Top 10 Taylor Swift Live Performances That Prove Her Immense Talent and Stage Presence

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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You may dislike her, but anyone who's seen her perform live has to confess her stage presence and charisma aren't a joke. Taylor Swift is one of the most important names in the global music industry since she knows how to set the world on fire. Therefore, choosing only ten iconic performances was challenging since she is a mastermind! Do you agree with our choice?

10. "Can't Stop Loving You" Cover at the Live Lounge

No one does it like her when it comes to emotional performances

"Such a beautiful voice, she absolutely nails it. Lovely to hear it," were Phil Collins' words when he heard Swift singing his hit "Can't Stop Loving You." We couldn't agree more since this is one of the prettiest covers she delivered! Swift is well-known as someone who sang some covers better than the original versions, and this one is shining bright!

For anyone who says she can't sing, people should know that Swift is a master of delivering emotion. She's just sitting here, and it's a ballad, but the power of this performance is there precisely for the feelings in her voice. Taylor used this chance to perform in the Live Lounge to promote her album "Lover," yet this cover is the best moment of all time in the Live Lounge, for sure!

9. Artist of the Decade Performance at the 2019 American Music Awards

If it were possible, she'd probably be the artist of the century!

Swift doesn't need to prove herself anymore since she really made it. She became the artist of the decade in 2019 at AMAs, one of the most prestigious award shows. Her 11-minute show is just another proof of how many hits she has, and we bet you know every word she sings here!

In conclusion, no one influenced the pop culture of the 10s the way Swift did, and her Artist of the Decade award shows you again why you knew all the lyrics. From rebellious "The Man" to the romantic "Lover" dance with a piano, a Taylor Swift medley feels like home. She deserves every award for this performance!

8. "I Knew You Were Trouble" at Snow Angels Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Can you invite Taylor Swift to every Victoria's Secret fashion show, please?

The winter paradise that Victoria's Secret created on stage together with Taylor Swift as a cherry on top is a masterpiece in every way. "I Knew You Were Trouble" is one of the most potent Swift tracks, and she knows how to make it even stronger live, with small details added to the performance. Her sparkling dress makes her a Victoria's Secret model, too!

Swift indeed looks like a model on her own, mainly thanks to her beauty and charisma. However, you can see on stage how humble she is and how generously she interacts with the models walking around. She knows this show isn't only hers (even though she definitely stole it), and the little interactions make her a real humble legend!

7. "Wildest Dreams" + "Enchanted" at "1989" World Tour

"1989" World Tour is so good that you'll often see it on this list!

"1989" World Tour gave us everything, more than anyone could have imagined. The lights, the fairytale-like costumes, the bold performances, the hits all the way, the mash-ups? She ate and left no crumbs, and one of the best examples is the vibrant mix of "Wildest Dreams" and "Enchanted," two of her massive love songs!

The lyric "This night is flawless" from "Enchanted" could easily be applied to any "1989" show since everything about these performances is powerful. "Enchanted" is the best way to prepare people for what's coming next in "Wildest Dreams" – whoever came up with this concept deserves applause and a standing ovation!

6. "All Too Well" at the 2014 Grammy Awards

You can see it all in her eyes – this is the song that matters a lot

Crying, shaking, feeling all the feels – it's all about "All Too Well," the best Taylor Swift song ever written. Nowadays, she sings this song as a ten-minute version, and she's happier than ever because fans made it sound happy for her. However, in 2014, we felt all the sadness and pain she delivered while performing the song live.

Taylor Swift's Grammy timeline shows multiple moments of success and glory, and her Grammy performances obviously matter a lot as a whole. Nevertheless, this moment of hair flips, the grand piano, the raw feelings… It is the absolute highlight you'll have on your mind forever once you see it!

5. The Entire Grammy Museum Collection

"Blank Space" is just one example of this pure perfection

Choosing one of Swift's Grammy Museum performances would be a crime. Hence, we'll collectively agree that all these videos are so perfect that they belong to the top five of her live moments! At first, these videos might look plain – regular clothes, hair and makeup, and a guitar. However, that's what she needs to work her magic!

So, what's the Grammy Museum edition's magic? Her emotion and insanely good vocals, again! The "Out of the Woods" Grammy Museum edition is ideal for those days when you need something to lift your energy. "How You Get the Girl" is how Swift cares for all her songs since this wasn't even a single. "Wildest Dreams" is a magical tune itself, too!

4. "I Did Something Bad" at "Reputation" Stadium Tour

Imagine going to a concert to hear someone sing, and you get to see the artist dancing, acting, and leaving their heart and soul on stage

If you attended the "Reputation" Stadium Tour, you have no idea how blessed you are. Life endowed you with an opportunity to see a living legend at her best. We hope you enjoyed every little second of this masterpiece that now has a Netflix movie making all of us envy the people in the audience!

If we had to choose the best of the best, it would be "I Did Something Bad,", especially for her acting and dancing skills. This is a performance in its whole meaning – not only singing but also making a whole scene as dramatic as she can be. Just when they thought she was about to fade away, she brought on one of the biggest pop shows in history!

3. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" at "1989" World Tour

The bridge, the opening, the ending… What's the best part of this masterpiece?

Did anyone ever say that Swift tried many genres but not rock? Then, they're wrong since Taylor obviously showed the world she would own rock. Her glorious version of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is enough to know that. A pop song on a country album in rock production? Swift can do anything and everything!

The guitar solo and Swift vocalizing along is a pure pleasure and probably the best moment this song has ever achieved. We shouldn't even mention how far her vocals go in this performance – don't you ever dare say again she can't sing because she can play with her voice like a pro. The song's bridge is insanely good in this version, too!

2. "All Too Well Ten-Minute Version" at Saturday Night Live

The "old" version is gone now that this one finally exists!

Taylor has been a host at SNL, and she's owned the stage multiple times as a performer throughout the years. However, one performance sticks out as something so powerful that not many artists can compete in this category. She delivered a ten-minute song, which felt like three minutes or less!

Of course, the famous ten-minute work of art is the extended version of "All Too Well," her best work ever, and the live version shines even brighter. Her look is based on simplicity here, but she's so much more when she lets all her emotions out. And when it starts to snow on stage, you've already reached Heaven!

1. "I Knew You Were Trouble" at "1989" World Tour

Do you agree with our statement that this is her best performance ever?

This high note from the bridge will go down in history. This choreography walked so the "Reputation" Stadium Tour could run. This strength of emotion and stage presence is a never-seen-before experience. If you've seen it live, God himself let you witness something that will never be repeated. Ladies and gentlemen, the best Swift performance ever!

What could be the reason for Swift slaying this hard for her "1989" world tour, for a prominent "Red" track? It's probably the raw intensity of this song, so she definitely felt the staging potential and brought it on at the right moment. Some live performances should be an example for all the future generations taking the stage, and this one is the greatest.

In conclusion, Taylor Swift's talent is so immense that all these ten performances are just the tiniest fragments of her glorious tours. Keep discovering her live videos and music videos, and it will become your new favorite hobby – her charisma is addictive, and it deserves millions of views! We can't to see her perform track from her "Midnights" era too!

What's your favorite Taylor Swift performance? Are your favorites utterly different from ours? Let us know your opinion!

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