Top 10 Classic Movies That Every Lady Should See

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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New movies are everywhere, and Netflix helps you find the latest hits just with one click. Romantic comedies, crime, biopics... Everything is at your fingertips. However, how can you say that you know movies well if you've never seen the good old classics? It's sad how many incredible black and white movies embodied women empowerment, while young ladies nowadays rarely see these characters as their role models. Every young lady should see these top ten masterpieces and look up to the main characters resembling class, manners, and dignity!

10. "Casablanca" (1942)

Ingrid Bergman is mind-blowing here

If any title from this list is kind of unknown to you, "Casablanca" definitely isn't! This movie obviously has one of the prettiest couples ever, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. It's enough to say their names to be interested in watching it. Actually, Ingrid's performance here will leave you impressed!

The movie was so massive that it won the Oscars for best picture, director, and screenplay. It even got its nomination for lead actor (Humphrey Bogart), supporting actor (Claude Rains), cinematography, and music. As the main character, Ilsa will fight for love until the end, and her energy transmits so efficiently!

9. "I'm No Angel" (1933)

Mae West is a face that stays in your head

Let's talk about women who were way ahead of their time because of how they talked, walked, and kept their heads high. The "bawdy and bodacious" Mae West was already a mature woman when her hit movie "I'm No Angel" came out. This woman really declared war on every usual female image of that age. 

Mae is an entirely unapologetic circus star named Tira, who risks it all at her show, and doesn't let any man control her. Every lady should see how witty she was and how ladies should be clever and inventive, with a quick mind and attitude. She is the film, and that's already more than enough!

8. "His Girl Friday" (1940)

This romantic comedy has already made some remarkable moves toward women empowerment

We should talk more about the ladies ahead of the 20th century that they lived in. If you're wondering what's up with the title here, "His Girl Friday" refers to Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Cruso," who had a man named Friday as the main character. As men then were used to being prominent people, his girl Friday is quite like one of them!

Actually, this was just something that depended on the time the movie was filmed. Hildy kind of has the role that was made for a man, and she's exceptionally career-focused, which used to be a trait reserved for the other sex. The dialogues here are priceless, and you'll laugh along the way all the time!

7. "Imitation of Life" (1959)

Lana Turner's beauty stuns in this movie

In her leading role in "Imitation of Life," Lana Turner is another lady you shouldn't miss. However, this movie is so significant that even more ladies shined in it – the marvelous Juanita Moore won her Academy Award for the unforgettable performance. No other melodrama was ever as praised as this one!

"Imitation of Life" isn't only an empowering story about ladies today. Now, it kind of got a renewed meaning for our society because it represents two women of different races, that both are powerful mothers. Finally, we see how their lives unsurprisingly intertwine. Black women shining is a recurring theme now!

6. "Queen Christina" (1933)

Get to know a queen better through this sincere story

To be honest, Greta Garbo looks like royalty herself, so her playing the role of a queen simply feels so comfortable! Just like every woman, she puts her feelings in the first place. However, this woman knows that she's a queen, and her responsibilities are just too big – do you think that she'll be able to make the right decision? 

Of course, a queen is expected to get married to someone with royal blood, so her falling in love with a foreign envoy sounds like the plot twist you'll desire to see. However, the chemistry is something that made this movie stand out even more. Did you know that Greta Garbo insisted that John Gilbert should play her lover here for their fourth and last film together?

5. "Rebecca" (1940)

Just by saying the name Rebecca, you'll feel goosebumps!

A woman living in the shadow of another powerful woman? A woman living in the shadow of someone in general? That's a story we all know. In this great movie, we meet a naive young lady that will forever be less than her husband's murdered wife, Rebecca. Actually, the irony is that even the movie isn't named after her, but after the dead lady!

Shivers down your spine go even when you watch this haunting trailer. That's Alfred Hitchcock's power, after all! His character, named Rebecca, lives another life after her death, and she pulls all the strings without even being there. Hitchcock made many masterpieces, and this is one of them, too!

4. "Little Women" (1933)

Is the original version of the movie your favorite?

Louisa May Alcott herself is an iconic lady since she wrote one of the greatest coming-of-age novels. Her own three sisters were the inspiration for four young ladies approaching adulthood, and that's even nicer! The title "Little Women" tells a story on its own, and it reminds us of Britney Spears' "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman" vibe, in all the positive ways!

The book got many movie adaptations, and all of them captured the precious energy of four ladies growing up. However, we'll always come back to the first real version from 1933. It even has a Broadway adaptation from 1912, fighting for women's rights more than ever. A story like this should've helped a lot!

3. "Gone With the Wind" (1939)

Scarlett is the absolute peak of character development

Who would ever skip the iconic rebel Scarlett O'Hara, a name more famous than the actress that portrayed her? Vivien Leigh, though, won the Academy Award for Best Actress twice for this significant role. This woman is manipulative and spoiled, but she knows her worth, and she'll make you remember how to respect yourself!

The latest news about "Gone With the Wind" is even controversial since it was removed from streaming services due to racism and other social issues. However, who can even replace this turbulent love affair during the Civil War? Everything in this movie is on fire, and you'll love it forever!

2. "Cabaret" (1972)

All incredible movies like this have the main lady to admire

Classics with a historical background are generally very beloved, and "Cabaret" portrayed the wildest moments of Nazi Germany. Moreover, it contains romantic elements, legendary dancers, and the most iconic Liza Minelli in her best role. Her class will leave you in awe, literally!

Since this unique story is also a musical, we got blessed with Minelli's eternal anthems, such as "Money, Money." This tune is sung everywhere, even today, whenever there's a money reference! Liza Minnelli is now the epitome of the complete musical acts because she is a singer, dancer, and actress simultaneously. Her energy can't ever be compared with anyone!

1. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1961)

Another movie no one would ever skip when we discuss iconic ladies

Holly Golightly is a character with so much greatness that the director wanted Marilyn Monroe to play her. Unfortunately, or even luckily, Audrey Hepburn took the role and managed the story like a pro. Today, she is the epitome of grace and class, thanks to this movie. At the same time, her character Holly actually was even eccentric and wild inside!

Holly's addictive laugh, her oversized glasses, and that authentic black dress made especially for Hepburn are the moments that the movie industry will never forget. Not many ladies today can say that they are as extraordinary and glamorous as Holly. Still, we hope young girls will watch her on and on, admiring this energy forever!

We hope that you've already seen some of these unforgettable classics. Still, if you skipped them, it's never too late to catch up and brush up your knowledge about the movies no one should overlook. Nothing can replace these ladies' energies, and you should look up to them! 

What's your favorite classic movie from our top ten list? Do you watch black and white films more often than the new ones?

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