Top 10 Classic Lipstick Shades to Try at Least Once

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-11-03 09:10:14

When it comes to lipsticks, ladies usually have one or two shades they wear for a long time, and they never dare try different tones. They might even be too lazy to give anything else a chance since those they already tried fit them the best. Still, how do you know what suits you if you don't investigate all the variants? These top ten lipstick shades are a must at least once in life, so try them and then decide if they're your next choice!

10. Nude

"Natural" is the keyword for this lipstick

You don't have to follow trends religiously to know that nude is the most contemporary lipstick color for years now. These shades range from pale skin tones to light brown, and everyone's caught up in their ability to get you a natural look. They're subtle and give you enough space to try intense eye makeup, so that's a huge bonus!

Moreover, it's easy to match this lipstick with your skin tone since there are plenty of them, and they're made for both pale and darker sides. You'll find the perfect one regardless! It's also a good starter pack if you're learning about makeup and want to play it safe since nude will look good in any combination!

9. Brown

Check out her recommendations!

Since we've touched upon the "nude" brown shade, it's high time you tried the genuine brown because that 90s trend is also back! Just like the nude one, brown lipstick should be combined with your skin tone, but you'll find plenty of them all around the place, so it won't be a problem.

The shade of brown that is especially taking over street style and influencers' beauty vlogs is dark, matte brown. This tone is intriguing but still not so complicated to combine – it's best if you kept the rest of your makeup in a warm, neutral tone, though. A bit of playing won't ruin your look, too, because brown is neutral, after all!

8. Glitter

Even the thumbnail will make you try this immediately

When you type "glitter" in Google, the first thing that pops is lipstick – that shows the impact this crazy, small glowing thing has on makeup! Glitter isn't a stranger to fashion, and it's never been one, but with makeup, it reached its peak, and now lips and eye makeup can't go on without some colorful glow!

While you're probably spending all your glitter on your eyes (which is also understandable), sometimes you should try it out with your lips, too! Lipsticks like that come in various colors, but they might be the best in shades of pink and purple to keep it at least a bit conventional. Glitter shines on its own, whatever color you choose!

7. Hot Pink

Do you own any of these shades?

Whatever shade of lips gets trendy, there is that one color that will stay unbothered no matter what. Of course, it's pink! Every lady has her favorite shade of this color, and it ranges from the lightest to the darkest ones. However, some girls are afraid to try hot pink, even though they know it's an iconic color!

Well, you shouldn't be afraid at all, because all that hot pink will do to you is make you shine brighter! Society keeps teaching us to be humble and subtle, but why wouldn't you be the center of attention? There's nothing wrong about being confident and looking fresh the way this lipstick makes you look!

6. Blue 

She does it like a pro!

"Or Any Other Shade You'd Never Wear" could be another title of this segment, to be honest. Since we mentioned the boldness that makeup helps us achieve, why wouldn't we use that chance to be a bit crazy? If anyone ever told you a lipstick shade is too wild for you, convince them you're even wilder and show up like that!

Our best recommendation for a "wild" shade is blue since it actually comes in various tones that you can wear effortlessly. It may sound weird, but check out some pictures of darker blue tones, and you'll see they fit perfectly. If you wear your confidence, you can wear basically anything besides it!

5. Plum

It's a perfect shade for winter!

You probably tried out some shades of purple (and we hope you liked them!), but there is one that especially stands out. Did you know that plum lips are one of the sexiest things in the world? Plum is a shade that manages to be subtle and cold, but it shines anyway and keeps all the eyes on you!

Of course, you have to know some dos and don'ts before you master the skill of looking like a goddess with this color on your lips. However, the keyword remains – confidence! Know that it fits you perfectly, and it probably will. Combine it with a good, subtle eyeshadow, and keep your attitude!

4. A Very Dark Shade

This video is a must-watch for all the dark lips enthusiasts!

Another good thing that's waiting for you once you finally go out of your comfort zone is the dark lipstick! You'll indeed need some confidence to believe you look great with it. Still, dark lips give you sophistication and a mysterious side that every lady should own. There are various positive sides to it, so once you try it, you'll never stop!

To keep your lips dark, keep a healthy routine regarding your lips, since they'll be in focus, and they have to look good all the time. Of course, you can ditch those gloomy shades when it's hot outside, but for fall and winter days, nothing will look better than dark lipstick combined with a scarf and a beanie!

3. Black

Are you a goth girl? Sara can relate, and she has many good tips for a nice look!

Channel your inner goth immediately because our new recommendation will intrigue you even more! Tell us honestly - how often do you want to release your darkest side, but you think it's the wrong timing for that? Well, you don't have to wait for Halloween to come!

Showing off your intriguing personality and looking intimidating seems so easy – you can achieve it with one black lipstick because it really holds power. Of course, save it for some special occasions, but don't hesitate too long – just remember that makeup is there to make you more comfortable and authentic!

2. Classic Red

Is it hard to put on red lipstick? Practice with her!

No matter what you try and how far you go when experimenting, there is one color that remains iconic forever, and it will never go out of style. Do you know the phrase "the classic red lipstick?" You undoubtedly do because it's one of the crucial rules of beauty. That classic red color is one of the most prominent sex symbols and shows off all your charm!

Moreover, this lipstick shade used to be the trademark of various iconic women throughout the centuries – let's not forget Marilyn Monroe's authentic look with that red lip. It's a color to wear forever, proudly, with attitude, and make it your trademark as well!

1. Maroon

These three are suitable for every skin tone!

There is only one thing in this world better than a classic red shade – the maroon lipstick. This shade of red came straight out from Heaven and blessed us with its smooth, bold, rich tone, and it's literally unmatched. It will somehow ruin all your plans to wear pink or purple lipstick because it will always look like the best option!

Maroon gives you the "cherry lips" effect the best when you use matte lipstick, but the options are various now. It can also look amazing with a sparkly or creamy note, so this shade understands the assignment in every version. Moreover, it can basically rock any look – casual or formal, maroon is your best friend!

Some of these colors in our top ten list aren't suitable for many occasions and definitely not for an everyday look. Nonetheless, we're sure that your lips have to taste all of them and use some hacks to improve your experience. Have no regrets when it comes to makeup since it's there to make ourselves more fun, carefree and to let us experiment a bit!

What's your favorite lipstick shade? Would you try something as insane as black lipstick? Let us know in the comments section!

Photo: Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash



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No one should make a big deal out of lipstick shades - try whatever you feel like.

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