Top 10 Marvel TV Shows with Best Scenography

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Peony Hill

Peony Hill

Last updated:  2023-10-26 09:32:20

While Marvel movies have taken the world by storm ever since the first Avengers came out, they also put out some incredible shows in the meantime. The comic book characters are full of potential that seems more befitting to a TV format. The studio finally realized that, with how much effort they've been putting into the shows lately. Yet, while all the shows on our top ten list are excellent, we'll focus on their scenography, making them shine brighter.

10. Daredevil

Alexa, play "Better in Color" by Lizzo one more time for those in the back

While a lot of Marvel fans would both kill and die for this show, we have to put it low on the list because the scenery is so damn unimaginative. Scenes are standard, and while we do get some really cool camera angles, it falls under the trap of always looking vaguely gray. Just because you're dealing with serious subjects doesn't mean you have to take out color from your shots.

Yet, the show is definitely a fan favorite and much better than the movie. You've probably seen countless fan edits and people praising it left and right. We didn't have time to watch it immediately, so avoiding spoilers was an exercise of will and quick thinking. Have you ever tried to avoid getting spoiled for something your entire online circle watches? We don't recommend it.

9. Punisher

"Yeah, I watch it for the plot," they said, you know, like a liar

Netflix was the first to recognize the potential the Punisher's character holds on a screen. While they could've gone the obvious route and retold the story of how Frank Castle got the title of Punisher, they chose a more entertaining approach. We see the aftermath of Frank's revenge, not only how it mainly affected him but different characters as well.

Moreover, we will watch anything with Ben Barnes in it. We see Ben playing a villain in a really nice suit, we click. Okay, we may have started watching it just because Ben Barnes was in, but it turns out it has an engaging plot as well! Other than Ben, however, there weren't many scenes standing out in their uniqueness. 

8. Agent Carter

Peggy Carter, our beloved <3

It's always good to see badass Marvel women do their thing (as long as we ignore that dreadful #grlpwr scene from Endgame). We believe it's safe to say that you can't get a lot more badass than Agent Carter. She was a highlight of the first Captain America movie, so it's no surprise that she got her own TV show. And it's set in the 1940s, so there are plenty of times to appreciate the scenery.

Given that it's made by ABC Studios, the same thing that blursed us with Pretty Little Liars, we're happy to say that the show is actually really good. We follow Peggy and see her go through the grieving process after Captain America is presumed dead. Furthermore, we observe her as she struggles to balance her administration work and working as a SHIELD agent.

7. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

It's not gray, at least

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has some of the most promising setups for a post-Endgame show. Sam and Bucky are trying to move on with their lives and simply cope with everything. It's kind of awkward when the two closest people to Captain America hate each other. And it's even more awkward when they're forced to work together. And we're happy that they stuck with colorful palettes, even though the scenery was pretty standard.

This has grounds for an excellent buddy cop comedy. While we really wish they played into it more, the scenes we got were great as well. Yet, they understandably dialed down the comedic factor to deal with serious issues plaguing American society. We do wish they stuck to the end with the message they were trying to tell, but some messages are doomed to only be read between the lines by the big studios.

6. Hawkeye

Have a holly jolly Christmas

We didn't expect much from this show, but we're pleasantly surprised to see how it turned out. It's evident that they're establishing a setup for the Young Avengers, and we like where they're going with it. Kate Bishopp is an excellent successor to Hawkeye. Where the older movies failed to give Hawkeye much of a personality, Kate is incredibly charming.

The show has a terrific Christmas vibe, and it's definitely on our list of things to watch to get in the holiday spirit. We see a lot of bonding between Kate and Clint, and it's great to see Clint's deafness finally portrayed on-screen. Kate's interactions with Yelena definitely stole the show, though. It's remarkable that the show didn't get too carried away with all of the plotlines but managed to wrap it all up neatly.

5. Ms. Marvel

It's so adorable!

It's incredible to finally see Marvel acknowledge a big part of its audience: teenage girls. Previously, we couldn't even get a Black Widow movie because it was deemed that no one would watch a woman as a lead in a superhero movie. But now, we get to see a teenager of color star in her own series. It's relieving to see that Hollywood is finally changing to reflect the real world. Plus, after we found out that the doodles included in the trailer will be in the show, we can't wait to see it.

We are incredibly pumped to see this teenager-turned-superhero experience. Like with Peter Parker, we'll see her juvenile nature as she tries to navigate the most terrifying of all challenges: high school (shudders). Oh, and the burden that you're now partially responsible for saving people's lives. We're sure she and her friends will do just fine.

4. Moon Knight

It's ancient Egypt - of course, we're hooked

We adore the attention Marvel has started giving their lesser-known superheroes lately. Moon Knight has its own cult following, but it's still unknown compared to giants like Spider-Man or Iron Man. We're sure even die-hard comic fans will love the show's take on the character and understand it differs from the comics, right? 

We also love how the trailer doesn't give away anything plot-wise if you're unfamiliar with the comics themselves. All you get is this trippy Inception-like reality where you don't know what's real and what's merely a dream. Or if those dreams are reality. All you see is this cool costumed guy; you aren't sure if he's a good guy or a villain, nor if it really matters.

3. Loki

We were expecting some Agent of Asgard vibes, but we got… this

Loki is neither here nor there when it comes to some things, but we are Loki stans over here, so we couldn't just not put in the top three. Firstly, the show has some great aesthetics. Every episode has its own color dedicated to it, and there are some fan theories that each episode is connected to a different infinity stone. Therefore, it's a delight to watch.

Secondly, all of the actors are simply amazing. Everyone gave their all, and we were sucked into the world instantaneously. We are disappointed by how the show was marketed, though. While we were promised a queer-inclusive experience with genderfluid Loki, all we got was a one-off female variant. Moreover, we were led to believe that Loki and Sylvie's relationship would be sibling-like. Still, we got a jarring, not-very-well-thought-out romance.

2. What if…?

All of the animators need their BEEP BEEPED

Another show that we didn't think would capture our hearts as much as it did is "What if…?" While we weren't too keen on watching different universes' storylines play out, we were surprised how much it got us hyped. It's cool to see how distinct concepts change the storyline entirely, and we loved watching every single one play out.

Another thing that we're impressed by is the animation. It's incredibly smooth, and we sometimes forget how much effort it took. But then it hits us, and we're left to just sit and stare like Hulk picked us up and smashed us around. We're big fans of animation over here: seeing lines move really blows us away, and "What If…?" has some excellent line movement.

1. WandaVision

WandaVision is the best show ever; argue with a wall

WandaVision is, hands down, the best show Marvel ever put out. We are inclined to say that it's the best show put out, period. Every trailer that came out was mysterious and revealed nothing about it, and as the episodes went up one by one, it was as if the whole internet got together to solve the mystery of what was actually going on.

We'd give everything to experience watching the show for the first time. It's really a one-of-a-kind adventure that we would recommend to everyone, whether you're a Marvel fan or not. While all of the actors were incredible, we'd still like to point out that Elizabeth Olsen's and Paul Bettany's performance was Oscar-worthy. Besides, we love a theme, and without spoiling anything, WandaVision loves a theme even more.

We're glad to see more attention on Marvel's shows, both from the fans and the studio itself. We hope you'll enjoy watching them whether you know both the comics and superhero movies inside and out, you're just a casual viewer. It's great to just relax and watch what unfolds.

What do you think are the top ten prettiest Marvel shows? What were you disappointed by? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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