Top 10 Times When Halsey Sounded Like a Real Tumblr Girl

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-15 18:00:07

Young artists are usually easily connected with hipsterism and subcultures growing every day with Internet culture development. Some popular singers you know for sure are also songwriters. Their own ideas typically are similar to an artistic aesthetic. When it comes to Halsey, who even writes her own songs, and has one of the best albums in 2020, she's a real living Tumblr girl! She's been a massive fangirl that dresses and dyes her hair aesthetically while being endlessly poetic. For years, she's been like that, so there are many moments when she expressed this style. That's why we're presenting you with top ten moments in her discography that were as cool as this subculture.

10. "I Hate Everybody" 

Songs like this are the main reason why Halsey named her third studio album "Manic"

Let's not lie, this song's name is a whole mood! Well, Halsey's complicated and poetry-like soul is poured out in this "Manic" track manically and without any euphemisms! Halsey was brutally honest about how she feels about the world around her and how others impact her.

Moreover, lyrics like "If I could make you love me, maybe you could make me love me" will literally tear your heart in pieces because… Chances are, we all felt like that multiple times in our lives. Are you with someone because you love them, or you're just scared to be lonely (remember this Martin Garrix dance track)? "I'm my own biggest enemy" also hits home – especially if you're "manic" and wild like this lady here!

9. "Finally // beautiful stranger"

You'll be sad that Halsey and YUNGBLUD broke up after hearing this masterpiece

Sometimes love turns us all into poets. It's like our heart writes words on its own! However, Halsey is really like this all the time! "Finally // beautiful stranger "is already so Tumblr by its name – it looks like a mood board of the contemporary poets in their roaring twenties. And, oh well, this song also sounds like this until the very end.

Furthermore, the ballad is even more heartbreaking when you know it's entirely personal. It actually tells the story of Halsey falling in love with YUNGBLUD and saying it's "finally, finally safe for her to fall." Unfortunately, the breakup happened shortly before this song got released, and now it's even sadder. It's the best song off "Manic" nonetheless.

8. "Gasoline"

Listening to Halsey was so cool when this was a hit

Despite not being a single off "Badlands," this is one of the biggest of Halsey's hits. If you loved this girl in her "Badlands" era, you remember quotes from this bop written all over the Internet! Human beings in this song were presented as machines, and it feels like we all could relate.

The prominent Tumblr girls were obsessed with lyrics like "do the people whisper 'bout you on the train like me saying you shouldn't waste your pretty face like me?" It was so apparent that Halsey influenced pop culture. What a beginning!

7. "Empty Gold"

"Breathing through the trees of loneliness" lyric feels like an introduction to a poetry book

There are only a few 2010s songs as artistic and cool as this one. "Empty Gold" is an anthem, and we already imagine a choir singing this chorus religiously. "We're the alley cats, and they can throw their stones, they can break our hearts, they won't take our souls" was the most frequent Instagram caption or bio in 2013!

Halsey admitted in her Spotify talk she reinvented this song so many times in the studio. She had the hardest time finding the right tone for it since it's simply the most cinematic thing she's ever written! In our opinion, she obviously did a great job with this nostalgic feeling of walking through the woods breathlessly, trying to find your way back. In conclusion, this song feels like home.

6. "3am"

Halsey sounds like she's frustrated because of her own self, and it makes this song so real

Avril Lavigne probably sat in her room and smiled when she found out this divine, rocky track exists. "3am "reminded us of Lavigne's career peak and her "Let Go" album. It's the instant highlight of "Manic," which quite sent the message that Halsey's creativity and hit-making won't split soon. She just knows the formula for both!

This tune has a great potential to be an anthem for any frustrated teen just waiting for their day to come. Anyone who really "needs a mirror that'll come along and tell them that they're fine" would relate. Honestly, we're all like that sometimes, aren't we? You'll catch yourself playing this one so loud it will blast your walls… at 3am.

5. "Heaven in Hiding"

In this song, Halsey is a girl that will bewitch you with her power

We don't have many bops from "hopeless fountain kingdom" on this list. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean this album is a flop. On the contrary, it contains some of the sassiest and brightest parts of Halsey's creativity, including "Heaven in Hiding." This is the absolute highlight of Ashley's (which is her real name) subtle but effective confidence.

"And when you start to feel the rush, a crimson headache, aching blush, and you surrender to the touch, you'll know I can put on a show?" That's the most iconic way to say, "I'm so attractive you'll lose your mind." A crimson headache? We love the color reference, girl!

4. "clementine"

Halsey admitted this song is fully about her personality

Halsey kicked off "clementine" so casually, like, "I'd like to tell you that my sky's not blue; it's violent rain." It sounded like the most dramatic 20-year old who's in love with her own little world, in which colors are blasting! You can already see Tumblr girls making threads of shades of purple to paint the feed lilac.

Halsey also stayed consistent when it comes to her recurring themes. Does "I don't need anyone, I just need everyone" ring some bells? It's a beautiful reference to her old but gold "Don't belong to no city, don't belong to no man" lyric from "Hurricane." Halsey has always done a fantastic job with imagery like this, and luckily, it looks like she won't go away soon!

3. "Is There Somewhere"

This is a chill ballad, but the words she sings will make you shiver

Halsey never stopped fascinating the public with her innovative and unique thoughts poured out in her lyrics. Still, her first "Room 93" extended play feels like she lyrically hit her peak there. And there's nothing wrong with that – a debut like this promised a lot! "Is There Somewhere" stayed among the less popular Halsey's tunes, which is quite sad since it's even better than "Empty Gold" or "Ghost."

"Is There Somewhere" is not only a flawless Tumblr girl concept. Moreover, it fits the Dark Academia, Romantic Academia, or almost any subculture ever created on the Internet. The way this girl paints pictures like "flashing those eyes like highway signs," and "you're writing lines about me; romantic poetry" will haunt you forever.

2. "Young God"

"Badlands" genuinely made Halsey a Tumblr icon since its debut

Also, let's talk about the lyrical masterpiece of this tune's intro – "Forever cursed in love are the observant. Forever a slave to the detail." It sounds like a perfect manifesto for any artistic soul out there. While her song "Roman Holiday" from the same album feels like a real holiday, "Young God" paints the picture of feeling like God beside someone every single day.

Furthermore, this song is endlessly sexy and primarily sensual, smooth in its own sweet way, seducing slowly and with a special taste. It makes you want to be enamored and run free with that special someone. In conclusion, when Halsey asked, "But do you feel like a young God?" we really, really felt like that.

1. "Colors"

The music video is also Halsey's best one up to date

As you've already found out, Halsey is the queen of symbolism. She uses colors all the time to present a feeling or a state of mind. Blue, grey, red, and purple are the colors Halsey mixed in the song "Colors," still the brighter highlight of her promising career!

This track's sound is captivating and feels like a perfect drive (just like the song "Drive" from the same amazing album), and the lyrics are so Tumblr that we could see its quotes all over the platform! The lyric "you're ripped at every edge, but you're a masterpiece, and now I'm tearing through the pages, and the ink" is the most poetic and edgy lyric of the new generation of pop. Facts only!

Halsey really painted some of the most heavenly pictures with her poetic mind, so we hope you enjoyed all of her most iconic lines in this top ten list. Hopefully, they probably inspired you to browse Tumblr for some of the inspiring motifs for your creative free time.

What's your favorite Halsey lyric ever? Do you still get lost in her "Badlands" even after all these years?

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