Top 10 Gorgeous Greek Islands That Will Enchant You

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

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For numerous reasons, Greece is one of the most beloved Mediterranean summer destinations. The country has a long coastline, and many beautiful islands are the main tourist spots during hot summer days. Furthermore, Greece is also full of ancient ruins, beautiful nature, and vivid nightlife. Thus, there are many excellent places to spend your holiday and enjoy your vacation. Hence, you just need to pick a spot that suits you and bring your summer beach outfits. We'll help you with that by introducing the top ten list of famous Greek islands that will enchant you in every way. So, without further ado, grab your favorite summer drink, and let's look at the best among them.

10. Corfu Island

Turquouise water of Corfu Island, Greece.
Beautiful turquoise waters surrounding the Corfu Island (Photo: arshopenby/

One of the most affordable and best Greek islands is not to be underestimated, as you can find superb budget accommodation here. Beautiful Corfu town, with its narrow stone-paved streets and charming restaurants, will sweep you away. Its unique combination of cosmopolitan and traditional architectural style is quite charming. The town is full of history, so you might want to explore it a bit.

The main tourist spots are on the island's east coast, as sandy and pebbly beaches take turns. Most small towns and villages are more suitable for families and those seeking a peaceful vacation. However, on the southern part of the island is Kavos, which is a different story. This is a party place attracting young people looking for fun. The most beautiful beach on the island, Paleokastritsa, is on the west coast. This gorgeous location with crystal clear waters will enchant you, though the sea can be cold.

9. Cos/Kos Island

A group of windsurfers on the sea.
Kos is a paradise for windsurfers (Photo: andrewpark0010/

Kos or Cos is the birthplace of the father of medicine, Hippocrates. This Greek island is located just a few miles from the Turkish coast. The island has a reputation as the sunniest in the Dodecanese group, yet we must say it's also the windiest.

Kos has it all: beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, budget and luxury hotels, vivid nightlife, and excellent surfing options. The main attraction is the capital of the island Kos, with its picturesque old town, stunning promenade, and lovely marina. Moreover, in the evening, its streets become vivid and full of entertainment. As we mentioned, Kos is windy, so it's trendy among windsurfers and kitesurfers, offering ideal conditions for these activities.

8. Thassos Island

The shore of Thassos island, Greece.
Thassos Island is suitable for a peaceful vacation (Photo: alexman89/

If you are looking for a peaceful vacation, beautiful sandy beaches, and lush vegetation, Thasos is the right place. Moreover, it's popular among hikers, as the island has excellent trails spread all around it.

Limenas is the capital and the main port of the island. This charming little town is modern but kept its ancient walls and harbor. However, the island's largest town is Limenaria, one of the main tourist spots. It has a stunning sandy beach and a lot of restaurants and cafes. Potos is more vivid and attracts younger people with various restaurants and cafes. However, this is a more family and tranquil holiday, so the nightlife is not as exciting as on other islands.

7. Skiathos Island

Koukonaries beach surrounded by pine forest at Skiathos Island, Greece.
Beautiful Koukounaries beach is surrounded by a thick pine forest (Photo: dimitrisvetsikas1969/

It might be a small island area-wise, but Skiathos has a beautiful coastline with 66 magnificent beaches. With a reputation as an island with affordable prices, it's a part of the National Park, home to rare animals like Mediterranean seals. Moreover, it's a perfect place to explore nearby islands with lush vegetation and pristine beaches.

The capital, Skiathos town, has an old part and a charming harbor. Along the main pedestrian streets are scattered lovely small restaurants and bars. Moreover, this is a primary spot for nightlife on the island. The most attractive beach here is Koukounaries beach. This sandy beach, splashed with turquoise waters, is surrounded by a thick pine forest. 

6. Cephalonia / Kefalonia Island

Myrtonos beach at Kefalonia island, Greece.
Stunning beauty of Myrtos beach at Kefalonia Island will sweep you away (Photo: Great2Travel/

Ideally positioned in the central part of the astonishing Ionian Sea, beautiful Cephalonia is perfect for nature lovers. The west part of this lovely island consists of mountains, steep cliffs, and a rocky coastline. Yet, the east side has beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages. The island is full of charming bays and caves, so it's a paradise for adventure seekers. Moreover, Cephalonia or Kefalonia has excellent food and drinks, especially Robola and Muscat wines.

Most of the island beaches are awarded the Blue Flag for their cleanliness. The best and most famous beach is Myrtos, with white sand and turquoise waters surrounded by steep cliffs.

