Top 10 Ways to Make Your Look Effortless and Cool

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-11-03 08:49:58

Being laid-back and chill (or at least looking like that) is such a trend nowadays. Everybody wants to look as if their outfit was created without any effort – you just seem naturally pretty and chill, right? Luckily, you have many ways to get the look you wish. To master this skill, check out these top ten ways to look fabulous but relaxed simultaneously!

10. Let Your Hair Down 

Messy buns are all over the place, and that's what you need!

Even if you forget that sometimes, your hairstyle actually adds a lot to a look, especially for a night out. It can either ruin it or make it awesome – the choice is yours. Since we're exploring the casual side of styling on this list, you won't need to be a pro for any of our recommendations. In fact, your hair should even get a bit messy for this!

For a casual look, it will be good that your hair falls naturally without making any complicated and orderly hairstyles that don't let any strand out. Moreover, you can make a messy bun – that's a better option, and the one people choose even for formal occasions. Casual and effortless is now the goal for almost everything! Do you like k-pop? Then try one of these popular hairstyles.

9. Try Some Patterns

Patchwork will awaken the creativity in you!

Since clothes create most of the first impression besides hair, you'll have to check on some pieces that make you look casual. What helps the most are some prints and patterns that are either suitable for an everyday look or seem imperfect and laid-back. A classic example of this is patchwork!

Patchwork gives off that "I just sewed this and went out" vibe, and that's how most of the "effortless" ladies on the streets want to look. Your messy bun goes so good with a patchwork cardigan that you'll get addicted. If you want another solution, stripes or checkerboards are also a very casual type!

8. Don't Do the Full Makeup

Andrea knows how to make you look natural and still have some imperfections corrected!

Nothing screams "I spent hours trying to look perfect," like the entire eye makeup and contours. Why would you go out like that when you want to be casual? It makes no sense, so before you look for some nice, effortless clothing, make sure your face is natural and fresh. Nothing will give off more laid-back vibes than your natural look!

Moreover, there's a trick you can do every day if you'd like to cover several imperfections and still look natural. It's called the no-makeup look while you're still wearing some subtle coverage! Once you master that skill, makeup won't bother any of your outfits because it will be slight enough to cover only the stuff that needs support. 

7. Too Much Jewelry Looks… Cheap

Elegant, small jewelry is the best choice to stay casual

Less is more, and jewelry is the best proof of this theory. You should follow this rule when you combine clothes, especially for a casual look. Still, it's even more crucial when you're wearing jewelry. A subtle earrings moment sometimes does more than three bracelets around your hand – it's in the simplicity!

To steer clear of cheap looks, you should avoid layering yourself with too much jewelry on your hands or around your neck in general. In conclusion, it's not crucial only for a casual look. Even when you're having a classy event, the jewelry should be subtle and sophisticated. Not too many colors, not too many layers, and it will be alright!

6. Don't Wear Only Tight Clothes

Loose pants look way more effortless than skinny jeans!

Is it over for skinny jeans? With the growth of effortless style, it seems like they'll have to go away! We're not saying you should quit tight clothes forever, but loose stuff makes an outfit laid-back and light way easier than skinny jeans or tight dresses. These clothes are somewhat formal and not so casual!

If you believe you're too skinny, you'll like layering as well because it will help you visually add a few pounds. Layered clothes also give off that "cool" vibe, and it's one of the best things about winter. In this season, you'll easily style effortless combinations, especially with loose pants, scarves, and turtlenecks!

5. Try Oversized Stuff

It's even easy to combine these clothes

When you're already trying on some loose pieces, why wouldn't you try the fresh trend – oversized clothes? Call them oversized or baggy, but they literally make you look so effortless that people will think you managed it in five minutes. Combine it with a cute, messy bun, and that will do the whole job!

Moreover, this type of clothing goes perfectly with skinny jeans and skirts, so you can even get that classy look. "Baggy" is more like an art movement today, and even celebrities like Ariana Grande promote it religiously. There is something unique to that casual vibe, so you should try it out!

4. Stick to Fewer Colors

A three colors rule saves your time and makes everything easier!

A color party in one outfit is a great way to show off your vibrant energy and positive attitude, and that's what we like to do! However, you should skip that habit when you have a chill walk through the city. Since you want a look that looks casual, avoid complicated combinations that you can't even be sure about!

Combining all those colors you want to mix is an absolute nightmare. You might be doing it very well, but you have to try hard, and that's what we're avoiding in this type of style! Even following the contrast rule will be enough to look effortlessly chic. Contrast does way more than having a colorful mix!

3. Avoid Brands and Logos

These clothing brands often create T-shirts with their logos all over them

Listen, those expensive basic T-shirts that aren't actually basic because they have a brand written all over them are actually… relatively cheap! We recommend ditching this type of clothes for any look ever, but when you want to look effortless, wearing them is primarily the worst decision in this world.

Even though all these luxury brands like Calvin Klein, Dior, Chanel, and others might be excellent, in reality, their logos in your outfit won't give off a casual look. Instead, you'll look like you tried hard to show off that you have a branded shirt. No one cares, and in fact, people don't like seeing that, and they won't consider you casual!

2. A Scarf Changes the Whole Impression

Learn some of the ways from this video – you'll need them!

If you own a scarf or two, you already have a key to a casual look that you'll adore because every top will look great if you style it with a nicely wrapped scarf! It impacts the whole outfit, makes you look sophisticated, and it's perfect for both men and women. Fashionable people that look effortless usually go hand in hand with scarves, and that's not a coincidence!

You'd be surprised if you kept watching YouTube tutorials and googled for hours how to style a scarf because you probably had no idea that the options are so numerous! In fact, you could even wear it as a top in the middle of summer! You can turn a lovely scarf into your best friend and your everyday company when you have the skill.

1. Effortless is Pretty "Casual"

Some of these tips are indeed helpful for every day!

To apply all the rules we've shown you, you have to know the main point. Looking laid-back actually has a lot to do with being casual – in fact, take that as a synonym! In conclusion, all the things we discussed here have to do with a regular day while you're taking a walk or just casually going to the city. Forget these rules when you're on a formal occasion, even though it can be OK to mix them sometimes!

However, you should also know that it's not a challenging task to be a stylish pro when wearing a maxi dress. What's really challenging is looking good daily, and that's what an effortless look is teaching you. Styling the basic clothes is one of the most significant tasks when you're learning about fashion. Still, once you get enough knowledge, you'll be Jack of all trades!

After all, we're glad that the "overdressed" trend went away and that we can finally look natural and be fashionable. An effortless look sometimes takes some effort, though, but we believe it's way better than trying too hard with stuff that looks cheap instead. We hope you found something inspiring on this top ten list!

Do you consider your daily outfits effortless? Do you take much time to get ready, even when you're about to go for a walk?

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