved the way with their new ideas. Right now, they're better known for their sneakers, jackets, and socks – actually, you can get Balenciaga's authentic socks for around 100 dollars. Is that too much, though?

9. Givenchy

Givenchy's fashion shows are enjoyable to watch

It's interesting to mention Givenchy right after Balenciaga since Balenciaga was actually Givenchy's mentor for a long time! That shows that these brands have particular connections and similarities. Still, Givenchy went way further with elegance and high fashion, becoming one of the most expensive brands in the world, though.

When it comes to the vibes that this company gives off, their promotional photos and campaigns usually revolve around the white background and rich black color on their models. The ladies usually have their hair done up, wearing subtle jewelry. Even the name "Givenchy" sounds like the highest fashion – Ariana Grandeaespa, and many other fancy ladies have promoted it already!

8. Celine

Lisa brought a new youth to the company

When we think of Paris, we think of Celine, too. This brand taught us that not every high fashion company has to follow the rules and be graceful and elegant since Celine is doing it differently! Their ambassadors are even tomboyish and often wear sportswear!

As you go through the list, you'll realize that BLACKPINK are the most fabulous fashion icons in the female music industry worldwide. As you'll see here, all of their members are global ambassadors for high fashion. Lalisa Manoban, the youngest member, literally brought her fans closer to this brand – some of them even admit they've never heard of Celine before Lisa. Celine knows how to choose the ambassador!

7. Prada

Bags are sometimes a real investment because they cost a lot. Yet, they are helpful for ages

You know what they say about Milan, Italy – it's considered the home of fashion and the place where this industry is thriving and flourishing up to this day. Prada has been Italy's pride since 1913, and it's one of the pioneers when it comes to denim and leather, so you'll definitely want a pair of their jeans!

Moreover, Prada is even more beloved for its bags made of pure leather, wallets, shoes, and even perfumes. They also sell travel accessories and promote them religiously, which makes them stand out! Elegance is their number one priority, so expect a lot of black and sophisticated fabrics!

6. Versace

Get to know one of the most iconic Italian fashion brands

Maybe you're used to the oldest fashion brands on the throne of the whole industry, but some actually were founded in the late 20th century. An excellent example of that is Versace, the relatively young brand, which has already taken over red carpets and luxury campaigns. The name "Versace" is the synonym for the most creative yet trendy pieces.

Moreover, this brand's artistic director and vice president is one of the examples of influential businesswomen still alive and active. It's Donatella Versace, Gianni Versace's sister! She's basically the queen of fashion in Italy, and the whole world is looking for her face at any luxury event. 

5. Louis Vuitton

LV's bags are simply something else – no one can compete!

Ever since 1854, Louis Vuitton has been going strong with its campaigns and luxury items worthy of the price. This brand guarantees quality, and it's been a choice of many influential people. Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Madonna, and David Bowie belong to the star-studded list that owned Louis Vuitton and wore it religiously!

Of course, don't forget that fashion isn't only about clothing. Obviously, Louis Vuitton is better known for its trendy bags, which are synonyms for every wealthy lady's companion. Most of us can't afford the original LV purse or a wallet, but some of their pieces are available for less than 1000 dollars. It's still not that affordable, though!

4. YSL

The supermodel Hailey Bieber couldn't say no to this sexy yet simple YSL maxi dress

Some iconic luxury brands still fantasize about the world in black and white, subtle tones, and outfits so simple that you'll wonder what's is special about them. YSL embodies that idea the best, and their ambassadors often wear suits and plain outfits beloved worldwide. Actually, this brand took over the 2021 Met Gala – Olivia Rodrigo, Hailey Bieber, and many more chose YSL!

Since we already mentioned that BLACKPINK just won't leave this list alone, their main vocalist, Roseanne Park, is an ideal example of how this brand works. She's been one of the superstars of Met Gala in 2021 for her soft, sophisticated, simple look, with the black and white and not too pretentious outfit. This brand owns the world for its simplicity – less is more, right?

3. Gucci

Gucci knows how to turn their marketing into a whole story

When you want to mention an expensive brand that is basically untouchable, you probably remember Gucci first. It just pops into your mind as the unmatched one, and there's definitely a good reason why it caught our top three spots. It feels like this company never ages, knowing how to be brand new, but keeps its timeless sense of fashion.

In 2021, this brand took over the media more than ever since it celebrated its 100th anniversary - it was the iconic year to honor Gucci's never-ending success. The brand released a campaign with several musical genres for this occasion, making us walk down a century of memory lane. Even after 100 years, Gucci is the one!

2. Dior

Dior's commercials are some of the most aesthetic ones

Another iconic feather in France's cap is the fact that Christian Dior is also their fashion brand. Their iconic perfumes, accessories, and clothing are now a symbol of sophistication, and the fancy old-fashioned, subtle ladies absolutely adore it.

Moreover, Dior is one of the most beloved brands among celebrities known as fashion icons. It's enough to say that both Monica Belucci and Rihanna said yes to this brand. Cara Delevingne and Johnny Depp are also the names that proudly wore Dior. Furthermore, BLACKPINK's Jisoo, the sophisticated queen, is their prominent global ambassador!

1. Chanel

BLACKPINK's Jennie lets the airport be her catwalk – she nails the outfits!

Coco Chanel went from rags to riches – from a seamstress to the founder of the most significant fashion brand in the whole world. If anyone can inspire you to follow your dreams, she is definitely one of the best examples! Decades after her death now, the brand is shining bright, and it's still topping the lists of the most highly-acclaimed brands.

From BLACKPINK's Jennie (famously named the' Human Chanel') to Pharell Williams, this brand knows no boundaries and chooses the best global ambassadors. Their supporters are simply well-known as naturally fashionable people. Jennie's so well-dressed all the time that she'd be a billionaire even if she didn't choose to make music. Chanel is legendary, unmatched, invincible!

Even if you don't have any of these brands' items from our top ten list, you don't have to stop checking out their trends and stuff – the real fashionistas are always keeping up. Nonetheless, we all dream of strutting around confidently in their pieces, but happiness doesn't really depend on that. Let these brands inspire your wardrobe, but don't obsess over them, as you can stay perfectly fashionable even on a budget.

What's your favorite fashion brand? Do you actually own something initially made by them?

Photo: Laura Chouette on Unsplash



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