Top 10 Songs from Ariana Grande's Sixth Album "positions," Ranked

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-11 18:00:06

When Ariana Grande drops an album, everything becomes about her. Sometimes she raises her own bar (like on "thank u, next"), experiments with sounds, and on some records, keeps her signature style. Public opinions usually decide which side is better and should an artist always evolve. Still, Grande chose to stay in her lane for "positions," her sixth studio album and one of the best in 2020. This record contains 14 tracks, and while opinions on them are mixed, we'll show you the top ten songs you shouldn't miss.

10. "off the table"

The duo could do better, but the lyrics stole the show this time

To be fully honest, we think that this album's bad reviews kind of happened because of this song. The Weeknd had his massive moment in Grande's company, singing "Love Me Harder" for her "My Everything" album. The new duet, "off the table," isn't quite a step forward, especially because "Love Me Harder" was very explosive and sensual. 

However, "off the table" is already a fan favorite. We understand why: the lyrics seem like the whole world for Ari. She tends to open up her heart on her albums frequently, but on this one, she faces the loss of her love and questions herself whether she can love again. We see you smiling from Heaven, Mac Miller.

9. "safety net"

Love is usually dangerous, but you should take the risk, as Ariana points on this track

Since we're still at the very bottom of the list, it gets better than "safety net" later. Nevertheless, we recommend hearing this tune, too, since you're already checking the album. Grande's collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign isn't actually flirty or sultry like his other songs used to do. It's very sensitive and smooth, with Grande opening up about the delicate state of catching feelings when there's no way to turn back.

The way Grande sings, "Don't know if I should fight or fly, but I don't mind," is where her powerful voice shows some real vulnerability. It's the moment where the song feels the most relatable. Love is, indeed, about falling with no safety net, without knowing what comes next. Life is about that all the time, too.

8. "just like magic"

Ariana believes that people attract the occurring situations in their lives with their energy and attention

Ariana oozes more confidence here than anywhere else on "positions," so that's why many fans put this one on top. "Think it in my head, it happens how it should," "Keep my conscience clear, that's why I'm so magnetic," states Grande on this track. Now, she's confident about the complete control of her life and career, more than ever.

The lyric "It feels so good to be so young and have this fun and be successful" from "Sweetener" track "successful" bounced back with this song, and this time, it feels even more exciting. Furthermore, it's much more convincing since Grande gushes about her business and fun days. Life is great, isn't it?

7. "obvious"

This song, and the whole album, were inspired by her boyfriend, Dalton Gomez

Since "obvious" is one of the final tracks, this is where the album slows down. It's rather a ballad or a mid-tempo tune, and it's the second most emotional part of the whole project. Grande opened up her heart to the fullest with this one, just singing about how she feels around her loved one.

Songs like this aren't strange for Grande since she was obviously "obvious" about her feelings on "Sweetener," "thank u, next," and other records. However, her love in this song feels more chill, mature, and stable than ever before.

6. "34+35"

It's so easy for Grande to be carefree and teasing in her songs since she made this record with her best friends. Talking with Zach Sang, she revealed how humorous it was to make the lyrics like "got the neighbors yelling 'Earthquake,' 4.5 when I make the bed shake." Did you hear anyone around speaking about their sex life so crystal clear?

Ariana going this explicit seems like she's completely comfortable with her image and expressiveness in the music industry. Moreover, there's a stereotype that male rappers can sing about stuff like this anytime on their records. So, Grande truly enjoyed making a song as fun as this, but she also sent an empowering message about female freedom.

5. "positions"

In the music video, Ari is the president and the queen in her kitchen and bedroom

The lead single and the title track are usually an album's highlights. While this one didn't necessarily leave the listeners in awe like Grande's previous hits, it's a bop without any doubt. The song's name is very playful and kind of sexual, but it's not even that obvious like "34+35" or "love language." That's what makes it even cuter.

With a subtle diss on her ex Pete Davidson and a whole lot of love for her new love interest, the tune is very relatable. This one is rather pure, as it's about Grande literally being in her feelings, "switching the positions," but not only in bed. She's ready to be a Wonder Woman on stage and a princess at home, saving the world and being versatile, taking on many roles. Make her the president already!

4. "motive"

Grande promised a collab with Doja Cat a long time ago, as she was excited about it as well

This collaboration already sounded like a paradise since Doja Cat is one of the most exciting fresh musicians. She's also very versatile as she can both sing and rap. In her track with Ari, she contributed the rap part, being sassy and exotic as always.

Doja Cat made a boom in the music industry with her tropical vibes in "Say So," so "motive" kept the same energy. Sultry and vintage seems completely cohesive with the sound of "positions" as an album, so this song is a highlight in every way.

3. "love language"

Grande's quality singing and her fun side collided on this track

This is the most vintage thing Ari created for "positions." Well, vintage fits her like a glove! We can't decide if it's a "Yours Truly" kind of track, or more a sweeter and bolder "Sweetener" out-take. However, it's probably both: Grande made this her signature sound, with vocals showing off much more than her previous "thank u, next."

It might be unclear what Ariana's love language is, but the song's bridge states the obvious. "Baby, pardon my French, but could you speak in tongues?" lyric hit the peak of Ari's playful and sensual vibes. This tune is a bit more subtle than "34+35," but she's "never lost in translation" when it comes to, you know, that stuff.

2. "my hair"

Did you know that Ariana ruined her natural hair during the filming of "Victorious?"

We were so surprised Ariana didn't name this track as one of the best from the album. It's so captivating that it almost stole the first place! This song has multiple interpretations, plays with so many words, and flirts with loads of sounds. Heck, she's even whistling in the end! If some album parts are rather monotonous, "my hair "will keep your attention the most.

Fun fact is that Ariana rarely "lets her hair down" during public appearances, so it gives these lyrics more dimensions. Letting your hair down also tells about trusting someone and opening up, as not everyone can play with your hair. Grande's ponytail is delicate, but she probably lets her lover touch her natural curls as well!

1. "pov"

Ari highlights the importance of trust, accepting your insecurities, and being your real self with someone

Grande is not a stranger to sensitive ballads about pain and getting up after a storm. As she survived many rainy days herself, it's a must for her records to have this short, though a massive moment of an outburst. "pov" goes one step ahead of her other self-love anthems: It's a story about finding true love in yourself and someone else at the same time!

Basically, this person adores her so much that she looks absolutely perfect from his point of view. Meanwhile, she loves him so deeply that she sees this depth in their connection and his appreciation of her personality. It's a life goal, honestly. If you loved "get well soon" from "Sweetener," this one will make you smile and cry simultaneously.

Many critics and public ratings don't match the power Ariana Grande collected with her recent albums. However, you've probably recognized through this top ten list that it contains many hidden gems. It has lots of potential, it's mature and funny, and it's worth listening to. At least half of it will stay stuck in your head!

Did you like the album, or you wish Grande took another direction in her music? Tell us in the comments!



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Lina Says:

I miss her music and tours, hopefully she will be back to it once she's done with the "Wicked".

September 08 at 02:54:26 PM

Lily Says:

I liked this album, but "Dangerous Woman" is still my favorite

July 15 at 04:50:53 PM

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