Top 10 Fashion Tips to Feel Comfortable for Long Road Trips

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-06-12 07:20:09

It's easy to pull a sexy look when you're having a night out, and then you're going back home in a few hours. But what if you have a really long ride ahead, traveling for a thousand miles? That's the occasion when you really have to prioritize feeling comfortable since wearing something that's only pretty won't help you sit in a bus or car for hours. There's always a fine line between comfy and trendy, so check out our top ten suggestions on what to wear when you have to ride for too long!

10. Forget High Heels

Avoid heels in general, but especially these

There is only one thing that should be even more comfortable than your clothes – your shoes. We can't imagine how terrible a long road trip would be if your feet hurt, so don't dare try that at home! Many shoe types may not fit the shape of your feet, but the type that usually makes you uncomfortable is high heels.

Moreover, you don't have to wear high heels at all when you're traveling since no one cares about that. Are your stilettos so high that you look way taller? Your height won't matter that much since you're mostly sitting while riding in a bus or car. Furthermore, it's not like you're wearing a party dress, and heels are the only option. Avoid that burden!

9. Tracksuits Can Look Hot, Too!

Some of these would probably fit your taste, so browse ideas around the Internet!

Remember that your main goal is to look comfortable, so you definitely should avoid stuff that's way too elegant or problematic to pull. Tracksuits may not be something you wear when you're having a particular occasion, and you probably do it only for a workout or a casual walk. Still, traveling is an excellent excuse to get a cute tracksuit outfit!

Luckily, tracksuits don't have to be all black and plain anymore since brands are now making fancy and feminine pieces that look trendy. With a tracksuit, you'll look like a cool voyager that's experienced and knows how to mix comfortable, casual, and stylish! A fashionable tracksuit will become your new best friend when traveling.

8. Ditch Too Skinny Jeans

There are alternatives!

...Wear something loose instead! Girls are so used to skinny jeans that they tend to forget that road trips can be exhausting, and your clothing can make you frustrated. Skinny jeans indeed look amazing, but you shouldn't forget that staying too long in them can make your legs itchy, and it might start to hurt!

Moreover, the loose and baggy options you can try are even more popular and appreciated now, fitting the road trip concept! Every girl wants to pull the 90s trend, baggy jeans, so if you have a cardigan or a jacket that complements them, go and get yours. You'll travel in them more often than you think because you'll realize it's the most comfortable and calm!

7. Don't Wear Too Much Jewelry

It isn't too easy to pull jewelry in a proper way

All these tips we already gave you on the list probably suggest that you shouldn't wear anything that seems like a "burden." Another load that you shouldn't carry with you is jewelry – try reducing accessories of that type as much as you can since you won't need that. Jewelry is for fancier occasions!

Moreover, if you take too many accessories with you, you'll end up overthinking whether your jewelry is safe. When traveling, you should let your hair down and leave all your problems at home. Leave the expensive stuff then, including jewelry, which can only cause problems.

6. Wear a Medium Bag with a Neutral Color

Let these bags inspire you!

A crucial part of an outfit is definitely a decent bag that fits your whole image. A good bag is essential even more when you're on a road trip since you'll need some space for the stuff you don't want to put in your suitcase. The practical part of choosing the bag isn't too hard, but what about picking the right style and size?

Choosing the proper bag shouldn't be a problem if you know what colors you're combining. Sometimes it's easier to match the hue than find a similar fabric. When the color is the same, it looks effortlessly fabulous! The best bags for long road trips are a bit bigger and have a versatile, neutral hue.

5. Don't Wear Too Warm Sweaters 

Choose the one accordingly

If you're not going to the coldest places on Earth or to the North, you'll be fine with a light sweatshirt while you're sitting in a bus. Don't layer too much even though you think it's the safest option, because you won't feel good – it will get too hot no matter if it's summer or winter. Get ready for temperature changes!

You can get ready to go out of the bus by putting on your jacket or another layer of clothes. It's just essential that the base is comfortable – not too light, but definitely not too thick, since you'll regret getting too sweaty. Lighter sweatshirts are even more fashionable and look more fabulous! 

4. ...But Bring One Of Them for the Night Trip

Put some music on to enjoy the atmosphere

If you'll have to spend the night riding, too, make sure you definitely have a warmer sweater by your side and not in the suitcase – it has to be close to you in case it gets cold. It's always easy to get cold at night, so your light sweatshirt won't be enough in a few hours. Don't put the sweater on when it's warm, but always have one of them close!

If you're the one driving at night, take care and stay safe even if you have to change your clothes and put on something warmer – park your car and do it then. You have to be even more careful at night - you can also easily catch a cold, so don't even think about looking chic. Be comfortable and safe, and wear more layers!

3. Get Sunglasses 

Learn from Lydia which accessories are a must!

If you have a long road trip and it's summer, we hope you didn't forget your sunglasses and hats at home, since that would cause trouble! When the trip is really long, it doesn't matter if it was cloudy when you left home, since the sun can appear anytime. And if it does, you'll be better off with sunglasses!

Moreover, accessories like these are incredibly chic, and you can even take the best pictures with them. Not only will sunglasses make your eyes more comfortable, but you'll also look better with them. Hence, sunglasses basically always have your back! You might also want to combine sunglasses with a hat, so take that one with yourself, too!

2. Make Sure Your Clothing Has Comfortable Fabric

If it's summer, you have to care for the fabric even more!

Alright, so your clothing is baggy, loose, and nothing is too tight. However, something feels itchy. Well, that's the worst-case scenario that could happen. The jeans might be OK as skinny, but it's trouble if your turtleneck irritates like crazy! No one can take a long road trip if the clothing isn't made of fabric that suits your skin!

Actually, the best option is to stick to the thing you've already worn since you probably know what clothes' fabrics didn't itch in the past. Don't experiment too much, and try new stuff when you stay in them for a shorter time. The fabrics should be familiar to you when you're on a road trip!

1. Take a Jacket with You Even If It's Warm 

A spring jacket is enough unless it's wintertime

After all the recommendations about clothing in the bus or car while traveling, you shouldn't forget that one thing that you'll definitely need if the trip is long. There isn't any season of the year when you don't need a jacket 24/7 – you'll probably require it at least at one point while you're leaving the vehicle for any reason.

Of course, everyone needs a break, especially when the road trip is too long. Hence, don't forget that you'll need a breath of fresh air and a jacket to keep yourself warm if it's already night or it has just become too cold. Jackets are now an inevitable part of cute and trendy street-style outfits, so don't hesitate to bring yours!

Of course, even if you aren't too satisfied with your road trip style, remember that no one expects you to look like you've just done your makeup - it's crucial to feel comfy. You'll be excited and happy no matter what you're wearing!

How do you dress for road trips? Is it vital that you look fabulous even on that occasion? Let us know in the comments section what you think about our top ten list!

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