Top 10 Types of Bags and How to Style Them

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-09-29 13:00:07

What you wear shows off your personality, to say the least. Bags are sometimes even more crucial than your outerwear or your shoes because they easily catch everyone's eye, whether they're big or small! Learn how to wear a purse as an accessory, and any outfit you have will shine even brighter. These top ten types of bags are a must, so get to know them better!

10. Half-Moon Bag

Learn what goes the best with bags like these

We don't talk enough about the small bags that make you chic yet subtle – half-moon bags do it all at once! They always fit perfectly under your arm, and their size is actually pretty versatile. The half-moon bags are mostly smaller and suitable for partywear. However, they can even be bigger and still keep their original shape!

Moreover, half-moon bags are usually those that you'll easily combine with anything. Their structure is basically the same, color patterns typically minimalistic, and you'll recognize them in any shop. Bags should always be flexible instead of taking you too much time to combine them!

9. Clutch

Casual or sparkly, clutch bags are always fancy!

Evening wear is sometimes very challenging, especially when it comes to a perfect bag. However, one type is always the correct answer – it's a clutch bag, which is slim, flat, and usually without straps! Since you don't wear it on your shoulder, it's a handbag, so try to carry it in your hands like a real lady!

Even when you're going out in a casual outfit, a clutch bag can make you elegant and classy, so it solves all your problems at once. Even though it's usually small, it has enough space for everything you need for a night out. There's always enough room for some makeup, your phone, a wallet, and the little things you always carry!

8. Backpack

Backpacks are a massive trend, so don't miss them out

In the world of fancy bags and purses, where are those that can carry anything? Backpacks are the best solution for that, and they come in various colors, fabrics, and shapes. Nowadays, backpacks are so trendy that they can be worn as an accessory, and they're more than a school essential! 

Of course, it's still the best option for both school and college days, but backpacks can be much more than that. It's also one of the travel essentials, but they can make your days easier wherever you're going, not only when you have a long road trip. Combine them with sneakers, and you might even be more remarkable than a girl with the clutch bag!

7. Bucket Bag

Is this trend too daring for you? Think again!

Looks like the fall/winter season finally found its favorite bag ever. Bucket bags are such a trend throughout all months, but the second half of the year loves these especially! It's probably because we carry more stuff when it's cold – bucket bags look good, but they also give you very much space!

Luckily, bucket bags are a phenomenon that showed us how pretty accessories can have a functional aspect. When it comes to bags, it's crucial that they actually help you carry things around the city. Still, these will make you look chic and authentic since few people feel confident enough to try this trend!

6. Tote Bag

You can easily make a tote bag on your own!

Do you notice all the art students and artistic souls around the city carrying a cute bag that's giant enough to carry your groceries? Well, tote bags are now more than a way to go shopping and bring your things home because their colors and designs let you be creative and trendy! Hence, most girls wear it when they're going to school or college.

Of course, tote bags didn't lose their main goal – they're still perfect for carrying too many books, a lot of clothes you bought at once, or casual supermarket shopping. Any coat will look more trendy if you wear a tote bag on your shoulder and a scarf around your neck. It's a combination to remember!

5. Crossbody Bag

Learn the difference!

Sometimes we don't need a huge bag, but a functional one which is always close to you. Crossbody bags are made for practical people that want to have their stuff near at hand, and they're perfect for the days when you just need the essentials. 

Moreover, a bag like this is a must when you travel, since you'll need your wallet and passport in a safe place available to you only. It's even suitable when you have another giant bag on your shoulder, especially when you have to separate the essentials from your headphones and umbrella, for example!

4. A Basic, Large Bag

Work and school days will be fancier with a bag like this!

What if you don't want to wear a backpack to college anymore? And what if you need to take your laptop to your office? You don't want to move it around in a laptop bag? Or you're just planning a shopping spree, but without carrying thousands of bags around? A simple large bag will solve any problem!

The good thing is that a giant bag can be worn as a trendy accessory, and it will really help you handle anything. It's like a life hack that works in many fields – it even comes in so many colors and fabrics that you can have one for any outfit. Once you try a massive bag, you'll never want to come back to the smaller ones!

3. At Least One Black and One White Bag

This is a black paradise that every lady wants

You know that neutral colors are easiest to combine, and you can wear them effortlessly, without overthinking. Sometimes you need exactly that – a bag that won't take you a lifetime to find an outfit for it. The best way to be 100% sure you won't make a mistake is to pull a white or black purse!

Moreover, black and white bags are a synonym for sophistication, and your outfit will never be "too much" if you spice it up with an accessory like that. If you don't want to have a wardrobe full of bags, but only a few essential ones, try to get only black and white types. Colors are the first thing people notice on your purse!

2. A Bag That Isn't Black or White

Do these colors really fit any style? Try them out!

...Or grey, or brown. Like we already mentioned, it's not only about the shape or fabric – colors play a massive role. In the world of monochromatic outfits that are way too simple, your combination won't be wholesome without some vibrant colorsDon't link too many at once, but never go with a too simple mix!

A bag can solve all your problems regarding dull outfits since one red purse can make a whole appearance more attractive. Bags with bright colors are a way to show your free-spirit personality, happiness, and a positive vibe. Brightening up your closet never was more accessible – just get some shades of pink, blue, or red! 

1. Real Leather Bag

The difference in quality is obvious

Don't let the shops and the people working there fool you – genuine leather is definitely a massive difference compared to the fake one. We're all mostly wearing fake leather, but the genuine version is a must, so have at least one in your wardrobe! A purse like this should be in a neutral color, so you can wear it anytime.

Just like you probably already noticed, genuine leather bags are a little pricey, especially branded ones. However, that's an investment that you don't make every year since an authentic leather bag has the quality and will last for years or even a decade. Hence, if you think it's too expensive, think again and see how many bags you'll buy while you can have one that's just perfect!

While some girls are only "carrying" their bags, you'll be wearing yours like a pro after all the types we mentioned in our top ten list! It's up to you now – try to invest a bit in your ideal sorts of bags, and you'll see how happy you are with your following combination!

How many bags do you own? Is it essential for you to combine bags perfectly with your outfit? Let us know in the comments section!

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