Top 10 Things You Must Try And See in Berlin

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

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Berlin has a lot to offer, from historical and cultural to culinary experiences. Therefore, we'll mix it up to make it even more enjoyable! First, Berlin has a West and East Side that have been developing separately after World War II, but we'll get to that later. Today, this is a united city with still visible differences between the East and West sides, offering many exciting things to do and see. Let's get started!

10. The Museumsinsel 

Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany
Wonderful building of the Bode Museum on the Museum Island (photo: Eveningvoice/

Located on the lovely Spree River, Museumsinsel (Museum Island) hosts (you guessed it!) major museums. The island is home to the impressive Berliner Dom and lovely Lustgarten, but there are also five excellent museums. The Altes Museum (Old Museum) is across the Berliner Dom and was first opened to the public in 1830. It holds remarkable works of Etruscans, Greeks, and Romans. The Neues Museum (New Museum) presents around 9000 exhibits from the history of Europe and the Middle East, including the golden hat, as one of Europe's most significant archeological finds.

Inside the Alte Nationalgalerie, you can admire Europa's 19-century art and architecture. The magnificent neo-baroque building of Bode Museum will get your attention immediately, and an impressive collection will also enthuse you. Finally, the Pergamonmuseum holds the wonders of the Ancient World.

9. Alexanderplatz

Alexanderplatz at night, Berlin, Germany
Vibrant Alexanderplatz is a perfect starting point for sightseeing (photo: Stefan Widua/

With a perfect location in Berlin Mitte (Berlin City Center), Alexanderplatz represents the east city center. Thanks to well-developed traffic connections and walkable attractions, it's a great starting point for city sightseeing. The Alexanderplatz is the biggest square in Berlin, and it's vibrant and full of cafes, shops, and restaurants.

You can begin a sightseeing tour at the square by checking out the Weltzeituhr or the World Time Clock, as it's the favorite meeting place for Berliners. Another must-see is Berliner Fernsehturm or Berliner TV Tower. This is the highest point in the city, with a beautiful 360-degree view. Moreover, on the top is the revolving restaurant.

8. The Berlin Wall & Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Germany
Visit Checkpoint Charlie and remains of the Berlin Wall and learn about the history (photo: private archive)

During the Cold War, back in 1961, Berlin was divided into East and West Berlin by the Berlin Wall. Remains of the Wall are an open-air exhibition available to the public at the Berlin Wall Memorial. A 230 feet long stretch of the Wall is covered with pictures, and audio recordings bring you closer to this infamous time.

Checkpoint Charlie once was a border crossing and a site where the most attempts of escape from East Berlin occurred. Afterward, this was the location of many spy movies, including the James Bond franchise. Today it's a tourist attraction with a checkpoint booth, sandbags, and the flag.

7. Eat & Drink As Germans Do

Currywurst served on a plate
While in Berlin, take time for a quick bite, and make sure to try currywurst (photo: SnaXXy/

If you visit Berlin, you must try currywurst, a simple grilled sausage with a dressing made with curry powder, Worcestershire sauce, and ketchup. This is the favorite meal in Berlin, as they even have a museum dedicated to it.

Indeed, Germans really love their beer as this is home to the largest global beer festival, Oktoberfest, in Munich. Berliners share this passion, so make sure to find the time to sit and drink some beer, like the Berliner Kindle.

6. It's Time for Clubbing

Berghain nightclub in Berlin, Germany
Try getting in in Berghain nightclub and have the time of your life (photo: Simon Tartarotti/

Berlin has become the world's party capital as its clubbing scene is very vibrant, like in Prague. People from all the continents are coming to Berlin just because of its nightlife. However, the most notorious is the Berghain nightclub, the so-called temple of techno. The old power plant with a minimalistic interior has enough space for 1500 guests. 

The Berghain is difficult to get in, as there is always a queue in front of it. Furthermore, you'll be judged by strict security and head doorman Sven Marquardt if you're eligible to enter the club. The entrance rules are preoccupying so many people that you'll find instructions on how to dress, behave in the line, and do's and don'ts to increase your chance of getting in.

