Top 10 Same-Age Celebrities That Don’t Look Like They Are Peers

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-15 06:00:07

You know what they say for some people that look too young to be real – they age backward. Meanwhile, others your age might already look like they could be your parents! This biological phenomenon is common everywhere, and many celebrities that are peers actually look like they could be ten years apart. We created a list of ten celeb pairs that will shock you with their different looks, yet they were literally born in the same year!

10. Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Liam Hemsworth

He’ll literally be forever young!

The first pair on our list is already an ultimate shock. If you know both of these faces, you definitely thought they were ten years apart. Sorry to ruin your impression, but Thomas Brodie-Sangster is as old as Liam Hemsworth! If you remember he acted in “Love Actually,” released in 2003, that’s how you’ll realize he aged!

While Hemsworth has always been a hot guy that looks mature yet optimistic and lighthearted, his peer Brodie-Sangster is a literal baby! While both are handsome in their own ways, Thomas can keep getting teenage roles even in his 30s. Liam’s roles are also pretty exciting, though – it depends on your taste!

9. Dahyun (TWICE) and Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)

Soyeon is the top tier of this category!

These Korean ladies are some of the most influential artists in their fields. Soyeon is the ultimate rapper in the industry, and Dahyun is the original comedian who makes everyone smile. Their different nature is probably why it also looks like Dahyun could be Soyeon’s younger sister, and is a perfect example of fake maknae. However, both of them are ‘98 liners!

It’s hard to tell which girl looks more attractive, mainly because their beauties are intensely different. However, it’s insane to think that the baby-faced walking meme Dahyun was born the same year as the intimidating queen of (G)I-DLE. They’re the ideal example of how both sides can make it in the industry and become superstars!

8. Adele and Vanessa Hudgens 

Adele’s been gorgeous lately!

If any generation is hugely relevant in the industry, it’s theirs! Adele is undoubtedly the most extraordinary voice among her peers. Likewise, Vanessa Hudgens is an actress that made it into mainstream media success smoothly. However, did you know that these two are both ’88 liners? Vanessa’s insanely youthful face wouldn’t agree with her age!

When we say that the ’88 liners in the industry are indeed some of the biggest names, we also mean that most K-drama icons were born precisely that year. Another iconic name, again in the acting world, is Emma Stone, an Academy Award winner who also refuses to age!

7. Neil Patrick Harris and Pharrell Williams

He’s pretty iconic as a person as well!

Admit it, you’d never tell Pharrel Williams is older than 30. Sorry to ruin it, but he’s a ’73 liner, just like the iconic actor Neil Patrick Harris! When you look up all the prominent ’73 liners, you’ll realize most of them look their age, but Pharrell clearly stopped aging at some point. Lucky guy – of course, he has many reasons to be “happy!”

Of course, we’re not saying that Neil Patrick Harris looks old, but with the baby-faced Pharrell in his category, we’d say he fits his age. He’s the ideal example of how you’re never too old to be the king of Halloween, to have endless fun, and to enjoy life. We bet he’ll always stay like that!

6. Melanie Martinez and Gigi Hadid

Gigi’s energy is so incredible in this interview!

Gigi Hadid is another example of a model with that stunning face. Not in terms of “stunning beauty,” but the intimidating look in her eyes! Gigi looks like an ordinary ’95 liner, but some of her peers from showbiz look like they could still be in their early twenties. A good example is Melanie Martinez!

To be more precise, Melanie could pass as a 17-year-old teen still at school! Her “Crybaby” alter ego fits her like a glove since this character is portrayed as very young, and Melanie doesn’t seem to age. This cute legend has been sweet since 2015 when she released her debut album!

5. Sarah Hyland and Jennifer Lawrence

Things haven’t changed a lot, but her earlier roles were a rollercoaster

We’ve come to a pair where none of the ladies seem particularly “older” than her age, but Sarah Hyland is still the one who looks like a teenager! Her cute face will ensure this actress will always get amusing roles, so Sarah is one of the comedy legends of her generation. She was born in 1990, just like her peer, Jennifer Lawrence!

While Sarah is a comedy goddess, Lawrence always had the face that gave her serious film parts. Her movies are very beloved, and she’s a name you always hear. For her talent and gorgeousness, of course! Her highest-grossing movie is undoubtedly “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” an instant classic.

4. Wheein (Mamamoo) and Nayeon (TWICE)

This woman will never age!

When discussing the original mature women of 3rd generation K-pop girl groups, someone always brings up Mamamoo, and we couldn’t agree more. Those four ladies look like the mothers of K-pop and sound like the four mature goddesses that are unlike any other group. Meanwhile, TWICE is a sweet group with cute concepts, and their oldest member looks like she’s still a teenager!

However, Mamamoo ladies and TWICE’s Nayeon are the similar age, with Wheein being Nayeon’s peer. With her bunny teeth and cute smile, Nayeon’s baby face gives her endless youth and freshness authentic to her aura. Wheein is the absolute opposite even though she’s the same age – still a gorgeous woman, anyway!

3. Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks

We wouldn’t say so!

Some people are living proof of aging backward – this is not a drill, and Brad Pitt is here to show you it’s a real thing! The most valid confirmation of his endless youth is a fair comparison to his ’63 peers in the industry. For example, Tom Hanks is still a massive film star worldwide, but his age is very evident on his face!

Of course, Brad Pitt also has some gray shades in his beard, but it emphasizes his sexiness and doesn’t make him look old. His hair and facial features are still on point, which Brad has been well-known for ages. On the other hand, we shouldn’t forget that Tom Hanks is the nation’s cultural icon!

2. Selena Gomez and Cardi B

Selena’s “My Mind and Me” is one of the most emotional tracks she’s ever written

The ‘92 liners are pretty diverse if we look at this example. Do you see any similarities between Selena and Cardi? Except that both of them are queens? Yet, Cardi could basically be Selena’s mom! However, while Gomez isn’t necessarily a mature woman physically, she’s mentally such a mom friend and a great role model.

Moreover, the funny thing is that Cardi is also only a few months older than Ariana Grande, a ’93 liner well-known for her youthful style, hair, and cute face. Seems like Cardi is the ultimate mother among her peers in the industry – she’s also a mother of two, caring about her family with Offset a lot.

1. JoJo Siwa and Olivia Rodrigo

She’s still a cute kid up to this day!

If we usually should save the best for last, this example is more than suitable for the top spot. It’s insanely unbelievable, but we aren’t joking – JoJo Siwa isn’t 12, and Olivia Rodrigo was born the same year as her! These ’03 liners seem to break all the boundaries and stereotypes... So much that aging is also a complex thing for them!

Furthermore, it’s insane how much Rodrigo achieved at such a young age, and it’s even hard to tell what her net worth is, but it’s estimated to be… A lot! She’s also a Grammy winner, and the success is yet to come. Meanwhile, JoJo Siwa made her fortune with shiny ribbons and bright colors, which is also impressive. Go, girls!

Luckily, most of these superstars are gorgeous, no matter if they look younger or older than they should. In fact, all of them look the way they should – beauty standards have nothing to do with age. You can look like a teenager and still be hot chic, and you can have grey hair and be the ultimate sex symbol!

Which celebrity pair from the list was your greatest shock? Which pair would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Photo: Instagram/Cardi B



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