Top 10 Shows That Would Have No Future If Fans Didn't Save Them

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-04-24 08:26:43

Not every show earns more than one season, and some don't even get the publicity they deserve. Unfortunately, producers make mistakes when they quit a show with potential, or at least fans believe it does. Let's take a look at the top ten inspiring shows that pushed their own boundaries when fans helped them!

10. "Sense8"

An extremely underrated show

Sci-Fi shows always have hardcore fans, and "Sense8" is an excellent example. While its fan base isn't as immense as the "Money Heist" cult, the fans of "Sense8" are so passionate that they managed to keep the show going after the cancellation. Unfortunately, the show didn't get an entirely new season, but the special was also a good option!

Moreover, "Sense8" originally had two seasons, followed by the special fans wanted so much that they signed many online petitions to make it come true! If you're wondering now where the third season is and if it ever was in the writing process… The crew joked about making it real one day! However, it's hard to tell if it will happen.

9. "Timeless"

The plot twists in this show are incredible!

Did we mention that the most devoted TV show fans like Sci-Fi? There we go again, this time with "Timeless," which would be a time travel classic if it received a little more recognition. Nevertheless, the show is already highly-appreciated among the fans, and it has an impressive 91% on Rotten Tomatoes!

Luckily, the show has two seasons, but the second one wasn't originally in the plans! Once the first season ended in 2017, the show had no future, but the tables have turned. "Timeless" got its second season solely for the fans' demand on Twitter since they spammed with wishes to go on!

8. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Probably the funniest project that we have on this list

While some shows got only a tiny sequel or a special episode after the "canceled" cancellation, some stayed in the spotlight for way longer. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" was lucky enough to have hardcore fans who kept the show alive until the eighth season. It's a massive success since the series was canceled way earlier!

Luckily, fans worldwide understood the show's humor and high energy, so the cancellation after the fifth season took it all to NBC. That's when Fox lost a gem that fans loved religiously, and NBC kept the show high-quality despite the crucial changes in the production. Hands down, this project really had it all!

7. "Family Guy"

Dark humor is something that makes "Family Guy" even funnier

It seems like we took a break from Sci-Fi, taking it to the funny side of the shows here! If we said "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is probably the funniest project on this list, you might correct us and say it's the iconic sitcom "Family Guy." Despite its originality and humor, this show also needed fans' help in the days of cancellation!

This is another show that Fox wanted to drop after the second season, so it seems like they need to make a change regarding making decisions. Shows like these are the most significant proof that adult animated shows will never go out of style – the 37 awards it received also show immense quality!

6. "Chuck"

Not many shows had support in the form of sandwiches, but "Chuck" did!

And here is another iconic show with a lot of humor and positive vibes! Sitcoms and Sci-Fi shows mostly needed help to get more seasons than planned, and "Chuck" is another example of a hidden gem that existed for over a decade. However, there was a lot of work to keep it like that – the Subway saved the day!

In conclusion, fans found a way to support the show through its sponsor, Subway! They bought sandwiches on the day of the last episode to keep the show going after the second season. Of course, social media hashtags also helped a lot, and united fans made the show exist for three more seasons!

5. "Friday Night Lights"

This show changed their lives indeed

The show's title is already gorgeous, and so is its storyline. This drama made many fans' lives happier and taught them some crucial lessons. The show aired on NBC in 2006, but the troubles usually coming around the second season also faced "Friday Night Lights," and cancellation was inevitable... Until the fans did their thing to stop it!

Whenever you think your effort won't be noticed, remember that fans of this show sent light bulbs with "lights on" written in them to NBC, and they decided to try to keep the show alive. The deal with DirecTV made everything right, and the show got three more seasons, just like "Chuck" did. Good job, guys!

4. "Veronica Mars"

There are several good reasons why people even gave money for this to go on!

Let's talk about in how many different ways fans behaved to save some shows. We had light bulbs, petitions, hashtags, and sandwiches on the list… But did we mention that some fans are so hardcore that they financed the show's new seasons after cancellation? One of the best teen shows "Veronica Mars," had so much support that people paid for it!

"Veronica Mars" got two million from a fan campaign in only ten hours, making the show go on in the form of a movie. The fourth season was released in 2019, years after the whole mess, but better late than never! CW dropping the show in 2007 also meant dropping a lot of cash for them, but it was too late for them!

3. "Lucifer"

It's hard to choose the best parts because it's marvelous

Surprise! The show that broke all the records on Netflix and became a massive trend actually suffered to stay alive, just like "Money Heist" did. However, "Lucifer" was saved solely by fans, and Netflix picked it up after FOX dropped it. The rest is history since Netflix didn't have many successful shows slaying as much as "Lucifer!"

You wouldn't believe us, but "Lucifer" was canceled not once but twice. However, it probably took the show's fame to another level, and series like these would never flop. The high quality kept the fans present, and they'd never let their favorite guy down. His charm and wit had to get a chance to stay alive twice!

2. "Nashville"

It makes no sense that this show had to fight to exist

ABC had a lot of luck getting a show like "Nashville," but they didn't seem to have any ambitions to continue the show after its fourth season. However, CMT decided to give the show the final it deserves after the massive petition had 171,000 signatures. Fans knew they really wanted this!

Unfortunately, the bad thing about the "added" season is that one of the most beloved characters, Rayna Jaymes, didn't come back to the show. Her "death" in the show was a crucial mistake that left fans bittersweet at the end, even though they were happy to overcome the cancellation. You can't have it all, after all!

1. "Star Trek: The Original Series"

Even "Star Trek" wasn't entirely safe

Believe it or not, the show everyone knows also needed fans' support to survive and get more seasons! "Star Trek" is far from unknown, and it's all about exploring the galaxy again. This list could easily be all about Sci-Fi shows that fans went crazy for! However, it got canceled after season two, and the third one wasn't in plans.

Luckily, the show's team received more than 110,000 notes and letters from fans that wanted a new season. Statistically, this is way more than a show that deserves cancellation would get, so it's safe to say that canceling it would be nonsense. "Star Trek" originality and the range of topics it covered will forever be iconic!

After all, fans know which show deserves the best, as shown on our top ten list. If a show gets enough fans that it deserves a sequel, even if it was almost canceled, it really says something about its impact. Of course, quality is more important than quantity. Some shows have hardcore fans who always do everything to keep their favorite thing going!

Are you a fan of a small TV or Netflix show? Are these shows even "small," in your opinion? Let us know in the comments section?

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