5. Zakynthos Island

Navagio Beach in Zakynthos, Greece.
Navagio Beach in Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful European beaches (Photo: Walkerssk/

The incredible natural landscape and fabulous beaches are the main attractions of Zakynthos Island, one of the most beautiful Greek islands. Moreover, this is home to the endangered sea turtle species laying their eggs in the warm sand. One of the most beautiful European beaches is on Zante island, the famous Navagio (Shipwreck) beach. One of the island's trademarks is a picturesque white sandy beach with magical turquoise waters, surrounded by dramatic towering cliffs. 

Besides gorgeous beaches, the central mountain part of Zakynthos is full of sleepy stone villages surrounded by pine forests and scattered monasteries. The architecture of the island's capital, Zakynthos Town, is mainly influenced by Venetians. The main shopping areas are charming Solomos Square and Agios Markos Square, circled by paved streets. Among the central tourist spots, Laganas stands out as a party destination.

4. Rhodes Island

Lindos town on Rhodes island in Greece.
Beautiful bay at Lindos town on Rhodes Island looks quite charming (Photo: steel902/

Home of the famous Colossus, Rhodes Island is full of ancient ruins and historical places to visit. Moreover, it has stunning beaches and plenty of diverse places to stay. Rhodes Town is known for its beautiful pristine Eli beach, the charming old part, and the modern area with high-end fashion boutiques. Moreover, it's trendy among younger people seeking fun and vivid nightlife.

South of Rhodes Town is beautiful Kalithea, with stunning beaches and a calm sea, favorite among those seeking peace and quiet. Furthermore, to the south is a vibrant Faliraki, with both luxurious and budget hotels. Yet the main attraction of the place is its vivid nightlife. One more exciting place on the island is a charming Lindos with an impressive acropolis surrounded by cliffs and emerald coves. Moreover, this location is known for its superb hotels and resorts. Ixia is the central tourist spot with luxury hotels located on the windy west part of the island.

3. Santorini Island

A look at the sea from the top of the caldera in Santorini island, Greece.
Santorini has the best views from the top of the caldera (Photo: contact1435/

One of the most popular Greek islands for sure is Santorini. This area has stunning black volcanic sand beaches, making them more appealing. However, the main attractions are the hotels settled up high on the top of the caldera. The beautiful and luxurious resorts decorated in Greek style combining white and blue colors and luxuriously equipped, offer gorgeous views.

The ones who have stayed in Santorini became mesmerized by the stunning sunsets, as this is a lifetime memory. People often joke regarding Santorini's beaches, as the most beautiful ones are hard to get to, and the road is only accessible on a donkey. But don't be discouraged, as you can walk or take a boat ride to them.

2. Crete Island

Pinky sand Elafonisi beach on Crete island, Greece.
The mesmerizing beauty of the pink sandy Elafonisi Beach on Crete Island (Photo: jarekgrafik/

The largest Greek island attracts various travelers. Due to its large area, Creta is suitable for everyone. The main tourist spots are on the north part of the island, as the south coast is windier and wilder. So going from the east, the jet setters will find a perfect place for themselves, as the charming towns of Agios Nikolaos and Elounda have the reputation of a high-end luxurious stay.

In the central part of the island are small towns and villages suitable for family vacations. Still, the charming Rethymno Town offers the most fun for the younger population seeking a good time. On the western part is Chania, known for fun activities, excellent hotels, and sandy beaches. And one of the most beautiful European beaches, Elafonisi beach, is on the southwest part of the island, recognizable by its pink sand.

1. Mykonos Island

Windmills on Mykonos island, Greece.
Beautiful old windmills dominate Mykonos island (Photo: benibeny/

Mykonos Island became a jet set's playground. During the summer, this is the must-visit destination for celebrities. Why is that, you might wonder? Mykonos has gained its reputation as a hotspot for parties, and besides excellent beaches, it has luxurious hotels and resorts that attract rich people.

The clubbing scene on Mykonos is a major hit on the island and the highest-selling point among those with a bit deeper pockets seeking a good time. Moreover, the island is highly rated among the LGBT population, as they have gay-only resorts. So this island is what they like to call home, as they feel liberated.

There are many more beautiful Greek islands, smaller and less accessible, but not a bit less gorgeous. However, we couldn't fit them all on our top ten list, so we leave them for you to explore.

Have you visited any of the islands on our list? What is your favorite one? Please tell us your impressions in the comment section below. 

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