Top 10 Travel Essentials That You Need to Buy on Black Friday

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

Last updated:  2022-12-22 18:00:04

Good luggage is an essential part of every trip, and there are a few different types of bags, all designed to suit your needs. While packing up for your journey, you'll choose a variety of luggage that fits your requirements best. For example, if you often travel by plane, you want to go with a rolling suitcase. For a short trip to New York, hand luggage is more appropriate. However, for a hiking trip, you'll need a good backpack.

So as you can see, if you love traveling, there are some basic types of luggage you just must have. Still, this isn't a cheap investment, even if you choose non-designer ones. Therefore, there's no better time to buy your luggage than Black Friday sales. To save you some time and money, we've prepared for you our top ten list of travel essentials that you'll love and need to buy immediately.  

10. Accessories

Travel accessories
Wide variety of travel accessories (photo: Supply/

We have all sorts of travel accessories, but they are usually not as expensive as luggage. Still, you can shop for some designer ones if you wish to spend a lot more money. Firstly we have accessories for your suitcases, such as ID tags, covers, straps, and key locks. They all have numerous design styles, so you can make your suitcase unique by combining these accessories.

Among others, most wanted products are passport covers, travel wallets, toiletry & cosmetic kits, as well as travel pillows. So check out online Black Friday deals for these must-have accessories.

9. Travel Totes & Laptop Bag

Men messenger laptop bag
Classic men's messenger laptop bag (photo: Andrew Neel/

Mainly used by the ladies to give them more space for the necessities, totes provide plenty of space for your laptop, neck pillow, headphones, makeup, and other essentials. This is the perfect hand luggage for a smother airplane ride. 

Today, a laptop bag is necessary, and luckily, we have a few options. For example, we have the basic one, a messenger bag with basic compartments for your laptop. If you don't like to wear your bag over the shoulder, we suggest a laptop backpack. However, if you are a business person, we recommend a laptop briefcase, as you'll have much more space. These bags sell out at high prices, so consider buying them on a Black Friday.

8. Garment Bags

A video showing how to pack a suit in a garment bag (video:

Finally, something for the gents, since the garment bags are ideal for business travelers to prevent wrinkling on the clothes. These bags have a hanger for your suits and separate compartments for your shirts and ties. All your clothes will be wrinkle-free as much as possible.

Therefore a garment bag is a must! Also, every successful business person knows that the best time to buy the bag is during the Black Friday sales because they sell at extra low prices.

7. Kids Luggage

Kids luggage
Choose luggage for your children carefully. It needs to be something that they wanna carry themselves (photo: Supply/

Don't forget the young ones! If you love to travel and wish to pass that love to your children, you must buy them their exciting luggage. Kids love to pack their bags and stroll around the airport with suitcases, so make sure that you buy them some nice ones.

Kids' luggage comes in various designs, so surely you'll find something for your little ones. You can choose from Disney or Marvel, Cars, or Unicorns. Therefore, use Black Friday discounts to get some awesome stuff for your little ones. Check out the choices at, as we are sure you'll find some bargaining.

6. Duffel Bag

Leather duffel bag
Duffel bag (photo: Jed Owen/

The duffel bag is perfect for a weekend getaway and short trips. Light, soft carry-on luggage easily fits the overhead compartment or under the airplane's seat. However, you should consider a few options when buying a duffel bag.

You can go with a classic one with handles or a shoulder strap or even wheels, depending on how you'll use it. You can find a simple duffle bag at Black Friday sales for under $30 at

5. Backpack

People hiking with backpacks
Well packed backpacks are the best option for a hiking trip (photo: Dmytro Matsiuk/

If you are going on a city-hopping or a hiking trip, backpacks are the perfect option. However, you can choose a classic backpack or a wheeled backpack depending on your preferred transportation. The ones with wheels are better for airports, and the classic ones are better for hiking trips.

Moreover, a good backpack is something you need to have. It would be wise to use a Black Friday and buy some quality backpack at an 80% discount because the regular price goes up to $400 at Samsonite.

4. Luggage Sets

A luggage set
Three pairs of luggage sets (photo: Italic/

If you wish to replace your old suitcases and start from scratch, you might consider buying a luggage set. This is a suitable option if you want to be well prepared for a trip to faraway lands like the Maldives or Thailand.

Either way, it's a shame not to use Black Friday's sale and get some luggage set at discount prices. Check out the offers from Macy's, Walmart, Samsonite, Swiss Gear, and, and find yourself a set.

3. Hard-side Luggage

Hard-side suitcases
Set of two hard-side suitcases (photo: TonyPrats/

This is the best option for your checked luggage. Hard-side luggage is waterproof and made from durable polycarbonate (light), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, and polycarbonate composite (budget-friendly). You'll have some options to choose from, as they make it as two-wheel rolling luggage or rolling spinner luggage for a more leisurely ride.

Black Friday is the best option to buy a suitcase, as you can get them for up to 80% off the price. Make sure you check some best deals on or Samsonite.

2. Soft-side Luggage

soft-side luggage
Soft-side suitcase left unattended at the airport hall (photo: Michał Parzuchowski/

Same as hard-side luggage, soft-side luggage is perfect for checked luggage. Soft-side suitcases are ideal if you tend to overpack because they have outside compartments for last-minute items. They're also available as two-wheel rolling luggage or rolling spinner luggage. The suitcases are very light, as they are made from polyester or nylon. However, you might consider buying a water-resistant coating to keep your clothes dry.

On a Black Friday sale, you can get one to soothe your needs for 50% off. Check out Swiss gear Black Friday discounts for some perfect soft-side luggage. Moreover, you can save up to $240 at Macy's, so check it out!

1. Hand Luggage

A woman dragging a hand luggage on wheels
It's easier to stroll with your hand luggage if it has wheels (photo: Gabrielle Henderson/

Hand luggage comes as soft and hard side suitcases. It has two types of wheels: two-wheel rolling or rolling spinner luggage. This is the perfect solution for your carry-on luggage because it can fit into an overhead compartment on the plane.

Moreover, it's much easier to roll a suitcase than carry a duffel bag or a backpack. So choose wisely and don't miss out on Black Friday sales, get the perfect fit for you at, and save more than 50%.

As you can see, traveling is not so simple, and you need to be ready. Luggage can be quite expensive, so you should buy some quality goods that will last longer. After all, you won't be buying a suitcase for every trip, so don't be stingy; instead, wait for Black Friday discounts and buy some awesome stuff at reasonable prices.

Hope you liked our top ten suggestions for Black Friday sales. Do you enjoy Black Friday sales? What was the best deal that you've got? Please, write to us in the comment section.



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