Top 10 Essential Footwear That Every Classy Lady Should Own

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-12 18:00:07

When you're a guy, you probably have a few sneakers, and that's it. However, if you're a lady, you likely need a special drawer for shoes only, or you have at least ten different pairs of them! Women can never get enough shoes, and since we know that feeling, here are our top ten recommendations to refresh your collection!

10. Espadrilles

Here's your ultimate guide to the footwear that has been stealing hearts!

We'll start the list with something comfortable and plain, which will save your sunny, chill days. Espadrilles won't be your choice when you're tired of wearing heels and need something pretty but formal since they're 100% casual. Yet, it doesn't mean you'll have problems styling them. From jeans to skirts, they go well with a lot of clothes!

Moreover, espadrilles can also come in the shape of wedges, so they become even more excellent for spring or summer. They can also be styled for more formal occasions if they have this heel! After all, espadrilles were made for those days when you're walking for hours, discovering a new city, or going to the sea, and you just need something to give you comfort!

9. Mules

Flat mules are even prettier than heels!

You definitely couldn't see many ladies wearing this odd, manly shape of shoes in the past, with an even more strange back. However, fashion is here to play with our imagination, and the trends are bringing out some iconic shapes we've never seen before. Mules are unique, and you'll notice them first in any shoe collection!

Moreover, mules are even more versatile than you could imagine – they aren't only flat since many of them also have a high heel. The versatility is easily noticed in the way ladies style them every day, too, since you can see girls with long skirts, light jeans, or long trousers wearing them all the time. There are no strict rules!

8. Moccasins

Spring never goes without moccasins!

Both men and women love them, and they're as comfortable as espadrilles. Still, the feeling is even more light, just like when you wear slippers. Yet, they're way cooler than wearing the actual slippers! Their original shape makes moccasins unique yet not as complicated as mules since they're way easier to wear.

The ideal season to start wearing moccasins is spring. It's when it gets warm enough to stop wearing visible socks and is still not hot enough to jump into sandals. Moccasins are somewhere in between, and that's all you need sometimes – something versatile and straightforward since shoes don't always have to be extravagant!

7. Ankle Boots

These boots are all black and stylish, and they fit so many outfits!

All the shoes we mentioned are ideal for spring and summer, even autumn, too, but what are you going to wear when the days are cold, and you still need something stylish? Ankle boots are the jackpot since they look trendy and provide you the warmth you need – they'll give you everything without trying too hard!

Moreover, you could wear ankle boots throughout the whole season since it's so easy to pull them with any outfit! Are you wearing a dress? Or skinny jeans? Is the occasion casual or formal? You can combine ankle boots with any of the situations mentioned, so if you have one pair, you saved your winter occasions!

6. Thigh High Boots

As you can see, these boots can also be pretty affordable and easy to get

After you wore ankle boots so often that you got bored, is it time to quit boots for the season? Absolutely not, because long boots are a trend that definitely seems to take over the fashion runways! Boots weren't so long before, but now, designers follow the "go big or go home" rule, making them even thigh-high!

Of course, thigh-high boots bring so many benefits, especially if we count that they're very warm and suitable for the coldest winters. We don't even have to mention the aesthetics – everyone's legs look prettier when boots are so high they even cover their knees. This has been a trend that celebrities couldn't say no to, but these boots are now way more than a stage outfit!

5. A Pair of High Heels

You won't need all of them – maybe two or three types only

When there's a special occasion, you need fancy shoes for women that will lift you up – high heels will do the work! They come in multiple shapes and colors, and some of them are insanely hard to pull especially stilettos. However, you should work on that skill since nothing looks as trendy and feminine as these heels!

Of course, you can practice strolling in heels only when you finally get a pair of them. Hence, try to walk in them at home before you're ready to rule the world in your fancy shoes. Flats are more comfortable, but they won't always match your vibe and outfit, so try to have different high heels shapes in your collection!

4. Wedges

Let this collection inspire you!

If high heels were always your big wish, but you were usually afraid you'll mess up and fall, maybe you just need wedges. This type of heel is thick enough to keep your feet stable, and you'll feel like a boss lady while walking in them! 

You might find the fact that some girls don't like wedges surprising. Maybe some people find them less attractive than the thin heels, but it's just a matter of taste since wedges can also provide you a great pattern and color since they're thick! You definitely shouldn't doubt how they're comfortable and pretty without trying too hard!

3. Sneakers

You definitely won't make a mistake if you get any of these!

After all the high heels and shoes that only look good but don't provide comfort, you'll always gladly come back to the classic type everyone should have. You can't live without a pair of sneakers since you'll obviously need them more often than you think. It's so rare to find ladies footwear fitting both trendy and casual, and they're even comfy!

Of course, sneakers are now way more than a pair of shoes to choose from when you're going to the gym. Nowadays, girls wear them even with skirts and dresses, and they definitely choose comfort over heels. Sneakers are easily combined with casual and formal outfits, so choose your favorite brand, and get your ideal pair!

2. Sandals

Which ones do you like the most?

OK, sneakers are versatile and comfortable, but they won't provide you the best feeling ever when it's boiling hot outside and your feet need some breath of fresh air. That's where sandals come in as a must-have in your collection – you'll thank God you got them when it's so hot that you just want your feet to be free!

Luckily, sandals are usually comfortable and gorgeous, and they come with so many straps and exciting shapes. They can even be high-heeled or flat – you choose what works for you the best. The colors also vary from neutral tones to the most colorful and vibrant straps, so you'll definitely find the ideal sandals!

1. Ballerina Flats

The word "comfortable" is the key!

It doesn't matter if you don't like ballet – you just need a pair of ballerina flats for your everyday look during summer. With thin soles and flexibility, ballerina flats are the most comfortable shoe type to own in your collection. There's nothing as pretty and comfy as them, so don't even think twice. 

To make it even better, these flats are also quite affordable and made of materials that definitely won't cost you too much. They still manage to look fancy and feminine, so you'll feel like a real lady while wearing them. Femininity has been overshadowed by tomboyish looks, but a pair of ballerina flats will save your spring and summer way better!

Of course, it's OK to dislike some of these footwear types in our top ten list and avoid wearing them. Yet, it's better to have various types of shoes because every lady has an insane number of clothes and outfits, and it's a challenge to combine them with footwear. When you have a lot of types and colors, it's way easier!

Do you own all the shoe types we mentioned? Which shoes are your favorites? Let us know in the comments section!

Photo: Marcus Lewis on Unsplash



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