5. Berliner Dom and Lustgarten

Lustgarten in Berlin, Germany
When you get tired out of sightseeing and walking, take a break on the grass of Lustgarten and enjoy the views of Berliner Dom (photo: private archive)

Impressive Berliner Dom is located at the end of the beautiful boulevard Unter den Linden and on Museum Island (Spree River Island). Magnificent Berlin Cathedral in renaissance and baroque style is a protestant church.

During the Cold War, while Berlin was divided into the East and West, the Dome belonged to East Berlin. However, after the reunion, the Cathedral was fully restored. The Lustgarten (Pleasure Garden) location is in front of the Berliner Dom. This is a lovely peaceful green space favorite to sit on the grass and rest during the summer. Anyone is welcome, as Berlin is one of the friendliest LGBTQ+ destinations.

4. Tiergarten

Siegessäule in Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany
Make sure to stroll through Tiergarten and see majestic Siegessäule (photo: ArminEP/

London has Hyde Park, New York Central Park, and Berlin has Tiergarten. A beautiful park is a favorite place for recreation or just lying on the grass and soaking up the sun. The large garden has a few notable sites inside its borders. For example, Schloss Bellevue, the palace from the end of the 18th century, is a President's official residence.

One of the most exciting landmarks inside the Tiergarten is the Siegessäule or Victory Column, also known as Grosser Stern. The column with the bronze goddess on top survived World War II without significant damage. Above the statue is a viewing platform, and an incredible view from 167 feet (51 meters) above is worth climbing 285 stairs.

3. Unter den Linden

Unter den Linden Boulevard and Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany
Strolling along Unter den Linden Boulevard is quite nice, as you'll walk by Humboldt University (photo: jensjunge/

Located in the Berlin Mitte, this beautiful boulevard stretches from Brandenburg Gate to the Berliner Dom and the banks of the Spree River. Unter den Linden or Under the Linden, named after the linden trees once spread along the road, is the city's oldest boulevard.

Along the boulevard are some of the city's most impressive buildings. This is a great way to feel Berlin, as you'll need 20 minutes to get from one end to another. On your walk, you'll pass by Staatsoper (Opera house), Humboldt University, Zeughaus (German History Museum), and Neue Wachse (Memorial dedicated to victims of the Nazis).

2. The Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, Germany
Don't forget to visit Charlottenburg Palace and its beautiful gardens (photo: Schreib-Engel/

What once was a royal summer palace today is Berlin's most beautiful castle. The magnificent Charlottenburg is a charming 17th-century rococo palace comparable to those in the other German-speaking capital. Moreover, its surroundings are beautiful and worth visiting, as you can freely enjoy the scenery. Lovely gardens around the castle are called Charlottenburg Palace Park, and besides being beautiful, they also have a peaceful vibe.

The palace consists of an Old Palace and a New Wing, with remarkable exhibitions. One of the must-visit sights is The Belvedere Tea House, with stunning Spree River views and an excellent porcelain exhibition. The Charlottenburg Palace hosts concerts of classical music followed by a gala dinner.

1. Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany
Take your time to admire the astonishing Brandenburg Gate (photo: private archive)

The iconic symbol of Berlin, a neoclassical 85 feet (26 meters) high monument, was built at the end of the 18th century. Twelve Doric columns divided into two rows support the gate. On top of it is Quadriga's beautiful statue (chariot drawn by four horses) ridden by the Roman goddess of victory – Victoria.

The gate survived World War II, and after the Cold War, it symbolized reunion. Today, Brandenburg Gate is one of the most visited attractions, listing Berlin among the favorite city breaks. Near the Brandenburg Gate is Potsdamer Platz, the city's heart, the shopping, and the nightlife center.

As you can see on our top ten list, Berlin is an exciting city with many remains from the Second World War combined with modern ways of life. Although Germans aren't too proud of some of it, this city has a rich history and has inspired town names in the States. After all, this is a city where Hitler spent his last hours, where the infamous bunker was and where he took his life. Thus, we can say that Berlin has risen from the ashes like a Phoenix and become a modern and urban city worthy of a visit.

Have you ever been to Berlin? If so, please, write your impressions about this beautiful city in the comment section. We would like to hear your thoughts.  

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The whole city is like a museum! A week in Berlin is barely enough to see what is most important.

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