Top 10 European Cities to Visit When Looking for Wild Nightlife

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-31 07:53:30

Everyone has reasons for traveling – broadening your horizons is the number one motivation, but it has various aspects. For some, it's shopping, but for others, it could be nightlife! Bars and nightclubs are essential to traveling since everyone likes to let loose while on vacation. If you're searching for the best nightlife in Europe, we'll show you ten cities that never sleep and that will give you all the energy you need!

10. Paris, France

20 recommendations are already a lot to visit!

Paris is well-known as a city where you can feel like royalty – its art, romance, and culture are incomparable to any other place. Hence, you can imagine how inspiring and attractive the club scene is! You can find most clubs in Bastille, Pigalle, and The Latin Quarter.

Moreover, Paris is the ideal place to visit cabarets. These sites were made for old souls that like the movies "Cabaret" and "Moulin Rouge" and will be an experience you've never had before in a club. Thus, it's far from a casual night out and part of an authentic cultural aspect of the city. Who'd say you can combine tradition and party!

9. London, UK

Not visiting Soho would be a crime!

Are you looking for a city where you'll hang out with big names and hear them on stage? London was made for you, as there's an exciting gig every night! The pubs also allow you to dance while drinking beer and immediately feel at home. Shoreditch and South Bank are the areas to visit if you're looking for clubs!

The area of London that you should see at all costs is Soho, where you'll party like there's no tomorrow. This area is 100% LGBTQ+ friendly, and you'll see all sorts of people celebrating life. While you'll need more money to party the way you want there, it will surely be worth every pound!

8. Budapest, Hungary

The nightlife in Budapest is getting really serious!

Maybe you imagine Budapest as the home of artistic buildings – the Parliament, Fisherman's Bastion, or Heroes' Square… And it's all true! However, this city doesn't lack the wild side, as its clubbing scene is more than just a few bars and restaurants where you can sit in the evening. Furthermore, the combination of colors, loud music, and alcohol won't cost as much as in London!

Besides all the iconic clubs and the buildings taking your breath away, Budapest is well-known for its thermal baths. You'll find them at every corner of the city, and you can spend most of the day there. Good news – some baths throw pool parties frequently, and those are wild enough to stay there until the morning!

7. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a decent choice when visiting Spain

Here we come to the country we'll mention more than once on this list because partying is in their blood. If anyone knows how to enjoy life, it's the hot-blooded Spaniards. Most of their cities are so wild that they never sleep – especially during summer! Spain is the number one destination for clubbing, and so is Madrid!

If you choose Madrid for your party capital, visit Teatro Kapital, a giant area with seven floors where you'll never decide which part to visit. Hence, you'll definitely spend more than one night there. We recommend you dress up like it's the most elegant place you've ever visited because people are gorgeous there!

6. Krakow, Poland

You'll feel forever young in Krakow

This city is criminally underrated, and we won't let that ruin your impression – Krakow could be the nightlife capital if it were a little more famous! Europeans that know how to party hard usually choose Krakow as their primary destination. Additionally, it's a great option for holidays, especially New Year's Eve!

Moreover, Krakow was made for you if you're a hot-blooded student that wants to meet more students from the rest of the world that came to the party. Music is loud, youth is all over the streets, and everything's so sweet yet wild. The main square already has a lot of options, but if you explore a bit more, you'll find a paradise!

5. Berlin, Germany

This city is the wildest party in Europe!

Are you searching for the unusual? Utterly unconventional? Something you don't see every day? A club scene that is so odd you'll be in shock every minute? Welcome to Berlin, then! This city is home to all the weird sides of life, and it's a combination of everything and anything you could imagine. Its tumultuous history has much to do with the clubbing scene, anyway!

Furthermore, the best tip we could give you is to take your sweet time preparing for the party since they start at 10PM or later. However, they last until 3 or 4AM, so you'll be lost in the atmosphere and forget the time. Ask locals where they're heading, and let them take you to the madness!

4. Ibiza, Spain

Party like a God!

After the wildest Berlin, let's return to Spain, the country that knows how to keep the vibe as high as possible! Ibiza is usually considered the clubbing capital of the continent and the whole world! This island brings positive energy, youth, and louder music than you imagine. Live music, DJ sets, and hot temperatures all the way!

Actually, Ibiza will give you fantastic summer relaxing days if you visit it when you can still swim and enjoy the weather. It's a myth that this island was made only for the nightlife. However, if you're looking for the clubbing epicenter, go to the eastern part of the island – Playa d'en Bossa. That will surely do the job!

3. Belgrade, Serbia

Tourists have yet to discover this gem in Europe

Here's another city that is underrated, even more than Krakow. However, we must admit people have appreciated its nightlife more and more during the past few years! The legend says that a city was made for nightlife if its name starts with B, and Belgrade isn't an exception. On the contrary, it's everything a young party animal dreams of!

Just imagine a city that is big enough to walk around for days and explore stuff, where you can eat delicious food for less money than you expect. Then the night comes, and the clubs are pretty inexpensive. Still, the atmosphere is constantly lit, the people are gorgeous, and it feels like you've found your new favorite! Therefore, Belgrade offers the best cheap nightlife in Europe.

2. Budva, Montenegro

An evening won't be enough to taste what Budva has to offer

The only Balkan city (whose name starts with B as well – is it a coincidence?) that is more focused on nightlife than Belgrade is Budva, which is not too far away from Belgrade! Spending at least one week by the sea in Budva is enough to satisfy all your partying needs, as the clubs are high-class, packed all the time, and the gigs are fantastic!

Like Belgrade, Budva offers you more reasonable prices than the other recommendations, and the food and drinks are some of the best you'll ever try. The vibe's always high, even when the season is over, but during the summer, your head will be dizzy from those late-night parties!

1. Barcelona, Spain

You've never seen this kind of nightlife before!

And for the last time, let's return to our ultimate clubbing epicenter. Spain will give you the warmest hug, quite literally. If you're looking for the ideal place to party, choose Barcelona over anything else. This city's quarters are full of opportunities, and they're everywhere. Therefore you can take advantage of them!

Moreover, choose a Barcelona boat trip if you're looking for a lavish boat party that will awaken all your senses. Barcelona's Olympic Port offers all the types of boat parties that you've never seen before. After that, you'll head to another club, and the night will never end. Barcelona is a literal dream!

Luckily, some of these cities are very close to each other geographically, and you don't have to spend ages visiting all of them. You could make a European tour for a month and party like there's no tomorrow, and you'd still manage to visit all these cities! If you decide to try clubbing in Europe, believe us, you'll remember that experience forever!

Is nightlife your main reason for traveling? Do you have a lot of options in your town as well? Let us know in the comments section!

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