Top 10 Most Beautiful Anime Openings Ever

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

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Opening songs, in particular, give an anime life through their soundtrack. These one-and-a-half-minute teasers give fans a sneak peek at what will happen in that series. Additionally, the best anime opening songs stand out in terms of animation, sound, and catchiness. There are a plethora of choices, but what are the top ten anime openers of all time?

10. Connect (“Puella Magi Madoka Magica”)

Madoka's opening foreshadows the sorrow that will come

ClariS' "Connect" doesn't unveil its genius until a few episodes into the season, much like "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" in general. The OP initially strikes listeners as an above-average pop song with excellent vocals, a catchy tune, and good graphics. Good, but not among the best of all time. However, the OP's unrelenting vitality takes on a sense of desperation and sorrow as "Madoka Magica" loses its entire innocent act, and things become bad.

The "world" hinted at in the song and music video is a fantasy for the people inhabiting it. On a more fundamental level, the OP is crucial in disarming audiences' defenses in advance of the suffering that lies ahead. Thus, it lulls them into a deceptive feeling of familiarity.

9. Stand Proud ("JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders")

JoJo has exceptional openings, but this one takes the cake

"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" often scores a home run regarding its opening credits. Consequently, Part 1's "Sono Chi No Sadame," Part 2's "Bloody Stream," and Part 5's "Fighting Gold" are all outstanding. All of these OPs may be ranked anywhere on this list, but only Part 3's "Stand Proud" has been included to keep things as diverse as possible.

This song, performed by Jin Hashimoto, condenses the brilliance of the venerable series into a memorably memorable 90 seconds. The music and the visuals are excellent, working together to produce something extraordinary.

8. Battlecry (Samurai Champloo)

Nujabes went all out for Samurai Champloo

Shinichiro Watanabe's anime must unquestionably feature an outstanding soundtrack. While Space Dandy, Carole & Tuesday, and Kids on the Slope all deliver excellent performances, none quite match Samurai Champloo's "Battlecry," created by Nujabes, which stars Shing02.

The story about two contrasting warriors helping a little girl find her father is captivating and radiating with style. Plus, the anime's discrepancy between hip-hop music and the Edo-era setting is surprisingly effective. "Battlecry," which offers memorable music together with clear and fashionable images, effectively exemplifies this blending of cultures.

7. My Dearest (Guilty Crown)

Bad anime, maybe, but the opening is great

The "Guilty Crown" plot may draw criticism, but no one can dispute the anime's chic design and upbeat music taste. "Guilty Crown," which has one of the most recognizable anime soundtracks of the 2010s, starts out strong with "My Dearest."

The anime's emotionally charged plot is highlighted in this opening, where hearts transform into instruments. Then, various groups can wield them for good or evil. "My Dearest" by Supercell opens with a lovely tune of voices and rhythmic piano that builds slowly before the audience can react. Finally, it bursts into color, ending on a brief but appropriate pause.

6. Moonlight Densetsu ("Sailor Moon")

Legendary opening for a legendary anime

The adventures of Usagi Tsukino/ Sailor Moon and her fellow Sailor Senshi as they attempt to juggle rescuing the world with the rest of their academic obligations are the subject of "Sailor Moon." And there is no better manner to depict such an uphill battle than with DALI's enigmatic yet lighthearted "Moonlight Densetsu" opening track.

This anime left a considerable mark in the 90s, both in Japan and overseas. Therefore, Sailor Moon is a true classic and one of the most influential anime ever. Anyone looking for a journey down memory lane will love the melody and development of the song, along with Usagi's covert battles with villains.

5. Oath Sign (Fate/Zero)

Fate opening starts slow but gets wild later

The Holy Grail War is the subject of the Fate series, in which seven Masters and seven Servants (Heroic Spirits) compete for the coveted Holy Grail, which grants wishes. Viewers of Fate/Zero get to see the Fourth Holy Grail War, a crucial episode serving as the prelude to the main Fate/stay night plot.

The piano solo in the first seconds of "Oath Sign" is subtle before a gradual buildup starts. Other tones slowly join the drums' thump-a-thump, highlighting influential performers and suggesting a depressing mood. The centerpiece of "Oath Sign" is a head-banging-worthy show of action followed by an exhilarating ender that will leave spectators wanting more.

4. Again (FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Instantly recognizable opening for one of the greatest anime shows

Anyone who has seen FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood will immediately associate the song "Again" by YUI with the anime. The number was the ideal solution to balance the anime's emotional weight. We think of Elrics' tragic background, commitment to their goal, and the epicness of alchemy itself.

Everything that the anime has to offer is displayed here. The gloomy opening gives an excellent introduction to the scene. Then, the buildup provides a great intermission to introduce the primary characters. Finally, its rousing chorus emphasizes how amazing battles are for spectators to anticipate.

3. Tank! (Cowboy Bebop)

You can't miss with the classic jazz in anime

"Cowboy Bebop" is renowned for its compelling narrative and original interpretation of the space western subgenre. Another element contributing to the anime's status as a classic was its opening theme. This is as Seatbelts' "Tank!" immediately demonstrated Cowboy Bebop's love of jazz and the blues. The anime's highly unique music will be teased immediately by "Tank!"

Fans may now gradually become used to the anime's blend of somberly solemn and hyperactive take on its numerous storylines due to "Tank!" Finally, at its heart, Tank! is a lovely "throwback" to upbeat jazz songs popular in today's music age.

2. Dream Island Obsessional Park (Paranoia Agent)

Absolutely gripping experience to prepare you for this anime

In the anime "Paranoia Agent," a young serial felon dubbed Lil' Slugger is blamed for a societal phenomenon in Musashino, Tokyo. The action is narrated by a massive cast of characters, all somewhat impacted by the occurrence. Furthermore, they are frequently Lil' Slugger's victims or the police tasked with finding him. Details about each character's private life and the truth about Lil' Slugger are revealed as they become the center of the narrative.

The opening, made by Japanese electro pioneer Hirasawa Susumu, perfectly encapsulates the anime's inherent craziness and wacky atmosphere. The intro is particularly unsettling because practically every shot makes sense once you've seen every episode. Consequently, it almost always foreshadows what will happen. It's unusual to find a popular anime opening song so representative of the entire series while revealing virtually nothing to a first-time viewer.

1. A Cruel Angel's Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Let's be honest; no other opening should be here

"Neon Genesis Evangelion" must be mentioned when discussing top 10 anime openings. However, maybe you don't know that the "Neon Genesis Evangelion" introduction was initially intended to be an opera song when Hideaki Anno first imagined it. However, Anno came through when TV Tokyo pushed on something catchier thanks to the brilliance that is Yoko Takahashi. The legendary "A Cruel Angel's Thesis," also among head-banging catchy anime tunes, wonderfully reflecting the series' most significant contrast.

In essence, "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" captured the anime's massive action and In essence, "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" captured the anime's massive action and somewhat ominous undertone. After all, the introduction hints at the plot's deeper aspects by contrasting scenes of misery and ruin over the façade of enormous machines.

Almost as significant as the anime series itself is the opening tune. The opener establishes the mood, conveys the atmosphere, and informs the audience of what to expect. Although several anime series have numerous opening themes, each was limited to only one entry on this top ten list.

What's your favorite anime opening from this list? Which openings would you add?

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