Top 10 Advantages of Baggy Clothes That Will Make You Buy Oversized Stuff

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-16 06:00:08

Baggy clothes are everywhere now, and you're probably wondering what's the whole fuss about. Well, there are a lot of pros that make oversized stuff so beloved. If you're still hesitating, let us show you the top ten reasons to go shopping immediately and buy those baggy jeans you probably already wanted but weren't sure it's the right decision!

10. You'll Spend Less Money

That won't be a problem if you have something oversized in your wardrobe!

Oversized clothes have been a big thing for years now, and they luckily save money! When you wear tight jeans, you have to buy new ones whenever you gain a little weight, and gaining weight is entirely normal. Luckily, baggy jeans will probably fit you even if the size of your jeans isn't how it used to be!

Moreover, if you want to sew your own clothes, you'll spare your time making the right size and cutting since it's easier to sew baggy! Tight clothes require more effort, so it's pretty logical that it also takes more money. Oversized lasts longer since you can freely gain weight, so it's self-explanatory!

9. It's Trendy!

Baggy clothes are all over TikTok

Ladies and gentlemen, the 90s are back in fashion, and they don't seem to leave soon. Those times were made for baggy stuff, but oversized clothes are now even more popular! Following trends isn't a must, but it's a bonus if you start buying oversized stuff since everyone will love your style. Some are afraid to follow that path, but give it a try!

Influencers worldwide, fashion designers, and TikTok users have been pushing this trend since the late 10s. Therefore, we see it going on for a long time. People seem tired of tight clothes and the feeling they bring, so you can freely get those loose hoodies and baggy jeans into your wardrobe. You'll need them for many occasions!

8. ...And Not Too Sweaty

Maybe stop wearing tight stuff during the summer?

Do you see what we see? Every girl on the streets ditches her skinny jeans to wear loose pants made of light fabric when it's summer. Yes, that's how it should be, since your skin won't take those clothes that stick to you like glue! If you're sweating too much, maybe you should rethink your outfit decisions!

Unfortunately, sweating too much in your clothes also disadvantages your skin health. Hence, it's not only about feeling good but also about your overall well-being! Whenever it's getting too hot for you to take tight clothes, wear something oversized since those clothes are usually breathable!

7. You Can Style Unisex Outfits

Check out to see how it went!

The trend even bigger than oversized clothes is wearing unisex outfits, and you can combine these two to get the ideal effect. Oversized clothes fit perfectly into the idea of an androgynous wardrobe since they aren't shaped as strictly as tight clothes. An oversized shirt can be worn by literally any gender if you look closely! Ariana Grande seems to agree, as she does it all the time.

Moreover, even jeans are more versatile when they're baggy, and we don't even have to mention jackets. Accessories as well! Versatility is a number one quality everyone wants to own, and fashion is going towards that path, too, so we see people wearing unisex stuff even more in the future. Feel free to try how it suits you!

6. You Won't Miss Your Right Size

Maybe you're wearing the wrong ones all the time

You know that awful feeling when you buy those tight jeans and find out you accidentally didn't get the right size? You thought they'd fit, and now they're so loose that they are neither loose nor tight? Since everyone's been there, we're feeling you, but we don't have to do it anymore since oversized jeans won't bring those issues!

If your baggy jeans are one size bigger than you expected, you probably won't have any issues because they're already big on purpose. The frustration about sizes is gone when you wear oversized stuff, mainly because this style fits everyone. Some jeans types don't suit everyone, but oversized ones will probably be perfect for you!

5. You Can Do Anything in Them

Yes, you can work out in baggy clothes!

What can you do if your jeans are baggy, loose, and don't put any pressure on your bones and skin? You can jump. Dance. Workout. Sleep. Sit the whole day. Stand the whole day. Add anything you wish to the list, as these clothes were made for every situation possible and are ideal for concerts. That's the versatility we mentioned! 

Of course, tight clothes might be more supportive when working out, but in most cases, people prefer the comfort of loose stuff. The fact that you can do anything in them spares you time since you'll have that one T-shirt and those jeans that will go with everything and you'll be comfortable all the time!

4. One Oversized Piece – Already Easy to Combine!

Wide trousers give you a lot of freedom

The good thing with oversized clothes is that one piece is already enough to make it magically trendy. You don't need to look baggy from head to toe since one piece will be enough to keep all the eyes on you. Layering too much isn't what you do with loose clothes since they're already big enough!

For example, baggy jeans are sometimes so noticeable that you could combine them with a white T-shirt and still be the trendiest person in the room! The "less is more" fashion rule is a real deal, and with oversized stuff, you'll see how easily it goes to look fine without taking too much effort. Everyone appreciates effortless outfits!

3. Your Imperfections Won't Be Noticed

It's possible, and you won't need a lot of effort!

We already mentioned you won't have to throw away your old baggy jeans if you gain weight. However, it's not only about gaining weight in general – but your regular weight also won't be noticed in those pieces! Maybe you're unhappy with some of your body parts, but oversized clothes will help you hide them!

Of course, figure flaws are 100% normal, so you shouldn't feel bad for having them! However, people probably keep pushing oversized stuff into the trends precisely because they feel better in them. If you want to wear something that hides your stomach or something like that, go ahead. We've all been there, and it's OK!

2. It's Finally Time to Feel Comfortable

Comfy is the key!

To sum up everything we said about tight clothes – suffering is gone forever, and we prioritize comfort from now on. Versatility is excellent, the flexible size is even better, and the ability to hide imperfections is also innovative. However, the crucial reason we should wear oversized stuff more often is the comfortable feeling they bring!

In conclusion, instead of denying that something comfy has become a trend, we should embrace the effort to feel good in our skin after a long time. It's good that the world decided to let it loose. Low waist, skinny jeans, the shirts so tight you can't breathe well in them are gone, and we should wave them goodbye properly!

1. ...And Be Healthier

Ditch everything that makes you pretty but brings disadvantages

Comfort is also healthy, and health should be a priority regardless of how we look and what we do. Oversized clothes don't only look fabulous, but they also bring fewer risks, and your nerves will be as comfortable as your whole body. We sometimes forget that clothes have an impact on our skin and bones!

The muscle and nerve damage that skinny jeans could bring you if you spend too much time in them aren't worth it. We know you're used to them since they were a massive trend in the 10s. While even a low waist used to be huge, it's not healthy. Your figure indeed looks gorgeous in these, but as we said, suffering is gone in fashion!

Of course, tight clothes are still a thing even though loose stuff is taking over the world way faster. The best advice you could get is to try both and see what works best for you. An even better choice would be to have both in your wardrobe, so you can adjust your outfits to the occasion. Both have pros and cons, anyway!

Do you wear baggy clothes? Or do you prefer the old trend with tight stuff that shows off your body? Let us know in the comments section!

Photo: Parker Burchfield on Unsplash



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