Top 10 Mixed Drinks That Actually Taste Amazing and Are Safe to Consume

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-04-28 06:00:07

Some party animals love to create chaos when mixing drinks and making cocktails in their kitchen. Although their kitchen isn't a science lab, it seems like that since you never know what new they'll discover and try! However, some drinks should never be mixed together, so make your combos carefully. Here are our top ten recommendations on which beverages can be mixed no matter what!

10. Orange Juice and... Almost Everything

Orange juice and vodka mix is such a classic option!

Alcohol's best friend is orange juice, and that's the essential thing to know about mixing alcoholic beverages. Most cocktails have a little bit of orange color, and it's all coming from the same juice. Its taste is versatile and makes alcohol smoother to drink, yet it doesn't make it lose its bitter note!

Furthermore, one of the most famous alcohol mixtures is Screwdriver. While the name sounds odd, it's all about vodka and orange juice. Vodka is very suitable for this beverage, and it's not the only example. Tequila Sunrise is also pretty much orange, and you can guess which ingredient is responsible for that!

9. Lager and Coke

The reaction is quite realistic!

You won't find many beer types on this list since beer isn't much of a good friend. It's a complex task to find its ideal combination, so ditching it when you want to mix alcohol is easier. Avoid vomiting and hangovers, and don't mix beer (especially a strange one) with anything – unless you have a lager beer and a bottle of Coca-Cola nearby!

Moreover, lager and coke are still a mystery among many people, but if you're adventurous, give this mixture a try since it definitely won't kill you. A more conventional option for mixing drinks with lager is lemonade. If you want something safer, go with lemonade and save coke for another day. Both are satisfying, anyway!

8. Champagne and Cognac

Feel the real luxury of this taste

Mixing beverages might sound like a thing that only teenagers at home parties do. While it's generally true that they like combining different flavors the most, especially with alcohol, it's not just a children's game. You can find some prestigious combinations among all the options, and we're representing the ultimate luxury combo – champagne and cognac!

These two beverages fit each other like a glove, and they're both symbols of high life and wealth. Moreover, they're usually associated with having a blast and celebrating life events. Champagne is more versatile than cognac, though, and you can freely mix it with vodka, brandy, gin, or rum if you prefer any of these!

7. Rum and Coke

Yes, this mixture is better known as Cuba Libre!

Rum isn't the only alcoholic beverage going well with coke, as you'll find more examples on the list. However, rum and coke is one of the most searched alcoholic combos worldwide, and it comes in the shape of a famous cocktail – Cuba Libre. It's one of the simplest cocktails you'll ever try, yet it's so satisfying!

Moreover, rum and coke are the perfect examples that you don't need five ingredients to make a tasty cocktail that can be found in any bar today. The only thing you need to spice things up here is a bit of lemon – and a lot of ice is preferred, too, but that's not a challenging task. Use this recipe whenever you want a safe mix without complications!

6. Malibu and Coke/ Cream Soda

There are even more than ten ways!

Malibu is one of the most famous liqueurs and obviously the liqueur that everyone buys when they want to taste coconut and summer in the air. Luckily, it's also easy to combine it with other beverages and experiment since this liqueur isn't too specific. Liqueurs are, in general, easy to handle, and this one was made for coke!

Whether you'd prefer your coke with rum, malibu, or something else, malibu is definitely the sweetest solution! Another thing to combine with malibu whenever you wish is cream soda, as these two complement each other's taste smoothly, and you won't even feel the transition.

5. Tea and Tequila

Bartenders really like to play with these!

We know this one doesn't seem safe and rational, especially for beginners. We know you'd never come up with this idea. However, tea is fantastic with alcohol and has way more versions than you'd think! Tea and booze seem to work the best when you mix tequila and chamomile tea, so this is the safest version you can choose!

If you want to get more playful and experimental, feel free to combine black tea with rum, as rum's sweetness makes the bitter black tea taste better. Mint tea goes well with rum, too, or bourbon if you'd prefer that alcohol base. Green tea can even be a great addition to whisky, so keep exploring all the types you can try!

4. Jägermeister and Rum/Vodka

Toxic River sounds dangerous, but it tastes so good!

Jägermeister is a German word, so it sounds like a harsh drink that can't be mixed with anything. However, finding something that complements its herbal base isn't the most challenging task, as it goes well with other strong drinks, such as vodka or tequila. Even rum, which is even harder to take, goes well with Jägermeister!

Luckily, you won't need too much creativity to make an ideal combo with Jägermeister, as the Internet offers thousands of versions. For example, Toxic River is a cocktail with Jägermeister and vodka, but you'll also find many mixtures containing rum. Malibu rum makes a tremendous Tropical Stag cocktail with Jägermeister, so feel free to awaken the summer feeling!

3. Wine and (Soda) Water

Sparkling wine is one of the easiest alcohol recipes!

Water is a holy beverage that keeps you fresh and content, but can you imagine it with alcohol? Not with any type, but with wine, it goes smoothly! Wine is a potent alcoholic beverage that can make you drunk easily, so it's good to have water by your side. Even soda water can make the whole impression better!

When it comes to wine cocktails, they're the best proof of how good wine works with some essential ingredients. The finest example might be the Aperol spritz, as it contains a particular type of wine – the white wine, Prosecco. With Prosecco, you should mix sparkling water and add some orange or lemon, thus creating a masterpiece! 

2. Red Wine and Coca-Cola

KrazyKAT knows this combo is crazy, but it's worth it!

Does it sound bizarre and unreal? Well, coke actually goes with red wine better than a bottle of sparkling water! We don't recommend coke with white wine or rosé, but red wine tastes surprisingly good if you have a bottle of Cola-Cola by your side to spice things up. We promise you won't throw up, as it really works!

Moreover, if you're feeling lucky, you can get playful and experiment further by combining red wine and a soda drink from your fridge, similar to coke. Even Sprite can go well with red wine, no matter how silly it sounds. Just make sure you don't drink wine and, for example, beer on the same night and for the same occasion.

1. Gin and Tonic 

Jamie Oliver knows his ultimate recipe!

For some beverages, it makes no sense to add any type of water. Whether it's sparkling or tonic water, it just wouldn't work. Gin can't relate, though, as it goes hand in hand with tonic water as if they were made for each other! Bars now rarely serve gin without tonic, which says a lot about how safe this combination is.

Moreover, if you're looking for a combination to avoid hangovers and nausea, gin and tonic definitely won't make things complicated. It's a combo that you can make in a minute, and you can even add some lemon to spice things up. Lemon is alcohol's best friend, and especially gin and tequila know that!

Luckily, most of these top ten drinks can easily be made in any kitchen, so you definitely don't need a bartender for these. Home parties are perfect for experimenting, and while you're young, you really want to be adventurous with mixing. Just make sure you follow some essential rules, and you'll be alright!

Do you like to mix beverages? Do you always take care of every ingredient? Let us know in the comments section!

Photo: Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash



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