Top 10 Drinks To Instantly Boost Your Health

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Hannah White

Hannah White

Last updated:  2023-11-29 08:39:46

As water is the ultimate drink, we should consume it every day in enormous quantities. Nevertheless, we all surely have a friend who won't drink water and always picks unhealthy soda or cocktail instead to soothe the thirst. Anyway, the water shouldn't be replaced with some trashy junk drink. So, we made this list of top ten drinks that will boost your health and life quality. This includes various teas, healthy juices, and ingredients mixed with water to increase our energy. Therefore, all of them are natural-healers and antioxidants. If you're searching for natural remedies and ways to prevent the flu, colds, and other infections, this is the perfect place for you. It sure is better than to risk it with strange drinks!

10. Cucumber Mint Water

This is a very hydrating drink

The pleasing aroma of a cucumber is so refreshing. You must've sometimes covered the eyelids with the parts of cut cucumber to revive your tired eyes. Therefore, we see the importance of cucumber antioxidant power. Plus, you need only three ingredients to make this healthy drink, including cucumber, water, and mint leaves.

Anyway, to prepare it, you have to put slices of cucumber in the water, since it'll add antioxidant power as well as it'll contribute to a delightful flavor. That's not all, since the cucumber is rich with nutrients and minerals. You can put the mint leaves at the top, as it'll relax the digestion and add to even better taste.

9. Lemon Water

Always use fresh lemons when you prepare this drink

 Lemon water remains to be one of the healthiest beverages. The lemon itself has strong abilities and is rich with multiple vitamins your body needs, although we'll mention only a few of them. Its antioxidant capabilities are so strong and help our bodies remain healthy.

Lemon water is an excellent natural medicine for liver detoxification, balancing the body's pH, and it also improves our immunity. Anyhow, it's so simple to make it, as you only need to squeeze a lemon into the glass of water. You'll feel so energized after only one sip, trust us.

8. Organic Coconut Milk

This is a popular beverage among vegans

 Many diets have healthy coconut milk in their menu; therefore, coconut milk plays a leading role in weight-loss diets since it's an excellent metabolism booster. If you are a fan of its scent, you'll adore drinking it, and at the same time, feeling healthy. Coconut milk is full of antioxidants and several vitamins, including B, C, and E. 

It also incorporates selenium, iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and phosphorus in it. In one research, people who drank coconut milk successfully decreased their level of "bad" cholesterol.

7. Coconut Water Kefir

This healthy drink enjoys popularity worldwide

Many nutritionists claim that coconut kefir is the new Superfood. People produce this healthy remedy from goat, cow, or sheep milk, fermented with kefir grains. Coconut water kefir is excellent as a probiotic since it supports beneficial gut bacteria and boosts your immune system. 

One of the things people like about this drink is its aroma since the recipes' ingredients are kefir and the enjoyable taste of coconut water. Anyway, it helps the body absorb the nutrients from food, and it can even help people with blood pressure and blood sugar problems. We don't see any reason why you shouldn't drink it right away.

6. ACV immunity charger

Apple cider helps with lower blood sugar

This drink combination is an energy bomb! Many of us indeed consume it when we're sick since it's an exceptional cure for seasonal illnesses, and it could even prevent it. To make it, you'll need to mix apple cider vinegar with some raw honey and add a squeezed lemon. 

However, this couldn't be much of a homemade remedy if there isn't a bit of fresh garlic, which will surely improve your immunity. We recommend drinking one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar every morning before breakfast and one before dinner since it will help you lose weight.

5. Organic Chai Tea

Widely popular spicy tea

Organic Chai tea is an ancient Indian beverage that could benefit your health, as it's a fusion of black tea and a mixture of different spices. Although most mixes contain black tea as its base, many other ingredients depend on the region where the tea is made. 

Anyhow, those are the most common ones in the chai tea recipe - cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, clove, fennel, and spicy black pepper. Every single ingredient is an immunity booster and has many disease-fighting properties.

4. Matcha Green Tea

Matcha tea contains less caffeine than black tea or coffee

Regular green tea is an ultimate weight-loss beverage, but the Matcha green tea, made from crushed green tea leaves, is even more beneficial for health. Both contain caffeine but not as much as coffee and black tea. Believe it or not, matcha tea doesn't taste very bitter(ish), but it has a sweet flavor.

However, it also has plenty of benefits - helps fight heart diseases, type two diabetes and lower cholesterol. Anyway, matcha green tea is a great companion in a weight-loss battle. People claim that they feel so refreshing and energized after consuming it.

3. Lemongrass Tea

Helps with reducing the inflammation process

The lemongrass tea flavor is very aromatic, and it's being used for centuries in Ayurvedic Medicine as well as in Traditional Chinese medicine. Lemongrass tea is being used as a healthy refreshment immune-boosting beverage since it's full of vitamin C. It also has many advantages since it helps lower cholesterol levels, relieves pain, boosts red blood cell levels, reduces bloating, and improves your oral health. 

 Even though all homemade remedy drinks from our list help increase body functions, lemongrass tea could relieve anxiety. So, if you have everyday struggles with stress, it's enough to smell the lemongrass scented essential oil, and it'll instantly calm you.

2. Boosted Ginger Tea

We recommend including this drink in your healthy everyday program

If you have problems with digestive disturbances, this is your cup of tea. When winter comes, and all kinds of viruses start attacking us, we will embrace this ultimate ginger tea as it'll be our savior potion. The benefits it has on our immune system are enormous, and one of them is the relaxation of inflammatory pain. 

To make this drink more efficient, you can add organic antioxidants such as cayenne pepper to spice it up and provide better blood circulation. Therefore, we shall drink it preventively, as it helps decrease chronic pain. If you're not a fan of a ginger flavor, you can add honey, peppermint, or healthy lemon into it to make it taste more delightful.

1. Turmeric Juice

Turmeric tea can be beneficial for several skin conditions

This powerful drink is used widely in India, as well as in some parts of Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, the turmeric juice comes from the same family as ginger; therefore, it is delightful and has a bit of spicy taste. If you suffer from achy joints or have arthritis, this strong juice will undoubtedly benefit you. 

Moreover, this is also an excellent remedy for relaxing inflammatory pain. This exquisite golden root juice, filled with antioxidants, and healing compounds, is a refreshing elixir for the entire body.

Now that you've read our healthy-drink top ten list, what do you think of it? Did you find any drinks that you'll start consuming right away? Please, tell us in the comment section. 

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I do start my day with two mugs of regular tea, and it helps speed up my body.

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